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Friday, August 29, 2014

No strategy

Well, unless you are living under a rock, you know that the leader of the free world has no strategy to defeat the terrorist organization ISIS which is slashing and be-heading its way across the Middle East.

Something of a minor outrage is ensuing throughout the media and both the right and left after this revelation, even though it is a holiday weekend.

But, is it really surprising that our Sesame Street president is totally befuddled by evil?  Is it really a stretch that he doesn't know what to do to stand up to bullies?

Of course not, especially for those of you keeping score cards.

Obama ascribes to the everyone-in-the-word-is-good-except-America-which-is-always-wrong-period philosophy.

As the appointed leader of this philosophy (which has been harbored in the hearts of hippies, tenured professors and domestic terrorists for eons) Obama has worked right from the play book, he:

1. Disarmed (and conveniently spent all of the money giving food stamps to able-bodied men, hee hee)
2. Apologized for how evil America is on his world-wide apology tour and
3. Let our enemies know that he understand how evil America is and opened the table for "discussions"

He actually believed that this would work.

Really. He did.

It is no surprise that he can't understand:

1. Why this didn't work,
2. That real evil exists in the world and
3. Christians, Republicans, pro-life teenagers, and people who disagree with him ARE NOT ACTUALLY EVIL.

I think that even liberals aren't too keen on being killed by terrorists.

Obama might want to get off the golf course and come up with a strategy.  Remember, those terrorists hate all Americans.  They aren't going to spare pot-smoking hippies, no matter how cool they are.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Common Sense

"SOME writers have so confounded society with government, as to leave little or no distinction between them; whereas they are not only different, but have different origins. Society is produced by our wants, and government by our wickedness; the former promotes our happiness POSITIVELY by uniting our affections, the latter NEGATIVELY by restraining our vices. The one encourages intercourse, the other creates distinctions. The first is a patron, the last a punisher." - Thomas Paine, Common Sense

In a recent episode of Duck Dynasty, one of Phil Robertson's grandchildren needed to find a "benchmark."  The benchmark was supposed to be the highest point in the area and it would be marked with a little plaque.  Phil asked, "Who put the marker there?"  The child answered, "The government."

That did it - Phil went off on the litany of evils of the government.  (Of course, Willie stood nearby groaning, rolling his eyes and lamenting, "Oh, no!  Here we go!").  Phil sounded exactly like my father and eerily like me.  See, here is the thing, rednecks don't like the government.

And, I am pretty sure that the government isn't too fond of us gun-toting, Bible-hugging rednecks either.

We all used to agree, in some form, that the government was taking away our liberties.  We came here, fought, died, sacrificed and survived to protect those liberties.  Now, we are giving them all up because of a lying, tyrannical dictator?

The examples abound throughout history of the demise of the republic.  We are deep within that process.  Socialist countries exist around the world and are going bankrupt.  We are heading in that direction.

The government dictates the hours that people can work in Western Europe, the government regulates what foods people can eat, the government controls how "open space" is used.

Is this what we really want?

I am afraid that we won't truly know the extent of the freedoms that we have until they are all gone.

What we really need right now, is some common sense.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to school

I believe the United States of America is the most remarkable nation that has ever existed.  No other nation, in the history of the world, has ever provided so much freedom, so much justice, and so much opportunity to so many people. - Joy Hakim, author of "A History of US"

Sigh, I love Joy.

She writes my children's history books.  That is the theme of 5th grade history.

Obama doesn't believe that.  Liberal progressives believe that we have made mistakes in the past, so, WE ARE ALL BAD AND DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED.  Never once does he take into consideration the hard work and sacrifice that has gone into building this great nation.  Never once does he consider that my parents got up before the crack of dawn everyday and worked their butts off my entire life.  Never once does he consider that I stayed in and studied countless nights while other college kids were out partying.

Sorry, ranting.

