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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Justice for Dinesh (sort of)

Justice for Dinesh (sort of)

Dinesh D'Souza is an American author and filmmaker.

He is also a convicted felon.

D'Souza, in his movie 2016, dissects Barack Obama's worldview.  He researched and figured out how Obama came to hate America so much and to wish her harm.

In short, Obama's father was an anti-colonialist.  Obama Sr. hated England and imperialism.  He thought that all wealth that England received from colonizing Africa was stolen and should be returned.

Likewise, Obama's mother felt that way about America.  She taught her son that America is bad and that all of our wealth was achieved by theft, not hard work and sacrifice.

This logic explains the whole "you didn't build that" saying from Obama.  It also explains why he wants America to stop all drilling and all use of any kind of energy.  It explains why he wants all Americans to be punished with higher taxes and wants to destroy capitalism with government regulation.

D'Souza often describes America as the world's most benevolent super power.  We use our power for good and not evil.  We liberate countries from tyrannical dictators.  We don't colonize them.  Otherwise, Germany would be "America-Western Europe" and Japan would be "America-Far East."

Also, America is the only country that corrects its own mistakes.  Yes, we make mistakes.  But we make more strides to correct them than necessary.

D'Souza, born in India, clearly sees the benevolence of America.  Barack Obama doesn't see it.  Oddly, it is that very same benevolence that elected him president of the United States, twice.

Obama probably doesn't like D'Souza.

So, D'Souza was charged, convicted and sentenced to probation for a campaign financing donation.

D'Souza shouldn't have made an improper campaign contribution.  As a conservative, I support the man, not the crime.  For some reason that I don't understand, liberals support the person AND, inexplicably, the crime.

I understand that campaign contributions like this one typically get a slap on the wrist.  They are charged as a civil crime and the person at fault pays penalties.  D'Souza's was charged as a criminal case and he faced 10 to 16 months in jail.

Why?  Could it be because D'Souza is working on another conservative film before the next election?

As part of his sentence, D'Souza has to perform community service.  He has been assigned to teach English to immigrants.

When asked how he felt about that, he said, "Believe me, they are all going to be Republicans by the end of it."

Good job, Dinesh.

DWTS Continues its Tradition...

Of treating Christians unfairly.

This season's token Christian on Dancing With the Stars is Sadie Robertson.  Robertson is the daughter of Willie and granddaughter of Phil, the gun-toting, Bible-thumping reality TV stars who turned their duck call business into a multi-million dollar empire.

Just like last season's token Christian, Candace Cameron Bure, Sadie came out strong.  She (and her partner, Mark) performed her first dance so flawlessly that she received one point away from the highest score of the night.  Her foot and leg placement were phenomenal.

Just like previous Christians in previous seasons, things were a little different the second week of competition.

Robertson was given the unusual task of performing a jazz routine to the Jason Aldean country hit "She's Country."  As weird as the combination was, Robertson again performed the dance as well as it could be performed.

It blew my bedazzled mind.

She received lower scores.  Instead of finishing 2nd, she finished 5th for the night.  I wasn't upset then and didn't take to my keyboard in a fury.  What caused my fingers to burn was what happened last night, the third week of competition.

This week, Robertson was given a fox trot which she performed to the theme song from the movie "Up."  Her technique, her footwork, her leg placement, her hold were spectacular.  She got all 8s for a total of 32 points, and I was ok with that, until...

Janel (and Val) and Bethany (and Derek) performed and received perfect 40s for their routines.  They were fantastic and they deserved 40s, they really did.

But, so did Sadie.  She was equally as perfect.  Clearly, the scoring isn't the same for Robertson as it is for the other contestants.

Hopefully, like Cameron Bure and Bristol Palin before her, Robertson will get the support she deserves from the Christian community and will dance her way right into the finals.

Go, Sadie!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Race baiting class warfare

As I drive around on these glorious fall afternoons with my car window open, I have been thinking a lot about Brendan Tevlin.  Tevlin, a New Jersey teen, was recently murdered, shot through his open car window.

