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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Happy Sunday, everyone

So do not be afraid of suffering or defeat.  It is through being "struck down but not destroyed" (2 Cor 4:9) and through being broken to pieces, and those pieces being torn to shreds, that we become people of strength.  And it is the endurance of one believer that produces a multitude.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Are you for this?

Are you anti-Muslim?

No.  But, I am against sharia law.  

Are you for sharia law?  
Are you for genital mutilation of women?  
Are you for honor beatings of women?  
Are you for honor killings of women?  
Are you for murdering anyone who is LGBT?  
Are you for punishing dog ownership?  
Then we agree.  You are against sharia law, too.  
Towns across our country are being asked to accept sharia law, in direct violation of the constitution of the United States.  
If I was a sitting member of council and was asked to vote for or against sharia law, I would stand with our LGBT friends, our Jewish friends, our Christian friends and humanity to say no.

Wouldn't you?

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The thin blue line

My husband was driving home from work the other day when a group of protesters showed up.

There were about a dozen protesters and they were protesting the police.  The way they were showing their dissatisfaction with the men and women who put their own lives on the line to protect them was by blocking rush hour traffic.

You know, stopping hard-working and innocent people from getting home after a long day of work, that really gets people on your side.

The irate drivers started honking their horns and tried to get around the protesters.

At that time of day, traffic is so busy that there is a police officer who directs traffic.  The officer made a call on is radio.

My husband said that within about two minutes several police cars came speeding in, lights flashing, sirens blaring, screeched to a halt at the site of the "protest" and officers immediately contained the protesters, allowing them to continue, PROTECTING THEM, and clearing the way for rush hour traffic.

The police officers were undoubtedly the good guys here.  They protected the 1st amendment right of the people to protest, but also protected the rights of innocent people, who aren't in the business of being paid to protest, to go about their daily lives.

And, all that was BEFORE the Saturday verdict that Cleveland police officer Michael Brelo was innocent of all charges in the 2012 deaths of Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell.

Now, the city braces for another round of riots, similar to those in Ferguson and Baltimore.  Because, you know, if you don't like something, it is important to go out and destroy things.

That is totally ok.

Except, I am thinking that maybe it isn't ok in Cleveland.

Our mayor has had a very different message than Baltimore's mayor.  Cleveland Mayor, Frank Jackson's message has been, if you break stuff in Cleveland, we give you a free hotel room - the city jail.

That is not exactly the message sent by Baltimore's mayor, is it?  She pretty much said, go break stuff, it doesn't matter.  And, break they did.

Even LeBron James, the patron saint of Cleveland, sent out a message of peace.  Ok, his message sounded eerily similar to "buy tickets to see me play basketball."

But, still.

It was a message of hope and peace because, believe me this city can pull together for a Cleveland team to win a championship.

With the help of a lucid mayor, a basketball phenom and an active police department, maybe things here will be ok.

I certainly hope so.  Pray for Cleveland.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My platform

After our fantastic win over the school levy, I was asked to run for city council.

I have no idea why.

But, I am considering it.  We don't declare parties in our election, there is no reason to, everyone is a democrat.

Shocker, I will be running as a fiscal conservative, if I do decide to get into the mudslinging business of politics.

(Thank you, btw, to so many of you for helping me develop a thick skin.  Your below the belt blows and name-calling have helped prepare me for this.)

So, here is my platform.  I am going to run it by you because you have absolutely no problem giving me your thoughts and opinions.

When you increase a tax RATE you don't always see a corresponding increase in REVENUE.  Tax and spend politicians think that if they just keep raising tax rates, more money will come in and they can spend their way out of all our city's woes.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

There are two sides to the equation - income and expenses.  Tax and spenders look only to the income side and seem to ignore the expense side.  You can't really control how much income comes in, but you can control expenditures.

When tax rates increase, the truly wealthy move away, taking their money with them, to avoid high taxes.  The middle and poor are left because they can't afford to get away from higher taxes.  They are overburdened with excess taxation and, often, default.

When people, who can't afford their taxes, default and lose their homes, that decreases our tax base.  So, higher tax rates don't make more revenue, higher tax rates do the opposite and hurt everyone.

Cue the bright, sunny day music.

Lower tax rates actually increase government revenue.  People have more money in their pockets, they can then turn around and spend that money at restaurants and buy shoes.  All of the businesses make revenue and pay taxes on that revenue.

The wealthy flock to areas of lower taxation, bringing in even more revenue.  Yes, the rate is lower but because more people pay in on more dollars, tax revenue actually increases.

Because tax rates are low, more people move in.  Property values increase.  People are paying a lower percentage, a lower tax rate, but on more income and more property values.  Government tax revenue goes up.

Does that make sense?

Can I count on your vote?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Just the other day at the Cleveland Zoo, I watched a child sit on the wooden overhang in the cheetah pit.  I wanted to run over and snatch her off it.  That is why I was dismayed, but not surprised, when I heard that, on Saturday, a child had fallen into the cheetah pit at the Cleveland Zoo.

First, the backstory: the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is a treasure.  Not only are the animals cared for - they eat their catered meals in cozy, Eco-friendly habitats.  But, the zoo is also really nice for people - we can see all of the animals eating their catered meals in their Eco-friendly habitats.  We have rhinos, a snow leopard, six giraffes, several zebras.  We have sharks and piranhas (if one more zoo keeper tells me they are vegetarian, I might lose it).  We have kangaroos and even our own eagle.

We go so often that my children know all the names of the animals.  We know when they get fed, we know when they will be up and running around.  When our beloved polar bear, Aurora, died, we cried.

But, I have always had a few reservations about the Cleveland Zoo, which I pay handsomely for in my tax dollars.  There is a gang-plank ramp that zig-zags and weaves its way through the treetops and up a hill from "Australia" to the cheetah enclosure at the top (and the monkey house).

One time I saw a child fall and start rolling toward the edge of the ramp.  He would have fallen and probably been killed.  I picked him up, set him on his feet and kept walking.  His parents were completely oblivious.  A few years later, a net was installed on that ramp so that children could no longer plummet to their deaths through the beautiful Ohio trees.

Many times, I watched parents dangle their children over the sea lion enclosure.  My children are strong swimmers and while they begged me to lift them up (uh, no) I cringed in horror as I watched parents holding their children over that enclosure.

There is now a net covering that enclosure, too.

So, it was just last Monday that I watched the child sitting on the cheetah enclosure railing.  The cheetah exhibit is my favorite.  We have four cheetahs.  The exhibit has a high, chain link fence and you can walk all the way around it.  So, even if the cheetahs are hiding or napping, we can usually find them and stare at their awesomeness.  Have you ever taken a serious look at one of those paws?  Well, you could, at the Cleveland Zoo.

From the viewing deck, you can look into a cave and see the cheetahs, if they are lounging in there.  You may have seen that view on the news.  There is, of course, a high wall.  But, we all know - people don't pay attention, and people dangle their kids precariously over safeguards.  So, the Cleveland Zoo has a wooden awning hanging over the enclosure.  It is several slats of wood, slanted upward, hanging over the cheetah pit.

You would have to work really hard to get your kid over it.  You would have to reach up, over and then dangle.  Which, according to witnesses, is exactly what happened.

We have to stop the nonsense.  I have watched people doing stupid things with their kids for 12 years at this zoo.  I have staunchly told my kids no while they begged me to do the same stupid stuff.  The Cleveland Zoo has taken every precaution to ensure that no one is hurt by animals at our beautiful zoo.  (They have plenty of tax dollars at their disposal, just sayin').