I have been thinking lately about how most every liberal idea stems, in some way, from the rejection of the Judeo-Christian ethic.

Today, in science, my child was taught to be afraid that we are going of run out of water because only 1% of the world's water is available as fresh water to drink.

Isn't that interesting?

I explained to her that this liberal idea of scarcity doesn't take several important things into consideration:
1. God loves us and wants us to survive, so,
2. He gave us big brains and really smart people who figure out new and innovative ways to make fresh water to drink.

Liberals reject the notion of a loving God and their scare tactics inexplicably leave out the possibility of technological advancement.

Why is that?

I could go through the list of every liberal idea and how not one can reach a logical conclusion.  Oh, wait, I have done that, in the last 350 or so posts.  :)

From the environment to the economy from ISIS to Russia, liberals and this administration get it wrong every time.

Now that we are back in school, I am sticking with Joy.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Captain America

Truth, justice and the American way.


That is what we all used to be fighting for.

Truth - a person used to be innocent until proven guilty by a court of law in America.  Is that still the case?  Do we really seek truth?  Or, are we blinded by ideology and bound by political correctness?

Justice -  what a joke.  The head of our justice department is in contempt of congress for breaking the law.  The IRS tortures political opponents of the president.  Is that justice?

The American Way - do we even know what that is anymore?  We used to know that evil existed and we could all join together and fight against it.  But, we can't even call evil out anymore.  It might "offend" someone.  Can anyone grasp that the people that liberals and the PC police are so afraid of offending are slaughtering people all over the world?

Yes, I understand that liberals believe that we deserve it because America is inherently bad.  That is untrue, of course.  And, the fact that liberals hate America isn't going to stop terrorists from killing them, because liberals are still Americans who are enjoying compete freedom.

There is a news clip that I keep seeing of men holding up machine guns and cheering, all of their faces are covered.

Liberals call this a religion of peace.

What has happened to us?

I want Captain America back.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Watching the news lately has been really hard.  So, I took a little break and watched Wanderlust.

In this movie, Paul Rudd plays George.  George is a banker-type in New York who loses his job.  He and his wife, Linda (Jennifer Aniston) leave New York to stay with relatives and end up in a commune.

They stay in a beautiful room and after a pot and sex filled night singing kumbayah around the campfire, "Here is my shirt, man, here we share everything" George and Linda decide to become hippies and join the commune.

Linda falls for everything hook, line and sinker, even going for the "free love."

George figures out pretty quickly that things are not all peachy keen.  In fact, although the rules are that "anything goes" nothing that George does is right.

Hmmm, so the tolerant liberals are completely intolerant of anyone that isn't exactly like them.


The man who gives George his shirt, then takes George's car (remember, man, we share everything) and wrecks it with no explanation.

The hippies become enraged when George swats a fly - "that fly has a family!  How can you kill it?!?"  George replies, "Oh, you mean like maggots?"

When talking about their policy of free love, one of the hippies says, "Yeah, people are so heavy, they act like sex has life altering consequences."  Then, she pushes past George with her large, pregnant abdomen.

Alan Alda plays the founder of the commune.  Linda finds him at a local diner eating pounds and pounds of meat.  The commune is vegan.  He has been sneaking away to hork down pounds of pork for over 40 years.  While scarfing his meat snack, he laments to Linda that while he has founded a utopian paradise, he wonders if he missed out in something better.


In the end, these selfless, liberal tolerant hippies who share everything, are all going to be abandoned and tossed out on the street by their leader, Seth (Justin Theroux) because he has fallen in love with Linda.  He sells the commune and is going to run away with Linda.  No more sharing for him!

Suddenly, sharing everything isn't so swell when you have something that you really want.  Seth, the pacifist, starts strangling George.

In the end, the married couple, George and Linda leave the commune to continue having a monogamous, capitalist marriage.

The movie is pure genius in the way that it slaughters every single liberal idea and shows that it doesn't work in reality.