The murderer, Ali Muhammed Brown, said that he shot Tevlin as revenge for US fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

How did we get here?  How did this land of opportunity and freedom become a place of black vs white and rich vs poor?

It wasn't an accident.  It is all the product of Obama's race-baiting, class warfare.

When I was young, I loved the Cosby Show.  I watched every episode.  In it, Bill Cosby played a doctor and his wife was a lawyer.  They were the all-American success story and the show focused on all of the craziness that surrounded raising their 5 children.  Years later, I read that critics said the show was "too white."  They claimed that it wasn't black enough.


A new show is coming out this fall called "Black-ish."  It is a show about being black.  Instead of focusing on the content of one's character, we now focus on the color of one's skin.  This isn't progress, it is a huge step backward.  

Obama has also demonized success to incite class warfare.  Now instead of someone who has less believing that he or she can work hard, study hard and earn whatever he or she wants, he or she thinks, "someone else has something that I want, I am going to take it."

To top it all off, we have a department of justice, led by a person who is in contempt of Congress.  This lawless DOJ supports the notion of race baiting and class warfare.

This is terrible for our country in every possible way.    Here is something that we can do.  Keep driving around with your window open.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Country music, Christianity and the midterm elections

I was driving this morning, listening to my local country music station.  I was tortured with 45 minutes of non-stop partying, drinking, and sleeping with people.  In one song, the country music singer even rapped!  

If I wanted to listen to rap music, I would.  But I want to listen to country.  I want to hear about God, Jesus, cancer, American soldiers, small towns, and rednecks who are proud to be from those towns. (Ahem)

Country music is being watered down to appeal to a wider audience.  It is hard to differentiate the genre from pop or even rap.  It may bring in new listeners.  But country that is no different from any other music disillusions country music fans.

Likewise, Christian churches are watering down Christianity.  Anything goes.  You can pick and choose which parts of the Bible you like.  The Christianity in some churches is barely distinguishable from other religions.  The idea is to appeal to a wider audience.  But it isn't working.  People are leaving churches in droves.  When you make Christianity no different from any other religion, you don't bring people in, and you lose your base.

That brings me to my final point.  In the upcoming midterm elections, people argue that conservatives need to move to the center to please more people.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!  We need to differentiate between conservatism and liberalism.  

We need to stay true to our convictions, energize our base and bring our message of real tolerance and real inclusivity to our country that needs it so desperately.  Our message is a real message of hope and change, because we believe that personal responsibility and liberty create the foundation for real prosperity.

Does anyone actually believe that the government can rush in and save big problems?  Government isn't the solution;  its the problem.  Here are some things to consider.

1.  Republicans aren't crazed lunatics.  We aren't even terrorists.  There are real terrorists out there.  Every bad thing that Republicans said would happen, has happened.

We said that health insurance plans would change, that people would lose access to doctors.  We said that costs would sky-rocket and most of us would be left with plans that can't even be used because deductibles are so high.

It doesn't  matter how many domestic terrorists, professors or elite liberals call us: lunatics, terrorists, extremists, or racists.

Everything that we said would happen has happened as a direct result of the  disastrous progressive, liberal policies of the Obama administration.

2.  We need to lower taxes.  This is not unpatriotic.  It's just true. 

3.  We need to de-regulate.  If people haven't figured out by now that the federal government doesn't fix problems and that it makes problems, they never will.

4.  We need to add work requirements back into welfare that Obama unlawfully removed.

5.  We need to stop giving money to countries that treat us like crap.

6.  We need to use all of the money that I just saved us to beef up our military.

7.  We need to close and secure our borders and deport illegal aliens.

Most Americans are seriously concerned with the skyrocketing cost of basic necessities, the shrinking economy, our open borders and terrorists who want to kill us.

We need grown-ups to take over.  We need common sense; we need to take back the senate.

Vote Republican this November and for goodness sake, find a good country station.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Idiotic (or liberal) military strategy

Can we please stop telling our enemies exactly what we will and won't do?

I remember when Bush was in office, the media was screaming that they should be told our strategy.  The media wanted to know what we would do, what we wouldn't do and when we would start.