If this woman did dangle her child over that enclosure, she should be prosecuted.  And, the cheetah exhibit should stay exactly like it is.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

From A Wrinkle in Time to Red Dawn

As I watch the decline of our nation, I often wonder, how did we get here?  How, in my lifetime, just two short generations, did we go from a freedom loving nation to one of totally apathy?

Remember the book "A Wrinkle in Time" by Madeleine L'Engle?  The book won the Newbery Medal.  It used to be required reading.  My daughter had to read it when we were homeschooling.  So, I read it again, too.

The book describes a great evil, the evil has captured the heroine's father.  He is fighting the evil.  They arrive in the town where the father is imprisoned.  Each house is exactly the same, each child is bouncing a ball the exact same way, each mother calls in each child at the exact same time.  One child doesn't do it right and is taken away to be reprogrammed.  The heroine and company are horrified.

That evil, the one that the dad is fighting, is communism.  He won't allow his brain to succumb to the evil message of, "Just relax, we will take care of you, don't worry about anything, just let go, we know better anyway."

That book wouldn't win a Newbury Medal now!  It sounds like the current government play book!  We have actually fallen so far that the message of this book is a joke.  Many, many Americans see nothing wrong with the idea that they should just let go and that the government will take care of them.

What has happened to us?

Last night I watched the new, 2012 version of "Red Dawn."  (Yes, my husband beat me to the remote.)

It shows the total apathy of young Americans living their ordinary lives.  Then, their town is invaded by North Korea and these young people are forced to fight for their freedoms and their lives.

Many of their friends just give up and become communist.  It is so much easier, right?  The band of misfits, reluctantly, fights the North Koreans to take back their town.

One thing was noticeably missing from the film and it is missing from our lives - the reason to fight.  What makes this nation worth fighting for?

The United States of America is the greatest country the world has ever known.  She has produced more freedom, more justice, more prosperity, more equality, more wealth and more generosity, in just over 200 years than any other country on the face of this earth, ever.

Because of that, we have real enemies that hate us, hate our freedoms and want to take us over.  First, they want to lull us into a sense of comfort.  "Stop fighting, nothing is worth fighting for, sheesh, chill out, smoke some pot, don't work so hard, the government will take care of you, you deserve it."

Second, they want to demonize America and all of her successes.  The message is either, "you don't deserve all of that great stuff, you didn't earn it, so someone else should have it" or "America isn't perfect, so she isn't worth anything."

Either way, the question is then raised - is our way of life actually worth fighting for?

Finally, once we are convinced of our mediocrity and lulled into a complete sense of apathy, evil will just waltz right in the door and take over, kinda like they did in "Red Dawn."

Oh, hey!  Kinda like right now.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hillary, you've got mail

Well, the Hillary Clinton email scandal isn't going away, yet.  I guess it is hard to claim complete ignorance when you set up a separate server at your house and then used it exclusively to conduct all state department business.

It is pretty embarrassing, considering she absolutely slammed the Bush Administration for using secret email accounts.  That is another story, but it pales in comparison to what Clinton did.

Clinton's pathetic tweet about having "state" release her email was a load of bunk.  "State" doesn't have her emails, SHE has the emails.  The only emails that the government has are the ones that she gave them.  Even a dum-dum like me can figure it out.  I am betting that lots of techie millennials can figure stuff like that out, too.

In the week since the whole email scandal hit the airwaves, I have heard numerous liberal talking heads just poo-poo the whole thing.  They say it isn't any big deal, everybody does it, etc.

Are they serious?  If a Republican went to those lengths to hide all correspondence, they would be destroyed by the liberal media.

I hear a whole lot that the Clintons play by their own rules.  Um, yeah, they do.  The Clintons definitely think that they live by a different set of standards and that the rules for, you know, the rest of us don't apply to them.  So, how can you run a presidential campaign as a champion of the little guy when everyone knows that you play by your own rules and don't care at all about anybody else?

And, talk about making up rules, what about the Obama's?!?  Who would have ever thought that someone would became a "constitutional lawyer" in order to dismantle it with surgical precision.

The Clinton scandal doesn't seem to be going away.  I am still interested to see if it will have any real impact on Hillary's presidential ambitions.

Harrison Ford's Humility

What happened to it?  Humility is such an attractive quality why has it become so hugely unpopular?

When someone is humble about his or her achievements, it makes you want to praise him or her all the more.  Doesn't it?

When someone is arrogant, it makes you want to tear him or her down.

Last Thursday night, when Harrison Ford crashed his plane, the NTSB spokesman wouldn't say even one nice word about Ford's flying skills.  I am no expert, but the guy literally "threaded the needle" with his plane.  When the engine failed after lift-off, Ford flew straight to the safest, open place, the golf course.  He landed right in the middle of the fairway, injuring no one, but himself.

It was pretty amazing.  So, I was happy to see this quote from Christian Fry of the Santa Monica Airport Assocsiation, "I would say that this is an absolutely beautifully executed -- what we would call -- a forced or emergency landing, by an unbelievably well-trained pilot."

There, that is better.

Ford's skills as a pilot became well known in 2001, when he piloted a helicopter rescue mission of a Boy Scout.  You can imagine the young man's relief on being rescued and then surprised when the pilot turned around to ask how he was doing!

I am thinking about taking up hiking.

This is what the unbelievably humble Ford had to say about his foray into hero-ing, "It had to do with flying a helicopter. That's all."

This level of true expertise at something, with the accompanying humility is almost unheard of in today's arrogant, snarky world.  It is so refreshing!

It reminded me of this Bible verse:

Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth; an outsider, and not your own lips. Proverbs 27:2

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dancing with the Stars is back!

For those of you keeping your dance cards handy, you know that the season 20 premiere of Dancing with the Stars premiered last night!

Yes, the rhinestone-studded, tongue-in-cheek, never-too-proud-to-laugh-at-itself ballroom re-opened Monday night.

In a surprise move, Rumer Willis is one of the "stars" on this year's 10th anniversary season.  Is she really a star?  Ok, maybe not.  But, her parents (Demi Moore and Bruce Willis) sure as shootin' are.  And, won't people tune in just to see if they are sitting in the ballroom peanut gallery?  Who wouldn't want to see the reactions of such high profile stars to their baby girl's performances?

The producers of that show are geniuses.

But, that is not why I am inspired to pre-write about Dancing with the Stars.  Nope, I am inspired by the show's entire premise.

Take Rumer Willis.  She is a wealthy child of wildly successful Hollywood actors.  Honestly, she doesn't have to work a day in her life, ever, seriously.

But, she is going to (probably) take off a lot of clothes, put on a lot of sequins and totally risk her reputation.  She is going to have to work really hard at something she has never done before, then stand there and smile while people criticize her on live, national television.

Could you do that?  I don't know if I could.  And, why is she doing it?  She really doesn't have to do anything, ever, remember?  To me, it is inspiring.  The show's tenacious "stars" work hard, get injured and just keep on going.

That is why I am a fan of the show and will continue to be one.  Well, if Peta's pants get any smaller, I may have to rethink that.

But, for now, pop the popcorn and pour the wine.  It is time for Dancing with the Stars, season 20, the 10th anniversary season!

Cleveland Right to Life - last one!

Gordon Douglas, a pastor and comedian, was the MC for the right to life convention.

He told a story of being asked for a donation at a convention, similar to the one that we were attending.  He prayed about the donation and received this message in response, "Refrigerator!"

Baffled, he asked his wife about her thoughts on an appropriate donation.  She said that she thought maybe they should donate the money that they had been saving for a refrigerator and what did he think about that.