It was a nice little bit of sanity for me in this crazy, lunatic world.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Governor Rick Perry

Over the past few weeks, Rick Perry has given me hope.  He has done his job, bringing in the national guard to secure our Texas border.  He has stood up to our lawless president and he is basically doing the right thing - trying to protect his state from disastrous liberal policies.
I was so happy to see this!  So, it didn't surprise me much when I saw that Perry had been indicted.  I did my research, as always.  Perry did nothing wrong.  Look up the tape of what this woman did, you will be appalled. 
I wanted to provide an account of what happened and how bogus this charge is.  This was written by Sarah Palin:
"First and foremost, today's liberals have no shame. Case in point: Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg.
Lehmberg was busted for drunk driving with an open bottle of vodka in her car after a 911 call reported her endangering others while swerving erratically on the road. The D.A. was smashed -- three times over the legal limit. 
She was a nut job while in custody, disgracefully threatening law enforcement officials and lashing out violently. The D.A. had to be physically restrained. It was all caught on tape. The extent of the D.A.'s serious drinking problem was uncovered, evidence included her purchase of 72 bottles of vodka in just one store alone, in just over a year. It's reasonable to believe she imbibed elsewhere, too.

The appropriate and honorable thing for this powerful D.A. to do -- note, she's the county's chief law enforcement officer and her job is to decide which law-breaking Texans she wants to put in jail - is resign. Governor Perry asked her to do so, which any good governor would do. But because this D.A. is a hardcore Democrat in a hardcore-Democrat county, and Governor Perry is a Republican, Democrats rallied around her and she refused to resign.

Lehmberg's D.A.’s office runs the state’s Public Integrity Unit which prosecutes public crimes like government corruption. Texans were baffled that this clearly unfit official was running a unit with huge statewide importance and they lost confidence in this government oversight unit.

Governor Perry used appropriate tools under the Texas Constitution to urge Lehmberg to do the right thing, using line item veto power to defund the Public Integrity Unit until it could actually serve the public with integrity, under a leader who had integrity. 
According to reports, he reached out to alleviate the Democrats’ fears about her replacement by promising to select her right hand man for the post – essentially giving liberals their desired replacement. All he wanted was for this unfit public official to step aside.

The governor was doing his job in looking out for the people, but Democrats only care about Democrats, and drunk or sober, Lehmberg was one of them. 
Her liberal supporters filed an ethics complaint against Perry, defying commonsense and common practice by claiming he abused power when he publicly announced his intention to veto.
The Travis County D.A.'s Office, still under Lehmberg, convened a grand jury, and – surprise, surprise! – Perry was “indicted.” Remember, a grand jury indictment is not a criminal conviction. It’s the result of a one-sided preliminary hearing run by the prosecution.
I don't worry about Perry, personally, in all this because he'll have a microphone plus millions in people and dollars to mount a strong defense at the courthouse and in the court of public opinion. But what we should all worry about is that the left doesn’t care about the end result, they only care about immediate headlines in their strategy to destroy a person.
Most Americans will only read that glaring headline orchestrated on a Friday night to minimize rebuttals: “Rick Perry Indicted On Felony Corruption Charges!” Once that bell is rung, it’s impossible to un-ring it."
So, there it is, the whole story.  What do you think?  It seems that liberals will do anything to support their fellow liberals, no matter what the person does wrong.  I am worried and I think that you should be, too.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy Birthday, Uncle Bwooks

This blog is for a reader, Brooks.

Brooks is very high up in the Democratic National Committee.  If you want more info, you gotta look it up.

Brooks is black.

I am white (duh, redneck.)

He is my step-brother.

Our parents have been married for almost 28 years.

When they married, Brooks was 8 and I was 16.  So, we really didn't grow up together.  But, we became very close when he was an undergrad and I was in graduate school.  My husband was traveling for work and Brooks and I pretty much raised my older daughter the first year of her life.