I thought, "Hunh, shouldn't our strategy be a secret?  I mean, if American journalists know all of our strategies, wouldn't we be communicating that information to our enemies, too?"

I actually think like that.

As it always is with liberals and the media, there really was non-stop 24/7 screaming about it.

So, now we have the liberal messiah in office and what do we do?

We explain, in detail, to the world exactly what our military strategy is.  We are very careful to:

1.  Tell the enemy when we will begin our military offensive,
2. Clearly state exactly what we are going to do in said offensive and
3. Be sure to indicate exactly what we won't do.

And we wonder why the state department won't divulge who is in our "coalition?" 

They won't say because we embolden our enemies and thumb our noses at our allies.  Who, in their right mind, would agree to work with our numbskull president and his idiotic idea that our military strategy should be given, in clear detail, to the world?


Sure, Eric Holder is resigning.  But for me, this leaves more questions than answers.

Will there ever be justice for murdered border agent Brian Terry?  Terry was murdered by a gun released into the hands of criminals during Holder's botched "fast and furious" program.

Will Holder ever be punished for his crimes?  He still remains in contempt of congress over the fast and furious debacle.

Will Lois Lerner finally be prosecuted for torturing Obama's political opponents during an election year?  Will there ever be any justice for the people whose lives were ruined by the most powerful agency in the government?

Will the next attorney general have any respect for police?  Or, will the next AG be as mistrustful of police as Holder?

Will the next AG engage in race-baiting and class warfare?

Will the next AG uphold the constitution?

I would love to see some actual justice in our department of justice.  But, after 6 years of the Obama-Holder DOJ, I am not holding my breath.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Eagle Rising

I should have mentioned this before - has picked me up as a contributor!

I love each and every one of my 30 faithful readers, including, but not limited to, Mom, Jack, Tom, even Josh and Brooks.

But, I have a gentleperson's agreement with eagle rising to let them have exclusive publication of my articles for a week.  Then, I post them here.

So, if you can't get enough redneck, please check out, they have published a dozen or so of my articles.

Oh, and mark your calendars, vote Republican.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Like it or lump it

Here is another aspect of common core - you can't question it.

At all.

And, really, it isn't that surprising.  We have a president who not only won't work with Republicans, he refuses to acknowledge that an opinion different from his own could even exist.  And, if it does, it is inherently "evil."

I have talked to my child's teacher about common core and our concerns.  She promptly suggested that we leave the school.

Really?  That is the only option?

Yes, we have made a country that stifles all differences of opinion and have called it "tolerance."  So, this new breed of young person, like this teacher, can't conceive of an opinion that is different from her own.

Unable to debate, or intelligently discuss the issues, she suggests the only option that she sees as viable - go away.  This is the Obama option.  If you don't agree, you need to leave.

In accounting, we call this the "tone at the top."  When you have a kind, benevolent leader, that tends to trickle down the ranks.  You get nicer people throughout the organization, from top to bottom.

When the "tone at the top" is: "my way or the highway" you get that attitude in all levels.

This is just tyranny, a way for the government to control.  If you don't fall in line and march to the same tune, you will be punished.

Is this freedom?

I don't think that good-hearted Americans realize what they have given up.  I even think that good-hearted liberals, who really want to help people, don't understand how much they are jeopardizing our freedoms.

We don't want to be called "racist" so we shut up.  We don't want to be called "insensitive" so we stop expressing our opinions.  Using Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" liberals have used the name calling tactics to silence all debate.

And, it is working.  We have removed God from every aspect of the public forum.  Abortion isn't "safe,  legal and rare."  It is genocide of American babies.  If a baby has the audacity to survive the "procedure" abortionists actually stab live children.

We are losing our military, our strength, our standing in the world.  We have destroyed the greatest health care system the world have ever known.  And, now, we are losing our schools.

Liberals don't have any good points, so they just yell and call us names.  That silences all debate.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I have been common cored, part 2

It really is amazing to me how much of our lives have been directly affected by this disastrous president.  Is nothing sacred?

The short answer is: no.

Not even math.

As promised, here is my experience with common core math.