Well, after she picked him up off the floor, they agreed that they would do just that.  They donated the saved money, even though their refrigerator was on life support.

When they got home from the convention there was a message on the machine.  Gordon pushed the button and heard the following message,

"Hey, Gordon, it's your mom.  Your aunt is moving and wondered if you might like a brand new..."

And, we all said, "refrigerator!!!!!"

Cleveland Right to Life - Carlton Smith

"Abraham Lincoln recognized that we could not survive as a free land when some men could decide that others were not fit to be free and should therefore be slaves. Likewise, we can not survive as a free nation when some men decide that others are not fit to live and should be abandoned to abortion or infanticide...There is no cause more important for preserving freedom than affirming the transcendent right to life of all human beings, the right without which no other rights have any meaning." Ronald Reagan


The thing about a right to life convention is that you meet a real cross-section of the population.  Every Christian denomination is represented, every race.  And, everyone is conservative.  It is kinda nice to be able to speak freely about basically anything and everyone agrees.  We all have the same world view, the same ideology about everything.  It all comes down to this one issue - life.

On Friday, I met a man named Carlton Smith.  Smith is a black pastor.  We talked about his experiences, my family (my step father is black, my step brother is black and works for the DNC) and my neighborhood, which is a bi-racial community.

Smith explained to me that even though I may know lots of black people who disagree with abortion, who are against gay marriage, who are for the military, low taxes and love Walmart, they will still vote for Obama and the democrat party.

This is me - what the wha?!?!?

He said that being black trumped all of the other beliefs.

I asked, "How can that perception be changed?"

Smith said that his perspective changed when he became a Christian.  Instead of being black first, he became a child of God, first and foremost.

"There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus." Galatians 3:28 ESV

Cleveland Right to Life - Sol Pitchon

"The encroaching culture of death shall not prevail, for we know, as we read in St. John's gospel, that 'the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness will not overcome it.' The darkness will never overcome that light.  Never. Never." Dr. Jack Willke, known as the father of the pro-life movement.

I was at a right to life convention this weekend.  Man, if you want to meet some happy people, hang out with people who like people.  Seriously, these are the nicest people I have ever met.

Instead of wanting to abort children and exterminate by the age of 75 (at the latest) anyone who happens to not be aborted, pro-lifers love all life.  So, they actually like living, and it shows.

One of the speakers today was Sol Pitchon.  Sol was born in Greece and is of Jewish descent.  He moved to America in 1951 and became a Christian in 1981.  He is the president and CEO of New Life Solutions.

Sol tells an amazing story of his mother, Garmaine's, survival of the Holocaust.  Garmaine, who was 16 at the time, was in the middle of being sterilized by Nazis in a concentration camp.  One ovary had already been removed.

The Nazi butcher was called away on an emergency and couldn't complete the "surgery."

Get a tissue.

"An old Jewish doctor, who performed the sterilization surgery under the threat of death, had removed one of her ovaries and made the incision but did not remove the other ovary," Sol, 63, says. "He said to her, 'When you have children, think of me.'"

What a beautiful story of kindness and redemption even in the face of pure evil.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Black lives matter - except for when they don't

Black lives matter, they really do, unless you are Jamiel Shaw II.

Have you heard his name before?  Have you seen his parents on The View?  Have you seen any athletes or rock stars with Shaw's picture on their shirts?

Me neither.

Why?  Jamiel Shaw II wasn't killed by a white police officer or a white assailant.  He was murdered, in cold blood, only because he was black, by an illegal alien.

That is why you have never heard of him, until now.

Testifying before the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee on February 25, Jamiel Shaw, Sr. said, "My son, Jamiel Andre Shaw II was murdered by a DREAMer, a DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipient, a child brought to this country by no fault of his own.  My family's peace and freedom was stolen by an illegal alien from Mexico.  He was brought here by his illegal alien parents and allowed to grow up as a wild animal."

This is a powerful statement from an American citizen.  How the issue of illegal aliens has ever become a black-white issue or a conservative-liberal issue is beyond my comprehension.  It is a legal vs. illegal issue.  People who are here illegally should be deported.

In other news, Darren Wilson, who fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri last summer, has been cleared of all charges.  Wilson, whose ocular cavity was shattered by Brown, shot the 6'5", 289 pound teen in self defense.  All testimony and all evidence points to this fact, even from the federal DOJ investigation.

What will happen to Wilson now?  He will bear the scars of the attack both internally and externally for the rest of his life.  How will he ever make a living, pay his legal fees or even walk down the street ever again?  I can't fathom it.

I actually think that Darren Wilson's life matters.

I think that Shaw's life matters, too.  Don't you?

Song for Chris Kyle

Nothing will bring Chris Kyle back.  Every time I think or hear about Kyle, my heart goes out to his widow, Taya.  All we can offer her and all of the families of our brave men and women lost in the constant fight for freedom is comfort.

That is why, when I see the unprecedented success of the film "American Sniper" I am filled with good, old American pride.

See, the majority of this country wants for terrorists to lose.  The vast majority of Americans actually want to wipe Islamic terrorists off the face of the earth.  They want it, even if the president doesn't.

That is why it touched me with even more pride to learn that Wynonna Judd and Pete Scobell have recorded a song "Hearts I Leave Behind" in honor of Chris Kyle.

It is another heart-felt tribute to all of our military men and women.

Proceeds from "Hearts I Leave Behind," now available on iTunes, benefit the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.  The foundation funds programs for service members, first responders and their families.

Read more:
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Friday, March 13, 2015

I am a woman, so vote for me!

Yep, that is Hillary's latest battle cry.  I mean, come on, don't you want to see a woman president?  Let's not look at the track record.  Let's not look at the improper funding of the Clinton foundation.  Let's not look at the fact that Clinton had a secret server installed in her house to conceal ALL of her correspondence while Secretary of State.  Let's not look at character, morality or, like, the truth.

She is a woman.  So, vote for her.

How totally sexist and demeaning can you possibly get?

And, by the way, didn't we already do this?  We elected a black president with no leadership experience, no discernible talent (except being cool) and no actual jobs on his resume all because he was black?

How is that turning out?

The idea that we should have a lower standard for black people and women is the most racist, backwards and demeaning philosophy that I have ever witnessed.  Shockingly, this position is championed by liberals, the people who are supposed to be the least "ist" of all.

They are actually the most "ist" of anyone!

Using this ridiculous notion, that black people and women are so incompetent, are so much less, that they need to be propped up by the government is going to have a weird consequence.

When only white men have to comply with society's rules, you know, like telling the truth and obeying the law, they might just take over the world.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The speech

Well, I wasn't wearing kitten heels and a Kasper pants suit.  I was wearing Hobbit slippers and sweats.  But, that didn't stop me from jumping up and cheering about 40 times during Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to the joint sessions of congress on Tuesday.

Much was made about the 57 members of congress who chose to boycott the speech.  Not a single member of the Obama administration had the decency to show up.

And, really why?

What has gone so wrong with this country that people can't give respect to our ally and listen to him?  Were they afraid of what he would say?  The truth?

It was simple, really.  Netanyahu called out evil for what is it, evil.  And he, wisely, believes that we should stand together and fight against evil.

Why is that so hard for this administration to understand?  Who could possibly be against fighting evil?  Yes, there are all sorts of lame excuses about the election and about how we need to be careful with Iran.  But, like Bibi said, if Iran doesn't cooperate, we should walk away.  "They need the deal more than you do!"