One time, when she was a baby and sick, Brooks and I took her to the emergency room in the middle of the night.  He didn't hesitate, just hopped in the car with me and off we went.  As we described my daughter's condition to the nurse, she gave us a lot of funny looks.

When the nurse left to go get the doctor, we looked down at ourselves and laughed until we cried.  He was wearing reindeer pj pants and I was wearing puppy dog pj pants and she probably thought we were a poor, unmarried, interracial couple.

At first, he didn't like being called Uncle Brooks.  I said, "Brooks, wait until she says it."  Sure enough, the first time she looked up at him, grabbed his hand and said, "Uncle Bwooks" he was hooked.

They got a lot of funny looks walking down the street, those two, even in our liberal town.  But, they didn't care.  He helped her with her clothes, "Uncle Bwooks, I got a wedgie."  And stopped her from breaking the law for indecent exposure:

Her, "Naked time!"
Him, "No!" While grabbing her with his big hand.

We love Uncle Bwooks, and we always will.

Brooks started working for Obama back in Chicago and our politics have differed greatly ever since.

Obama's destructive progressive liberal policies will continue to fail.  His disastrous foreign policies will continue to fail.  He will go down as the worst president in American history.

Kinda like the civil war, families were torn apart.  Now, we don't have a reasoned, intelligent debate.  It is no more polite disagreement.  It is the liberal progressive way or the highway.

But, this will pass, I hope.

And, we will still love Uncle Bwooks.

Happy Birthday, Uncle Brooks!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A president who is not responsible for anything

In 2008, Obama ran on a platform of pulling our troops out of Iraq.  In 2011, he unilaterally pulled our troops out of Iraq.  He called this "ending the war in Iraq."

Of course, he foolishly doesn't grasp that the enemy has a vote in war.  And, the enemy has not ended the war.

In 2012, Obama ran again on the platform of "I" ended the war in Iraq.  He proclaimed the unilateral end of the war that was completely and solely his responsibility.

Just before leaving on another vacation to Martha's Vineyard, Obama held a press conference on the horrors that are occurring in Iraq, like the slaughter of Christians.

One reporter asked if the president now regrets pulling troops out of Iraq?

Obama became clearly agitated and childishly snapped that is wasn't his decision to pull out of Iraq and it really bothers him that this tale keeps getting told.  (I am paraphrasing.) The point is - he pointedly declared that it wasn't his decision to pull our troops out of Iraq.


Ok, this is the point when the watchdog media won't let a politician get away with lying, right?  Stellar investigative journalism rocketed into effect in newsrooms all over the country and newsreel montages of all the times that Obama proclaimed his unilateral end to the war were edited to perfection and pasted all over the lead stories on every news channel.


Nope.  This latest, ridiculous lie is left to hang out there.  And, hard-working, innocent people who work and don't have time to piece together their own presidential montages believe it.

So, that is why you have me.

Obama foolishly pulled our troops out of Iraq, without a status of forces agreement.*  He childishly doesn't understand the way that the world works.  He can't seem to grasp true evil.  His political opponents aren't evil - terrorists are evil.  And, he needs to fight them.

*we still have troops in Germany, Japan and Korea, there is a reason for that

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams

In the 5th Harry Potter book, Harry gets smeared by the government and the press.  He is a 15-year-old boy who has seen the birth of pure evil (Voldemort) and is not afraid to speak out about it.  So, the government, which doesn't want to acknowledge problems, engages in an all out smear campaign.  The government is assisted in these lies by a willing accomplice, the media.


In one scene, he meets the slightly odd loner, Luna Lovegood.  She shares that she believes in him and so does her father, who publishes a tabloid newspaper.  Harry expresses his gratitude, but laments that they are the only people who believe him.

Luna says that isn't true.  But, that is how Voldemort wants him to feel, because, "If it's just you, you are less of a threat."  Emboldened, Harry goes on to defeat evil.  You know the rest.