There was an addition problem that I saw on the Internet.  A high school friend had to explain it to me.  Here is the problem:


Easy, right?

Not with common core.  To find the solution to this problem, children are encouraged to use "friendly" numbers.

To arrive at 20, using common core, you must utilize the following four "intermediate" equations:

20+10=30 and
30+2 = 32

Now, add 3, 5, 10 and 2, which equals 20.

This is a fun way for retired, lonely, slightly bored CPAs to play with numbers in their heads.

This is not a way to teach math to children.  Are we teaching them to be afraid of numbers?  What if the number is "unfriendly?"

I have an 8th grader who is starting high school math, so I guess that she is safe from common core.

My 5th grader is way beyond addition and subtraction, so I thought that she was safe, too.

Wrong, common core can totally mess up multiplication.

Here is the problem:

X.      34
=     300

We were shown 5 ways to solve this problem.  I thoroughly enjoyed every single one.  These are fun math games for geeky adults who like fun math games!

But, my 5th grader liked the method presented above - old school.

Ok, no problem.  We basically ignored all of the other methods, until, the test.

This child, who could successfully find the correct answer, was asked this:

Please select all "intermediate" equations used in solving this problem.

What?!?  See why there is so much stress and crying involved in common core?  Of course, we got them wrong.  Actually, I got them wrong.  In case you haven't noticed, common core is less about learning for the children and more about driving parents a little bit crazy.

Want to know what they are?  Here are the 4 "intermediate" equations that all American children are now required to know in order to be successfully tested in America:


Get it?

Stay tuned, I am sure that I will have many more adventures in common core to share with you throughout the school year.

Monday, September 15, 2014

I have been common cored...

...and it is not pretty.

To be honest with you, I hadn't really given common core that much thought.  My children are home-schooled and I thought that the standards, dreamed up on the whim of a politician, wouldn't affect us.

We use an online, state school.  I like it because it is a rigorous curriculum and the children are tested, so that I know I am not messing up too much.

Don't judge.

I also thought, "How bad can it really be?  It is just a set of standards, right?"

I had even heard all of the horror stories, about crazy math problems, about children being so stressed out that they get sick and don't want to go to school.

Just like the horror stories, our first day of school started out with tears:


Since textbook companies can't afford to print textbooks according to the previously mentioned whims, there are NO TEXTBOOKS for some subjects.

Yes, you heard that right, no textbooks.  But, our school is online.  So, we get the lessons and "teacher guides" all online.  No problem, right?

Well, imagine that you have pulled your child's lesson up online and you also have to pull up the teacher guide on that same computer.  Then, you have to toggle back and forth between the lesson and teacher guide.  As you have probably guessed by now, this gives an uncomfortable amount of access to the teacher guide for the child.

Today my 5th grader had a vocabulary test.  She is very good at vocabulary.  She knows all of the definitions of the words and gets just about every vocabulary test question correct.

On today's test, in addition to being able to identify the words, she had some arbitrary questions that she got wrong.  For example, she was given a word that was used in a sentence and 4 synonyms from a thesaurus. She had to choose the best two synonyms for the word.

Isn't that kinda arbitrary?

She also had to identify in a paragraph the 2 words (out of 4) that clued her in to the meaning of the vocabulary word.


She got a failing grade on the test, twice.  She was in tears, my stomach was in knots and I called the "teacher" from our online school.

She very kindly explained that she understood my concerns.  I did appreciate that.  She used very carefully chosen, common core-approved words to say that the standards are more rigorous.

I used not carefully chosen, mom-approved words to explain that the standards being tested weren't really more rigorous, they were more arbitrary.

So, we decided that I would take the test to get a passing grade for my child.

Is this really helping the child learn?  We both agreed that it wasn't.  But, what could we do?

So, while my 5th grader colored a picture of My Little Pony, I, with sweaty palms and palpitating heart, took the vocabulary test.

I didn't know the answer to number 1.  Dissenters aside, I do have a master's in journalism.  And, I really couldn't decide among three of the words to answer number 1.

But, I soldiered on and I am proud to report that I got an 80!  A passing grade!