After the speech I went to the library.  The library printer was spewing page after page of documents, all in Hebrew.  A Jewish man with a long, gray beard, wearing a yamulke walked up and started shuffling through his papers.  I asked him if he had listened to the speech.  He said that he thought it was later.  I told him that he had missed it, how good it was and to look it up online.

Then I asked, "How can anyone be against fighting terrorists who want to kill us?"

He rolled his hand with the palm up and said, "Eh, I don't know.  It is common sense."

And, unless you are totally meshuggah, it is common sense.  Strong leaders, like Benjamin Netanyahu, fight evil.  Our leaders should, too.

"Clean" spending bill

Who came up with this idea?  Who came up with the terminology that sending a bill to the president's desk that is stuffed full of pork (you know it is) and is chock full of more outrageous government spending is called a "clean" bill.

Snort.  It is ludicrous.

You know what else defies all logic?  Our spineless Republican leaders caved AGAIN to Obama's lawless, executive overreach and funded amnesty for illegal aliens!

Why???  Pat Caddell, a DEMOCRAT, can't even figure it out.  He said, "If you came here from Mars, you would think that DEMOCRATS won a landslide victory in November.

But, that didn't happen, remember?  Cool heads prevailed and the American people voted GOP from sea to shining sea in every locality, state and overwhelmingly in the house and senate.

Why don't Republican lawmakers act like it?  I even heard one call the passage of this bill "a return to sanity."  Are you kidding me?  Funding our bloated government despite all of its waste and lawlessness is a "return to sanity?"

Members of congress make a minimum of $176,000 a year.  A return to sanity would be them trying to live on the average American household income of $50,000 a year.  A return to sanity would be the government not spending more than they take in.

Here is some sanity, I would love it if lawmakers tried an Obamacare high deductible plan.  "Sorry, honey, I know your arm is green and puffy, but it would cost us $7,000 to take you to the emergency room.  So, we have to wait and see how big it gets and what colors it turns.  Thank you, Obama!"

Do the will of the people, Republicans.  Stop Obama's lawless amnesty for illegal aliens.  Stop his abuse of power.  Now, or you all are going to be out of jobs.

Monday, February 9, 2015


This past week, the Obamas visited Saudi Arabia.  During the visit, Michelle Obama didn't wear a head scarf.  In the receiving line, the Saudi Arabian men refused to shake her hand.  Some even refused to look at her.

Where is the liberal outrage?  Why aren't they burning bras and screaming from the rooftops about the terrible, backward misogynist way in which she was treated?

Huh?  Where is it?  All I heard about it was "cricket, cricket."  Or, some people actually criticized her for not wearing the scarf.

Can you believe that?

The reason this is making me nuts is the inconsistency, again, of liberals.

I applaud her for not wearing the head scarf.  I have never understood why strong, successful, female American journalists degrade themselves by wearing the scarf.  Aren't they elite, liberal feminists?

It is so easy, it is so clear.  Why do liberals get it wrong AGAIN?

All American women from elite liberal feminists to non-elite conservative rednecks should stand up and applaud our First Lady not subjecting herself to the Sharia-law dictated scarf.

All American women should also be mortified at the way that Michelle was treated.  Again, where is the liberal outrage?  Why aren't they decrying this treatment?  If Micke Huckabee treated Michelle Obama that way, you would never hear the end of it.

I just don't get it, do you?

Why don't liberals make any sense at all?

Why do liberals always have to go and mess up my Super Bowl?

Last year, Michelle Obama inexplicably butted into the puppy bowl, forever ruining that cherished institution.

This year, one of the very first ads ads in the Super Bowl between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots had a not-at-all subtle jab at
 the Boston Tea Party!

I was all snuggled up in my Hobbit slippers with my kitten, Kitten-kitten, and we had just finished tearing up over all of the over patriotism.  I mean who doesn't cry when they hear "America the Beautiful," see the colors presented by our military and hear our national anthem?

Then, we get slammed with this:

An ad showing the Boston Tea Party, in which our forefathers, patriots, protested taxation without representation.  It's ok, I already have a tissue.

The British ask if the colonists will stop fighting if they can FILE THEIR TAX RETURNS FOR FREE.

They don't get to stop the unfair taxation without representation.  They have to keep paying taxes.  Of course!  We all have to pay our fair share, not wanting to pay taxes is UN-American, right?  But, we can FILE for free.


They even show Washington crossing the Delaware and he BACKS UP.

Hey, I am a Doritos-loving, beef-eating, middle-American patriot, ok?  I get light-hearted humor and I can laugh at clever puns.

But, it isn't funny, because all of this is actually happening.  We have actually villianized people who don't want to pay more in taxes.  We are demonizing patriotism and all of the things that make this country great.

Hey, liberals, leave my Super Bowl alone, ok?

Isn't Lilithfair still going on?  And, Harvard is still there.  You have your forum, I have mine.

Only Carrie Underwood, patriots (and Seahawks) are allowed at this party.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Super Bowl ads

What is the point of showing all of the Super Bowl ads before the Super Bowl?  Have you even seen any of the pre-Super Bowl ads with all of the deflate-gate kerfuffle?

Anyway, there is an ad for Carl's Jr new "all natural" burger.  The clever ad has the beautiful American model, Charlotte McKinney, walking through a farmers' market.  It appears as though she is completely "natural."  Hilarity ensues throughout the market with some strategically placed produce.  She is, however, wearing a skimpy bikini and she chows down on the natural burger at the end of the commercial.

Fox News' popular show "The Five" had a very serious analysis of the commercial.  Greg Gutfeld and Eric Boling needed to see the clip again in order to comment.

Kimberly Guilfoyle said, "I want that burger!" I love KG.

Here is my perspective on the whole thing.

I am American.  I love America, football, burgers, free speech and the fact that I can wear whatever I want.


My problem is the inconsistency of liberal ideology that is prevalent in our country.

Is the ad objectifying women?  Or is the woman liberated?  Which is the proper, PC, liberal view?  I honestly don't know.

If McKinney were in an Islamic country, she would be beaten, stoned, raped and/or mutilated for her clothes.  And, wouldn't she be in major trouble for eating the burger?  But, liberals are all ok with the Islamic treatment of women, right?  Liberals are ok with women being mutilated, beaten, raped, stoned in the name of Islam, right?

I have trouble keeping track.

Enjoy the ad and all of our freedoms, ok?

I am going to have a burger.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Real enemies

On a recent, riveting episode of Duck Dynasty, the Robertson family participated in an outhouse race.

They actually put an outhouse on wheels and raced it down the street.  Yes, freedom breeds all sorts of interesting pastimes.

The arch-nemesis of the Robertson clan, Phil McMillan, also competed in the race.  And, he won.  Afterwards, they all shook hands, prayed together and had a big ole cookout.

See, the Robertsons and even Phil McMillan understand who their real enemies are.  But, for some reason people in our country are getting all confused about it.

Remember when I told you about the concentration camp survivor?  (Visit the blog). When she saw that American soldier coming toward her, she knew that she was saved, rescued, liberated.  The soldier with an American flag on his uniform was not the enemy, he was her savior.

The movie "American Sniper" is still in the news and numerous clean-cut, American soldiers have been interviewed in support of the film.

If I was in trouble, I am positive that I know who I would want to save me - an American soldier.  Think for a minute, would you want Chris Kyle to be walking toward you in full gear or Michael Moore?

How does a woman in the Middle East who has just been raped, beaten and tortured probably feel when she sees an American soldier walking toward her?  Or an orphaned child?  Or anyone, for that matter?

The American public voted for freedom, limited government and conservative values last November.  They are voting again, with their wallets at the theater.  And, the message is loud and clear - the American soldier is the good guy.