But, what about people who don't get that sound advice?  What about those people who feel like they really are all alone and no one is there to help them.  I am afraid that is where a cherished Hollywood legend found himself yesterday when he took his own life.

From all accounts, Robin Williams was a gentle and kind man who really was not just loved by fans, but genuinely liked by colleagues.  One time, my husband was performing in a show.  He called to say that he was going to be late, I was home with our young children.  When I asked why, he said, "They are holding the show because Robin Williams is coming."  I think Williams said a brief word of thanks to the actors, I have to ask.


Our president, who can't find time to locate the situation room or go to security briefings found the time to comment on the tragic death of a beloved Hollywood icon.

Sometimes, when I see Christians being killed, looting, raping and terror all over the world, when I see able bodied men tattooed and pierced beyond all recognition receiving food stamps, when I see veterans who get no help from the government, I feel very alone.

I feel like maybe I am the only one who sees logic and reason.  High taxes are not good, for anybody.  It doesn't matter how liberals spin it.  Government over-regulation isn't good either.  But, using all of our technology to get energy here is very good.

I am not the only one.  Over half the country agrees with me.  Just because the government and the media are working together to smear everything that I believe, it doesn't make it true and I am not alone.

We need to stand up, we need to fight back.  The first thing to do, of course, is vote Republican in November.  We all have to do that.

And, remember, more tragedies can be averted.  Let's stick together.  We are not alone.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Rock stars

When Bill Clinton took a saxophone and toot-toot-tooted it on late night television, it marked a new era for the American presidency.

It was like, "Hey, I am a rich guy and I have power.  So much power that I can get on a late night talk show with no discernible talent."  It was super cool and a major step in the wrong direction for the leadership of our government.

Clinton was a terrible president, using his power to seduce women and infamously using the Oval Office for his trysts.  But, as he chased skirts from sea to shining sea, he at least had the sense to let Newt Gingrich run the country.  And, Newt did a great job.  Anyone remember the balanced budget, welfare reform, the contract with America?

Clinton has taken credit for all of those things.  But, that is ok, he didn't let the country fall apart completely while he was pursuing his passions.

Obama has taken the cool, rich element of the presidency to new, alarming and disastrous levels.  While he galavants around the world partying with rock stars and playing golf, he has made sure that Harry Reid gets absolutely nothing accomplished throughout his entire tenure.

In a brilliant move of deceit, he blames congress for this lack of progress.  Obama has stated, pointedly, that he will not talk to, negotiate with, or even acknowledge his republican colleagues in government.  This congress that he calls a "do nothing" congress has passed over 300 bills that would address the very real problems that are impacting this country as a result of Obama's disastrous liberal progressive policies.

Those bills are sitting in Harry Reid's desk.  He refuses to even debate them.  The real "do nothing" branch of government is the Reid-Obama branch.

And so, Iraq is in complete chaos while our president spends yet another vacation on Martha's Vineyard.  We watch terrorists behead Christian children.  Our enemies want to wipe Israel and then America off the map.

How do liberals think this is all going to work out?

Do liberal progressives who love Hamas and call terrorists "freedom fighters" understand that terrorist don't differentiate between dumb Christian rednecks and elite, enlightened liberal progressives?  They will kill every American that they can.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

10,000 troops "in the way"

Yesterday, the president did an interview with the New York Times.  During the interview he said that if we had 10,000 troops in Iraq, the situation would be the same only the 10,000 troops would be "in the way."  The reporter just nodded his head the whole time, like one of those little duck toys that bobs its head in the water.

Seriously?  He actually believes that the situation in Iraq would be the same if we were there?  He actually believes that 10,000 troops wouldn't make a difference to the situation?  They would just be "in the way?"  And, a person with a degree in journalism agrees with that assessment of the world?