Does common core, an arbitrary set of standards dreamed up by a politician, really help children?  From the front lines, I can honestly say, "no."

Coming up tomorrow, common core math...

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Typos - redux

I want to let you know that my typos are...

Entirely the fault of democrats.

See how silly that is?

I do have a team of experts looking for typos, my husband, my mom and my brother.

But, sometimes something just gets by us.

Please know that as I rant, sometimes my fingers are flying over the keyboard and my eyes are closed in frustration or I am looking up at the ceiling trying to figure out why all this is going on.

One just came out and I have to tell you that I am horrified.  Every single assault on my character because of typos, well, make me a better person.  I also like the pile on of people who rush to my defense, thanks guys.

So, keep on reading, keep on attacking me for typos and I will keep on writing!

Friday, September 12, 2014

I don't start wars...

I finish them.

This is a great philosophy, if the goal were winning wars.  When the goal is to just bury your head in the sand, instead of fighting wars, it is a terrible idea.  But, this tactic foolishly ignores the vital point that, in war, the enemy gets a vote.

"War is upon you, whether you would risk it or not." Aragorn to King Theoden in The Two Towers from The Lord of the Rings trilogy

I keep thinking about that quote because the king in that movie is closing his eyes to his enemies, just like Obama.  While the king dithers, an evil army is building on his borders.

Even if Obama doesn't want to fight, war is still upon him.

President George W Bush boldly defined evil. He was called every name in the book by our liberal media.

Obama has also boldly defined evil - anyone who disagrees with him.  That makes going to war and winning effectively much more difficult.

Pro-lifers - evil,
Republicans - terrorists,
People who would dare to want lower taxes - unpatriotic, domestic terrorists, have a bomb strapped to their chest, have a gun pointed at your head, arsonists,
People who oppose Obamacare - racist

I am not making this stuff up.  Obama and currently employed democrats have said all of these things.  You know that.

The bottom line is - Obama believes that America is evil.  That is why he hesitates to go to war to fight and defeat real evil.

And, he has a lot of support in the academic and liberal communities.  They all believe that America is evil.  Bill Ayers, who used to be on the FBI's 10 most wanted list is a professor now and teaches young people to hate America.  Ward Churchill, another professor, respected in professorial circles, believes that the 9/11 attacks were deserved.

I appreciate that Obama has come up with a strategy.  I really do.  But, is it too little too late?  Or will this half-hearted attempt to thwart evil work?

I really don't know.

This is bad, people.  We are in real trouble.

Fat Cats

There are many bizarre liberal dichotomies that just make me scratch my head.

One of them is about money.  Obama talks often and at length about "fat cats."  He means rich people and he treats these people with disgust.  They didn't earn their success and any attempt to pay a lower tax rate is, well, unpatriotic, according to this administration.

But, let's look at those "fat cats."  Who are they, why are they fat and what fits the liberal decision of good and bad?  That is where it gets all kinda fuzzy.

So, a rich person, like Mitt Romney, would definitely be an Obama fat cat.  Known far and wide as a philanthropist, Romney reportedly gave 19% of his income to charity in a year when his tax returns were released for the presidential election.  He took no salary from the Olympics.  He has volunteered his time tirelessly to help others.

But, a rich person, like Jim Carrey, who makes $20 million per movie, he is NOT a fat cat.


Some jobs are deemed worthy by liberals, but others aren't.  A secretary at a for profit company might make around $30,000 a year.  If she lost emails, destroyed hard drives or in any reasonable way didn't perform her job competently and legally, she would lose her job.  Period.

But, in the government, people make about 4 times the amount that their counterparts make in the private sector.  So, a government secretary may make closer to $100,000, as a public servant.  That is perfectly ok.

A banker may make about $100,000 if he or she does a good job, works long hours and does everything legally and perfectly.  A tenured professor easily makes $100,000 a year, works nowhere near the hours and could probably never be fired.  The banker is bad in Obama world and the professor is good and noble.

So, back to those fat cats - if they happen to be conservative - and build hospitals, schools and donate millions to charity - yup, you guessed it. BAD.