Not Michael Moore.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Baby, it's cold outside!

About a year ago, Secretary of State John Kerry gave a speech in Jakarta, Indonesia.  During the speech he mocked people who don't believe in global warming.  Isn't that nice?  No more logical, reasoned debate.  Anyone who doesn't believe in global warming is a "flat earth" idiot.

Have any of you been outside lately?  Has anyone noticed that it is really cold out there?  And, last winter was the coldest, snowiest winter EVER.  Remember those global warming scientists who set out to prove global warming and got stuck in the ice for a week?

Global warming hasn't been proven, at all.  That is why the have started calling it "climate change."  Sometimes, it is really cold.  Last year, they called it a "polar vortex."


One year ago, Kerry described global warming as the apocalypse and actually said that the threat of global warming is worse than the threat of terrorism.  A year has passed, the Middle East have devolved into chaos and Islamic terrorists are savagely murdering innocent people faster than a redneck can field dress a white tailed deer.

Inexplicably, Obama repeated this same idiocy in last week's state of the union snore-fest.


And, what exactly, is the government supposed to do about the weather?  Honestly, does taxing the American middle class into oblivion really make the planet more stable?  Does government intervention REALLY have an impact on global weather patterns?  News flash: people in France are warm and cozy in their nuclear powered homes.  China is building coal fired power plants faster than Obama can close them down.

How does regulating the American energy supply and increasing the cost to ordinary Americans impact, in any way, global weather?

If anyone can answer these questions, please let me know.

Meanwhile, while the left demonizes progress, let's think back to how things were, just a little over 100 years ago.

People went everywhere by horse.  This was before Ford invented the car, (1905 ish) and before MacAdam invented, well, macadam (around 1910) streets were made of mud and horse poo.  Just think of all that mud and horse poo on shoes and the bottoms of pant legs and dresses.

Yuck.  Think of all the disease spread around everywhere.

Ok, here is another one, people used to burn coal in their homes.  I know, my house in the hood has a coal chute.  Think of all the coal fumes and black ickiness that people breathed in every day!  When the technology for electricity to be produced at coal fired plants came around, wasn't that better than people breathing in all of those coal fumes all the time?

Well, I think that we have things a whole lot better now than we did then.  Horse poo and coal breathing deaths have dropped dramatically.  Currently, our environment is so clean that bacteria has had to adjust to survive.

What is my point?

We have advanced in the past 100 years.  The climate hasn't changed in 18 years.  If you insist that it has, fine.  I won't call you names.  (Although, I am pretty sure that I was called a bad name and am offended).  Any minuscule change in the past 100 years has been caused by THE SUN.  Changes in weather based on man made activity is minuscule, at best.  Overwhelmingly, the effects of man made change have been positive.  Technology, efficiency, ingenuity and invention have helped the world.

Should we get rid of the sun? Or progress?  Hey, I know let's get rid of excessive taxation and the burden that regulation is putting on American energy.

How about that?  Nothing that we do will change the weather, but we could make American families warmer and at a lower cost.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

An open letter to John Boehner and Mitch McConnell

John, love the tan.

Mitch, I am pretty sure there is a surgery that can fix that.

Listen, guys, it isn't that hard.  Conservatives have a message of personal responsibility and limited government.  I know that it doesn't sound exactly like the democrat message, "free puppies for everyone!"  But, surely you can make it sound more palatable than you do.

Here are my tips, and I won't even charge you (even though I pay you a handsome salary.)

If you have a 30 second spot, say this:

"In America, we will always take care of those people who are unable to take care of themselves.  However, taxing the rich doesn't work.  Has it worked for the past 6 years?  Every additional tax dollar is a dollar that comes out of the pocket of an AMERICAN and goes into the pocket of a WASHINGTON BUREAUCRAT.  Is that what you really want?  These taxes hurt small businesses, the backbone of our economy, who can't grow and hire new people.

Lowering taxes gets the economy moving (cue emotionally happy music) small businesses can hire more people and provide more goods and services for our economy.  When Reagan came into office and slashed Jimmy Carter's punitive tax rates (see how we are drawing parallels there, boys?) the economy flourished, even government revenues increased."

Guys, almost all of my friends are liberal.  You gotta figure out a way to say this stuff without sounding like, well, you.  ALL of my liberals friends that I have talked to are fed up with the president.  Even ones that want liberal ideas, like free stuff for poor people, can see that they can't afford to pay anymore.  So, if you get a few more seconds for your soundbite, say this:

"Raising taxes hurts everyone.  Can you honestly pay anymore in taxes?  We need to stop talking about raising taxes and talk about meaningful tax cuts so that America can get back to work.  That helps everyone.  In 1996 when we reformed welfare, millions of people found jobs.  Propping someone up in comfortable, government-run poverty locks them in.  Legislating higher wages hurts the working poor.  They not only don't get a raise, they lose their jobs.  Why would you even listen to someone who wants to give you the minimum?  This is America!  Work hard and you can achieve the maximum!  We are not the party that wants people to have the least, we want people to get the most.  And, we can do that if we cut taxes, roll back Obama's job-strangling regulation, get the EPA out of the energy-killing business and repeal Obamacare which has achieved nothing short of destroying the greatest healthcare system the world has ever known."

When you get ripped apart by the press, channel that "I-am-gracious" smile and keep repeating the same points.


Got it?

You can see many more helpful tips on my blog.

Seriously, guys, get out there and sell this.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Glozell vs Bibi


Remember when a member of the Obama administration called the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, a chicken shit?

(Can I say that?)

The prime minister is coming for a visit to talk to congress by invitation of John Boehner, the speaker of the house.

Hey, if Obama is going to keep going around congress on his way to the golf course, why is it a bad thing that the adults are going to meet with our allies during this dangerous time?

For some reason, Obama is furious that Netanyahu is coming.  And, he can't find the time to meet with the prime minister of our closest ally in the Middle East.

But, Obama has somehow been able to clear his schedule to be interviewed by Glozell Green.  Green is a YouTube star, most known for donning a bathing suit and eating a tub full of fruit loops with milk.  (She wisely noted that one could use soy when trying at home).

All kudos to Green.  Hey, if I got 42 million hits, I would probably hop in that tub, too.

But, does our president really need to be so in touch with popular culture and so out of touch with, like, the real world?

I am sorry, Bibi, that our president is living in some sort of alternate universe.  But, I think that it is pretty clear which one of you is really a chicken sh@&.


What ever happened to investigative journalism?  Is nothing sacred?  Does the press even mind that it has become nothing more than a puppet for the Obama administration?

I want to say this first, if a Republican did this, it would be front page news.  You would hear about it 24/7.  It would be Rebekah-gate and you would know every detail because the press would never let up.

But, it is not a Republican president and our watchdog media is nothing more than a lapdog.

What am I talking about?

Rebekah Erler.  Rebekah sat between the First Lady and Dr. Biden during the state of the union address this week.  Her story was presented by Obama as an example of someone who is benefiting from all of his wonderful policies.

Great.  Why does this have me so peeved?

She is a former democratic staffer!  Obama has already used her in another publicity stunt and he knows her.  He didn't get a letter from her, a complete stranger, and then use her story.  This isn't just implying that he doesn't know her.

Pretending that he doesn't know her is outright lying.

I guess that I should just accept it, even expect it.  Obama is going to lie whenever her wants in order to further his political agenda.

And, the media will remain silent about it.

I miss investigative journalism.

I guess the only thing that will bring it back is a Republican president.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Consistent liberals

Liberals are so mixed up, it is impossible to figure out what they are going to say next.

