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Friday, August 29, 2014

No strategy

Well, unless you are living under a rock, you know that the leader of the free world has no strategy to defeat the terrorist organization ISIS which is slashing and be-heading its way across the Middle East.

Something of a minor outrage is ensuing throughout the media and both the right and left after this revelation, even though it is a holiday weekend.

But, is it really surprising that our Sesame Street president is totally befuddled by evil?  Is it really a stretch that he doesn't know what to do to stand up to bullies?

Of course not, especially for those of you keeping score cards.

Obama ascribes to the everyone-in-the-word-is-good-except-America-which-is-always-wrong-period philosophy.

As the appointed leader of this philosophy (which has been harbored in the hearts of hippies, tenured professors and domestic terrorists for eons) Obama has worked right from the play book, he:

1. Disarmed (and conveniently spent all of the money giving food stamps to able-bodied men, hee hee)
2. Apologized for how evil America is on his world-wide apology tour and
3. Let our enemies know that he understand how evil America is and opened the table for "discussions"

He actually believed that this would work.

Really. He did.

It is no surprise that he can't understand:

1. Why this didn't work,
2. That real evil exists in the world and
3. Christians, Republicans, pro-life teenagers, and people who disagree with him ARE NOT ACTUALLY EVIL.

I think that even liberals aren't too keen on being killed by terrorists.

Obama might want to get off the golf course and come up with a strategy.  Remember, those terrorists hate all Americans.  They aren't going to spare pot-smoking hippies, no matter how cool they are.