But, if a fat cat is a democrat, he or she can absolutely do no wrong.  He or she can make millions from failed government companies like Solyndra.  He or she can make tens of millions from opposing the Keystone Pipeline.  That is all just a-ok.

The thing is, are liberals so dumb and/or short-sighted that they can't see the tide may turn one day?  Can't they see that when (please, I hope soon) Republicans take back over that we can run roughshod all over their opinions, just like they have done with ours for all these years?

Oh, and by the way, if you have a job, you are a fat cat to Obama, too.

I do satire

I live in a very liberal area, I grew up in a very liberal area.  So, I am familiar with militant, radical liberals who majored in gender studies.

They are angry, they have no sense of humor.  They are rude and they hate people like me.

This brand of tolerant liberal will ALWAYS judge and be unkind to a woman who dresses in flattering (please, I need all the help I can get) clothes, does her hair and wears make-up.  (Seriously, I need the help.)

They wear loose, unisex clothing, cut their hair with nail scissors and reject make-up in any form.  They also work at my local library.

I went in today to print some copies of a paper that I needed for work.  We pay really high taxes and, in return, get 20 free copies a day.

I hit print, then looked at the printer.  The little red light was blinking.  It said "press resume."  So, I pressed resume. The little red light kept on blinking.

I asked the librarian, who was studiously ignoring the red light, for help.  She said, in a very irritated-I-have-a-Ph.D-in-women's-studies voice, "What can I help you with?"

I helpfully pointed to the blinking red light, the one that she was so successfully ignoring.  In the same very annoyed -you-are-interrupting-my-very-important-work voice, she said, "I am on my way."

She was very flustered.  It is worthwhile to note that she was very irritated, annoyed and flustered BEFORE I came on the scene.

She turned to me and accused me of breaking the printer.

I worked in public accounting.  I made copies for 40 hours a week for almost a year.  I can fix just about any paper jam you can find.  Unfortunately, my experience is circa 1999 and I was unfamiliar with this model.

But, the concept is the same, it can be fixed.  You don't have a conniption fit and then start yelling at customers.

See what I mean?

I left her fussing and fuming at the printer and went to another part of the library.  I have a family, if I want to be snipped at, I can just go home.

Here is my point (there usually is one) in the socialist think tanks that we call schools, we have created an entire generation of people who believe:

-that America is inherently bad,
-that the Judeo-Christian ethic, which has been banned from schools, is also inherently bad,
-so, they need to be ashamed of themselves, especially if,
-they are white.

Isn't that sad?  And, doesn't that explain the angry, hopeless young people that you see everywhere?

Or, maybe you live in a less liberal area.  In that case, there may be fewer gender studies majors at your local library.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Holly Fisher

I think that I am starting to get it - liberals REALLY believe that there is one set of rules for them and another set of rules for everybody else.  By the way, YOU are everybody else.

Twitter sensation Holly Fisher posted a picture of herself in front of a Hobby Lobby, holding a Chick-fil-a cup and wearing a shirt that says, "pro-life".

This is a free country and it is perfectly reasonable and legal to:

1. Enjoy delicious chicken sandwiches,
2. Buy cute kitsch for your home at affordable prices and
3. Believe that unborn children deserve to live.

The vitriol that was spewed at her by tolerant liberals was mind-boggling and scary.  Possibly the tamest hate-filled response was an offer to shove the soda down Ms. Fisher's throat.  One person offered to rape Ms. Fisher to give her an unwanted pregnancy.


I can't type anymore of them because I type to my mother on this keyboard, you just have to look them up yourself:


So, liberals believe that it is ok to rape a conservative?  This from the party that claims that conservatives have a "war on women?"

Is this why liberals have such problem confronting real evil?  They don't understand what it is.

A group of people that viciously murders innocent people, that is evil.  A group of people that kills everyone that doesn't agree with them, that is evil.

Not Holly Fisher.

In other news, has started publishing a few of my blogs.  Thank you!  I have had a blast reading all of the comments.  Word to the wise - when you write a rant about someone's grammar, you MIGHT want to use proper grammar.