Some people, when they are senators, say that we shouldn't have limitless debt, executive orders and are against amnesty for illegal immigrants.  But, then, they become president and completely reverse their opinions on all of those things.


Conservatives aren't so difficult to understand.  I like low taxes, limited government, and all of the freedoms and excellent lattes that come with it.  No matter what the issue, my views won't change.

Liberals have gotten themselves all mixed up.  They are supposed to be for women, but they openly and aggressively support a religion that militates women.  Liberals are supposed to be for free speech, but they want to silence political opposition.

So, when a liberal says something that actually makes sense or at least is consistent I have to take note.

Bill Maher is a religion-hating liberal.  He absolutely hates Christianity and he has every right to do so.  Right now, he is the only liberal (that I have heard about) who has the guts to call radical Islamic terrorism exactly what it is.  He is being consistent with his beliefs.  He doesn't like religion and he is willing to stand up and say that he doesn't like a religion that abuses women and chops people's heads off.

He has been banned from Berkeley.  Good job, Bill.

Whoopi Goldberg says that she is for free speech.  Of course, if someone is saying something that she doesn't like, she has a tendency to walk right off the set.  But, when liberal leftist loonies are calling the movie "American Sniper" all sorts of awful things, she defends the movie and the right of Clint Eastwood to make it because of free speech.

I am also afraid to say it, good job, Whoopi.

As our president continues to live in a land of magical unicorns, a place devoid of reality and completely mutually exclusive of the real world, it will be interesting to see how liberals twist themselves into knots.

In the meantime, I am going to keep right on loving low taxes, limited government and that latte.


The Obama administration just announced that an envoy will be sent to Cuba this week to normalize America's relationship with the communist, tyrannical Castro regime.

Aw, isn't that nice?  And, why would we do that?

Because the communist, tyrannical Obama regime is best buds with Castro!  I mean, BeyoncĂ© had an absolute ball when she was there.  That place is just so misunderstood.

If we were just more understanding, everything would all work out.  You know, like with Islamic terrorists.  If we just let them know that we understand them, they will stop slicing off heads, right?

Even my most liberal friends throw up their hands in complete disgust at the refusal of the Obama administration to call Islamic terrorists "Islamic."

And, just in case you had the slightest inkling that Obama has any interest in you or your well-being, he is trying to make absolutely sure that you are clear:

He doesn't.

He is actually going to propose even more tax hikes on the rich.  Here is the problem with that: rich people move their money to protect it from punitive taxes.  So, the people who actually get stuck paying more taxes are you and me, the people in the middle who don't have offshore accounts or those fancy Swiss banks with only the cool numbers.  So, really, to a liberal administration "taxing the rich" translates to "taxing anyone with the audacity to have a job."

Finally, are you enjoying all of that extra cash in your pocket from lower gas prices? Well, put down your mocha, Obama is already trying to figure out how to tax that, too.

Honestly, I can't stand it anymore.

Seriously, can you?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

A tale of two salons

I am on a business trip this week.  I had a few salon appointments to take me from "redneck" to "fabulous redneck" in preparation for the trip.

One salon that I have gone to off and on over the years is owned by an Italian woman.  She employs (mostly) gorgeous, thin, talented Italian women.  Oh, and everyone is Christian.

There is one employee at the salon who has Down's syndrome.  You know how they treat her at the salon?  Exactly like everyone else, that's how.

Guess what that is?  Real equality.  Why is this real equality?  Because it isn't any social justice crap or income inequality nonsense.  This is God-given equality.  Everyone at the salon knows that God created each one of us and loves us all the same.  So, they treat everyone the same.

At a different salon, I was talking about wearing a fur coat on the business trip.  The woman next to me said, "I always feel bad for the little critters when I wear fur."

I asked, "Have you ever spent much time with live vermin?"

Of course she said, "No."

"Give it a try, you might change your opinion."

At the second salon, the clientele can't even figure out that people are above vermin.

The gal who does my manicures and I were just chit-chatting away happily, noisily and, I noticed, alone.  No one else was talking much.  The clients were on their electronics not paying any attention to the people who were working on them.

At the second salon, clients aren't very nice to the salon employees.  The salon is in a very liberal area, so most of the clients probably vote for tax hikes and other things that liberals love.

(Actually, they mostly do vote for that stuff.  Remember, I am a poll worker and we count each vote by hand).

See, they are all in to the liberal social-justice-income-inequality crap while looking down on the people who polish their toes.

They have it all mixed up.  God made us all the same and He put us above the animals.

Which do you prefer: real equality from God or made-up equality from confused people?

Monday, January 19, 2015

Je Suis Charlie

We really are all Charlie.  Well, all of us in western civilization are Charlie.  Hold on, all of us in western civilization who actually believe in western civilization, that is who Charlie is.

Is the Obama administration Charlie?  I am thinking, not so much.

But, are you really that surprised?

This is the administration that sent back the bust of Winston Churchill.  This is the administration that sent no one to Margaret Thatcher's funeral.  This is the administration which, however, found plenty of time and was able to rearrange schedules to get someone to Ferguson for a photo-op.

I can see that maybe the president of the United States can't walk down the middle of an open street in any country, even in France, no matter how many world leaders are locking arms.

Here is the litmus test - would I be ok with Ronald Reagan being out in the open like that, vulnerable to an attack from anywhere?  No way.

So, I can actually understand Obama not strolling down the street.  However, John Kerry's schedule is pretty light these days.  And, I am pretty sure that Eric Holder was just down the street sipping an espresso during the march.  Somebody definitely could have shown up to represent America and say that we are against radical Islamic terrorists.

But, the Obama administration is incapable of even saying Islamic terrorist.  They aren't really against it, they can't even admit that it exists.

This is where we find ourselves.  We have a drastically cut military, we have propped up our society on entitlement programs.  We can't even call evil what it really is, evil.   We are totally open, vulnerable for an attack.  We won't let the president be in a situation like that.  Why are we putting the whole country in the exact same position?

I have no idea.  It is just you and me, Charlie.
It is as though liberals don't know how disastrously their idiotic policies affect anybody or they just don't care.

I am starting to think that they don't care.

I mean, for the past few years, premiums for most families' health insurance has gone up $200 a month.  They promised the premiums would go down $200 a month, instead they have gone up by that amount.  Has anyone apologized to you about that?  Has any democrat worked quickly and diligently to fix that problem for you?

Um, no.  They don't care at all.  And, you have seen what happens when actual liberals have to pay for their own disastrous ideas - they go ballistic.  Ahem, Harvard professors.

But, Nancy Pelosi can't even begin to comprehend the value of $200.  She is a billionaire.

The cost of food and gas (yes, we are getting a slight reprieve, hallelujah) has tripled and doubled, respectively in the last six years.

Has any liberal condescended to let you know that they feel your pain, that they understand that it is tough to suddenly have to pay double or triple for something that your family needs?

No way.  By her own admission, Hillary Clinton hasn't driven a car in decades.  Does she even know or care how much gas costs?  Snort.

If you haven't figured it out by now, rich, elite liberals who run Washington want to make America socialist.  They want you to pay for it and they don't expect a change in their standard of living.

How else can you explain Obama snorting and saying that the Keystone pipeline will only produce 35 jobs.  Who is he kidding, who would actually believe that?  All 35 guys spread out and yell, "OK, everybody, lift!"  That is idiotic, the pipeline will bring thousands of new jobs.

It will also bring OIL here where we need it.  When we don't get it from terrorists, they will have to start working at bake shops to get their money for guns.  You know, instead of terrorizing bake shops.