If we had 10,000 troops in Iraq (valiant men and women who volunteer to put on a uniform and defend all Americans, even idiotic pinhead Americans who believe that America is bad) ISIS would not be on a murderous, terrorist rampage.  Or, if ISIS did go on a terrorist rampage and ran into 10,000 American troops, they would be dead.

This idiotic idea that America is bad and that if we lay down all of he weapons all fighting would cease was perfected in the 1960s.  "Make love, not war!"  (American men are very clever.)

That idiotic notion has reached its pinnacle, it has taken over the White House, the state department and the department of justice.

But, how well is that working out?  The world has devolved into chaos, terror is on the rampage, even after we have disarmed.

Obama and liberal pinheads believe that Islamic terrorists have legitimate grievances and that if we just sit down and talk it out, we can come to an "understanding" and work it all out.

Understand this - terrorists want America to be demolished.  They are coming for us, they have promised.   And, we just keep on disarming, giving the money that should go to the military to the laziest in our society.

Are you worried yet?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tolerant liberals

I think that I have said it all.

The fundamental transformation of America is just about complete.

We have villainized success, taxed and regulated ourselves into a shrinking economy.  Desperate and hard-working Americans are turning to the government for support.  We burdened ourselves with the albatross, Obamacare.  We have slashed our military.

While we struggle at home to make ends meet, the world has devolved into chaos.

We have twisted the truth so that a woman in a sweater set, pearls and kitten heels who attends a Christian church is called a "terrorist."  Meanwhile, people who pose with their faces covered, machine guns in their hands and the heads of their latest victims are promoting "a religion of peace."

Please see the previous 350 or so posts to recap our demise.

But, I want to talk to you today about how this perverted, backwards thinking is playing out in our everyday lives.

My daughter and I know another mother and daughter who live in our area.  We have known them for 7 years and have been friendly for the first five of those years.  Two years ago, the mother found out that I am conservative.  She stopped speaking to me.

Her daughter has stopped speaking to my daughter.

Why?  How would the daughter even know to stop speaking to my daughter unless she was instructed to do so?

This is how the hate that is preached by the tolerant left is playing our in our society.

What do you think about that?

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Happy Birthday... me!  Ha, got ya!  You thought I was going to say someone else, right?

Although the president and I almost share a birthday, unfortunately we have absolutely nothing else in common.

We disagree on everything and it makes me very sad.

All reasonable dialogue is completely gone.  If you are conservative, you are marginalized by the mainstream media and elite liberals as: dumb, or a terrorist.

Yes, I do cling to my religion and my guns.  But, do you know why?  We came to this country to practice religion freely.  For some reason, my religion no longer gets any respect or tolerance.  However, other religions get the royal, red carpet treatment.

I saw a tweet last night with terrorists holding up machine guns, their faces covered and their latest victims' heads stuck on a chain link fence behind them.  Then, I thought of my church and all of those heads bowed in prayer.  Which one is a religion of peace?

We cling to guns because of a tyrannical government.  The government can't take advantage of people who are armed - that is why the second amendment is so important.  Our founding fathers knew that.

Speaking of being taken advantage of by the government - since when do free people have to buy government mandated insurance or be penalized?  That is the opposite of freedom.

Why can't we drill on our own land for oil to become energy independent?

Hamas is a terrorist organization, Israel should be supported 100%.

The IRS should never be allowed to target innocent citizens for their political beliefs.

The US military should be allowed to fly one hour and save our people from being killed in a terrorist attack.

The NSA should spy on terrorists, not American citizens.

The attorney general should not be in contempt of congress.  The head of the IRS should not be in contempt of congress.

The president should obey the law.

Stop raising taxes and stop over-regulating businesses.  Free up the American economy so that people can go back to work.

The federal government shouldn't sue the little sisters of the poor.

And, every illegal alien who walks into this country should be sent home.

Sorry, I got a little bit carried away there.

As the president and I eat cake this week, I do so with a heavy heart.  This country and everything that I hold dear is, literally, being destroyed.

Happy Birthday.