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Monday, July 14, 2014

To the children stealing fountain drinks from Chipolte

Dear Children who were stealing sodas from the fountain at Chipolte last night,

You are better than that.  It doesn't matter that you are taking a small thing.  You look like you are between the ages of 8 and 10, for Pete's sake!

What will you be stealing by the time you are 15 or 20?

Stealing is stealing and I am worried that this is the beginning of a life of crime.

My husband wouldn't let me talk to you, so I am writing you this letter.  You aren't a street urchin in New Delhi. This is America.  If you want a Coke, ask the manager of Chipolte if you can take out the trash or something and earn it.

That place is super busy, you could make a nice soda income.  It could be the beginning of your life of business - you could be an entrepreneur.

For heaven's sake, you are American!  You can do anything.

So, quit with the victim, I deserve something for nothing, thief mentality.

Ok?  You are smarter than that.

PS, oh, by the way, if you shove my little girl while she is at the soda fountain when you are stealing from Chipolte again, I won't be this nice next time.