Yes, oil is dirty.  Have you ever gotten one drop of gasoline on your hand?  It doesn't come off, even after a napkin, a wash with antibacterial soap and some Purell.  You can still smell it.

You know what?  It makes my car run perfectly and that is how my husband and I get to work everyday.  Guess what else is true about that "dirty" oil that Obama hates so much - it is used in every single of his presidential motorcades.

But, he doesn't care about any of that does he?  You pay for his presidential motorcade and he doesn't care, at all, about how much it costs.

As he slashes our military, remember this, terrorists will bomb elite liberal hang outs while they pig out on lobster and steak.  Obama and his cronies being sympathetic to the terrorists won't save them.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Harvard Hypocrisy

Oh. My. Gosh.

This is the worst case of liberal hypocrisy that I have ever seen.  Professors at Harvard, who make upwards of $100,000 (I even heard as much as $300,000 for teaching one class) are having hissy fits because their healthcare costs have gone up.

How much?

Their co-pays have sky-rocketed to $20 and their deductibles to $250.

Didn't all of those liberals go nuts to get Obamacare passed and call us all stupid because we didn't want it?  And, now that it is here and the rest of us are paying out the wazoo, they can't handle paying a teeny-tiny bit more?


Let me educate Harvard professors.  Our premiums have gone up several hundred dollars a month.  And, when we had to actually use our insurance, we had to pay between $7,000 and $9,000 out of pocket.

Yup, you read that right.  (If you want to read the whole story, go to the blog and type in "Cat Scratch Fever.")

But, just like liberals, they want universal healthcare, they don't care how it actually affects anyone and they don't want to pay a thing for it.

Harvard professors, liberal policies hurt everyone, even you.  Conversely, capitalism helps everyone.  Everyone gets more freedom and even whiny, stompy-foot liberals get what they want - more tax dollars to re-distribute.

When Reagan came into office and slashed tax rates, federal government revenue went up.  That is right - he decreased the RATES significantly and the actual amount of REVENUE went up.

That is because he unleashed the power of the American economy.  When tax rates go down people have more money in their pockets.  So, they go buy more shoes and they go out to eat more.  They go places.  All of the money that they are spending goes into the economy and creates a ripple effect.  The person working at the shoe store gets paid and then buys food.  The server at the restaurant gets paid and buys gas.


When tax rates go down for companies, they have more money, too.  So, they can hire more people.  Companies can also make more stuff when they have more money.  So there is more stuff in the marketplace and we all have more choices.  That makes prices competitive.  All of those people who get hired also have money to spend and the whole, beautiful capitalist system goes on and on.

And, for all the liberals, each one of these transactions that I am describing - they are all taxed.  So, the big, fat-nosed government gets its cut of everything.  And, that is how capitalism, the free market and low tax rates help everyone and the government even benefits.

If our healthcare system was still subject to the free market, instead of being all mucked up by the government, healthcare costs would go down.

Hey, Harvard professors, why can't you people understand that?

Nomanisan Island

Remember in The Incredibles when Mr. Incredible had to go to Nomanisan Island to figure out that NO MAN IS AN ISLAND?

Mr. Incredible's motto was "I work alone."  He had to learn to cherish his family and those around him to make a better life and a better world.

I keep thinking about that when I hear or read about New York City mayor Bill De Blasio and his abhorrent treatment of his own police department and the president.

They are so attached to their principles, they are so arrogant in their political correctness.  They don't care who they hurt in order to achieve their political agenda.  They, like Mr. Incredible, don't seem to appreciate the people around them.

I get a mental picture of each man, alone on an island.  Alone.  When you are a radical liberal, you actually don't help anybody, you hurt everyone.

And, it is done with surprising aplomb.  Obama has had no problem discussing his disdain for white people, for capitalism, for America, the police, Christians.

De Blasio is of the exact same ilk.  He distrusts police.  That was cute when he was a young hippie, but now that he commands the police force, not so cute anymore.  The NYPD is made up of real human beings who put their lives on the line everyday to keep the city and De Blasio safe.

It is different to call a nameless, faceless group "pigs."  But, now it is time to take off the tie-dye, cut the hair and be respectful to the men and women in blue.  I have heard a lot about the police turning their backs on De Blasio at the funerals for the murdered NYPD officers.

Turning their backs was a respectful, silent protest.  It was peaceful and it was a perfect response to a man who clearly distrusts them.  It showed how they really feel about a man who, unfairly, implies that the police are racist and oppressive.

Did you know that the 35,000 member NYPD is mostly minority?  Both men who were brutally murdered while doing their jobs were minorities.  One was Asian and one was Hispanic.  Think about that for a second.

In our nation's largest city and across the country, radical progressive liberalism is on full display.  Do you agree with it?  Do you want to stand with these principles?  With these men?

Remember, no man is an island.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Socialism at Downton

Sunday night was the premiere of the 5th season of Downton Abbey.  And, things are not all jolly good in merry old England.

I leave it up to you to catch up on the previous 4 seasons.  Today I am only going to discuss the socialism that has creeped into the castle walls.

A teacher from the local village befriends a member of the Grantham family.  (The Earl of Grantham owns the Downton Abbey estate, Google it).

The teacher is invited to dinner at the Abbey.  She is a socialist.  She believes that everyone should be equal.  She believes that everyone is the same and so everyone should have the same amount of stuff.  She doesn't like the privilege of the aristocracy.

Believing this way makes her sympathetic and, like, super kind to everybody.  Right?

Nope.  She is so prejudiced that before she even meets the count and countess, she decides that she doesn't like them.  When confronted by their kindness, she has no response.  Her prejudice prevents her from returning the kindness.

Even after she is invited to dinner and is graciously received by the Granthams, she is very rude to the Earl at dinner.  There are guests, it is the 34th wedding anniversary of the Earl and the Countess and she is totally obnoxious.

Her behavior was disgusting.  Did she get her point across?  Did she accomplish a thing?  No, she just looked like an ass.

Could there be conservative writers on this show?


The whole scene reminded me of a picture I saw this weekend of a "protester" shouting in the face of a police officer.  I don't know what the protester was screaming about or why she was screaming in the officer's face.  But, I do know this, if she was the victim of a crime, he would be the first person that she would call.

Whether it is a fictional character in Downton Abbey or a very real protester in America, the problem is the same.  Both people live in a great country and have the lifestyle that comes with it.  Unfortunately, neither person can see what she has and appreciate it.  Instead, she begrudges others of what they have.  It is sad, really.

Gentle reader, this is the face of liberalism.  It is intolerant, it is prejudiced, it is rude, even obnoxious.  But, we must carry on.  The British aristocracy may not have made it through intact, but conservatives can.

Can't we?

(Originally published Jan 6 on

I miss Bill Clinton

I bet you do, too.

I am nostalgic for the days when the fight between Democrats and Republicans was simple.  A southern gentleman wanted more social programs for the south and a northern businessman wanted less government intrusion for the north.


But, we were all American, we all loved America.

The liberal progressive movement that has high jacked the Democratic Party bears no resemblance to the party in previous generations.

I bet that Bill and Hillary have stood open-mouthed numerous times over the past 6 years and marveled at the lies Obama has gotten away with.  They are probably thinking, "Sheesh, we could have done way more stuff!"

When Bill Clinton was elected in 1992, whiny, capitalist-hating liberals got what they wanted - a liberal in the White House.  After only two years of liberal-reign, however, the country had something of a Republican revolution.  In the 1994 mid-term elections, Republicans picked up 8 senate seats, 54 house seats and 10 state governorships.

After having his butt handed to him, Bill took a right-hand turn.

That is why I miss Bill so much.  While he was chasing skirts around the Oval Office, he had the good sense to let the country keep running.  He didn't actually want to destroy the country.  Thus preoccupied, Bill let Newt run the country and he did a darn good job of it.  We got welfare reform and the contract for America.

While Obama parties with Jay-Z, we get total gridlock.  Harry Reid has kept all legislation sent to him from the house in some closet somewhere and promises that they will never see the light of day.

When Bill got a shellacking in the mid-term elections, he went to McDonald's or kept up his favorite pastime.  Not Obama, he sees yet another mid-term Repubcan revolution, the biggest of all time and what does he do?

He takes a hard left.

Guess what we have to look forward to this week?  A week of Obama criss-crossing the country to tell us about all of his upcoming executive actions.

Remember, he is an ideologue.  His ideas are so good and work so well that if he could just explain them to you properly, you would get it.  Can't you get that through your thick head?  He knows better than you and you are going to get liberal policies shoved down your throat no matter how much you vote against them.

Oh, Bill, I miss ya, buddy.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Liberals just don't care

It is as though liberals don't know how disastrously their idiotic policies affect anybody or they just don't care.

I am starting to think that they don't care.

I mean, for the past few years, premiums for most families' health insurance has gone up $200 a month.  They promised the premiums would go down $200 a month, instead they have gone up by that amount.  Has anyone apologized to you about that?  Has any democrat worked quickly and diligently to fix that problem for you?

Um, no.  They don't care at all.  And, you have seen what happens when actual liberals have to pay for their own disastrous ideas - they go ballistic.  Ahem, Harvard professors.

But, Nancy Pelosi can't even begin to comprehend the value of $200.  She is a billionaire.

The cost of food and gas (yes, we are getting a slight reprieve, hallelujah) has tripled and doubled, respectively in the last six years.

Has any liberal condescended to let you know that they feel your pain, that they understand that it is tough to suddenly have to pay double or triple for something that your family needs?

No way.  By her own admission, Hillary Clinton hasn't driven a car in decades.  Does she even know or care how much gas costs?  Snort.

If you haven't figured it out by now, rich, elite liberals who run Washington want to make America socialist.  They want you to pay for it and they don't expect a change in their standard of living.

How else can you explain Obama snorting and saying that the Keystone pipeline will only produce 35 jobs.  Who is he kidding, who would actually believe that?  All 35 guys spread out and yell, "OK, everybody, lift!"  That is idiotic, the pipeline will bring thousands of new jobs.

It will also bring OIL here where we need it.  When we don't get it from terrorists, they will have to start working at bake shops to get their money for guns.  You know, instead of terrorizing bake shops.

Yes, oil is dirty.  Have you ever gotten one drop of gasoline on your hand?  It doesn't come off, even after a napkin, a wash with antibacterial soap and some Purell.  You can still smell it.

You know what?  It makes my car run perfectly and that is how my husband and I get to work everyday.  Guess what else is true about that "dirty" oil that Obama hates so much - it is used in every single of his presidential motorcades.

But, he doesn't care about any of that does he?  You pay for his presidential motorcade and he doesn't care, at all, about how much it costs.

As he slashes our military, remember this, terrorists will bomb elite liberal hang outs while they pig out on lobster and steak.  Obama and his cronies being sympathetic to the terrorists won't save them.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015 Preview

You don't really need me to give you another year in review, do you?  Let's face it, we are going to hell in a hand basket.  Our enemies are so emboldened that they slice off heads like a vegan slices tofu.  Our economy is in the crapper while our president jets off to exotic vacations that you paid for.

See, you knew all of that already.

But, two fabulous things did happen in 2014.  The first was our fracking innovation that finally forced gas prices to go down to pre-Obama levels.  This, hopefully, broke the gridlock in your wallet.  The second was the landslide victory for republicans from coast to coast in the mid-term elections.

*Let's talk about fracking.  America's energy revolution is the linchpin in our strategy of peace through strength.  If we are energy independent, extract our own oil and  natural gas from the good old USA, we don't have to pay our enemies for oil.  If we are not sending millions of dollars a day to, say, Russia or the Middle East for oil, that is millions a day less that they have to spend on military operations.  So, instead of buying shiny weapons with all that money, they have to go back to their caves and fight over the last falafel.

Would you please explain that to liberals around the water cooler?  You better because Obama has already vowed to curtail drilling on private lands.  While you were partying and I was hopped up on NyQuil, the Obama administration has already put in motion the plans to stop this innovation that has started a party in your wallet and is keeping us safe.

No thinking American can defend this man any longer.  His policies hurt the American people.  His policies are only good for him and his rich, elite liberal cronies.

*Another great thing that happened was the midterm elections.  You know that we took over the senate and gained lots of seats in the house.  But, did you know that local and state legislatures went so red that about 70% of state governments are now run with a Republican majority?  Not only do people want to stop Obama and his anti-American policies, they want to stop pervasive liberalism that is destroying their towns.

But, that trusty pen is still doing its work-outs while Obama is on vaca in Hawaii.  He has already vowed to veto any legislation that doesn't fall in line with his progressive, liberal, America-killing ideology.

Stay strong, patriots.  2014 gave us a few great reasons to hope.  But, we have to continue fighting and hope that one day soon, we can set this great nation back on a path to prosperity, for everyone.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

I am going to save you $9.50

Don't go see Annie.

The kids really wanted to see it and I know why - for the music.  Although, I found that the musical numbers were sparse and left something to be desired.

I just didn't want to see it.  Something about the commercials made me think that some modern twists had been made to this depression-era classic that I wouldn't like.

I was rewarded for my intuition in the very first scene of the film.

The (spoiler alert) illiterate Annie uses the medium of song to describe the New Deal to her classmates.  As her peers beat box, she extols the virtues of "getting paid" to build roads and bridges.  She praises how this raises everyone out of poverty and finishes by explaining that the rich get richer at the same time.

It was so early in the film that I couldn't walk out - and I had that $9.50 on the line.  I didn't even lecture the kids about it.  But, you are not so lucky.

Annie's ideology, as with so many other liberal ideologies, is completely backwards.  The New Deal didn't make poor people better off and rich people richer.  One trillion dollars later, we know for sure that it has created a dependent class that, for three generations, has lived on welfare.

Taking from the rich and giving to the poor doesn't make the rich richer either.  It makes everyone poorer.  Instead of being rewarded for hard work and making as much as you can based on your ability, the great taker - government, distributes as it sees fits.

This philosophy hurts everyone.  Can't we all see this now?

We scibbled along through the movie living out the whoever-is-richest-is-the-best-parent-philosophy.  Really?  This isn't the depression.  We are the wealthiest country in the world.  Why is this particular story line relevant today?  I don't understand.

Late in the film, at a fundraiser at the Guggenheim the rich guy refers to "liberal guilt."  Then he says, "All except you, Senator, you are still trying to build that wall."

Sigh.  That went right over even my Republican kids' heads.  Liberal guilt means that liberals give to a lavish charity fundraiser, not actually, you know, like, helping poor people.

And, of course, the one person not under liberal guilt was the Republican who is against immigration (?)

Why do I even leave the house?

One last thing, in this adaptation, Annie has no endearing qualities.  In Anne of Green Gables, Pippi Longstocking, Pollyanna, the original Annie, the child is endearing.  You fall in love with her.  That plot line is missing from the story, unfortunately.

Add that to the blatant liberal agenda and you have yet another reason to stay home and watch reruns of Duck Dynasty.

Hey, with the money you saved, you can buy me a latte.

Happy New Year, everyone.