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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More hashtag diplomacy

Have you seen the picture of Michelle Obama with big, sad puppy eyes and a pouty mouth holding up a hand-written sign that says, "#bringbackourgirls"?

So, it has come to this, has it?  We have weakened ourselves to the point that when a terrorist group kidnaps hundreds of precious, innocent, Christian little girls that the only response from the leader of the free world is to break out the Sharpie?!?

Imagine if you had a little girl or a niece or two.  And, she was taken by a terrorist group.  How would you feel?  I can tell you this, I would be looking up to the sky and praying for a rescuer that had an American flag on his or her arm.

No matter what some crazy liberals like to say - the American flag is a symbol of freedom, all over the world.

We are liberators, we are peace keepers.  And, I think that if the Obama administration wants to get involved, we can do a little bit better than this pathetic hash tag diplomacy.

Don't you?

A follow-up to the Meriam Ibrahim story - she has given birth to a little girl, Maya.  She now faces 100 lashes for her union with her husband which produced this child.

In the Middle East, they tie little pieces of bone to the leather whip.  So, on the first lash, the skin is literally ripped from the bone.  If she survives the 100 lashes (to nurse her child for two years before she is hanged) she will be in excruciating pain.

Stop what you are doing - and think for one minute about what this woman will endure - torture, for standing up for Christianity.

What would you do, if you were Meriam Ibrahim?

While we are talking about atrocities, a woman in Pakistan was beaten to death BY HER FAMILY in broad daylight in front of a courthouse.  The family disagreed with her choice of husband.  So, they started to beat her up, then they picked up stones and bricks to brutally kill her.  The father of the victim said that he killed his daughter and he is not sorry - he said that it was an honor killing.

What elite liberal feminist will stand up and denounce these atrocities against women in the Middle East?  Come on - anyone?

Monday, May 26, 2014

The latest shooting

This weekend there was another horrific shooting.  Angst-filled 22-year-old, Elliot Rodger, inexplicably got in his BMW and started cruising around Southern California shooting people.

Why do these horrible, senseless, tragic shootings happen right after the Obama administration becomes embroiled in a new scandal?

Rodger had several encounters with police in recent years.  In one instance, his family actually called the police because Rodger had posted some disturbing You Tube videos.

The police went to Rodger's apartment, talked to him and said that he seemed ok.  In Rodger's manifesto, he said that for one brief moment he thought that it was all over for him.

See, if the police had searched his apartment, they would have found enough evidence to arrest him.

Ok, stop right here, just for a minute.  If the police HAD searched his apartment and HAD arrested him and HAD found his manifesto, taped plans, etc, the ACLU would have sprung into action to release him.

Lawyers would have been hired, sit-ins would have taken place, protests would occur on a regular basis.  I mean, the police would have violated his civil rights!!!

No Holden Caulfield treatment for Rodgers.  Nope, he would be the poster child for police brutality.  Now, in hindsight, we know that if the police HAD searched his apartment (violating his civil rights) 7 lives would have been saved.

But, law enforcement can't do that.  They have to read minds, be telepathic, guess, and not do any actual police work AND head off all psychopaths before they do anything wrong.

Do you see what I am saying?

Elizabeth Warren

Who is this woman?  And, who could  possibly believe that she is Native American?

She was being interviewed (I think by Jon Stewart) and said that all of our current economic problems are the fault of:


Yup, all of our current economic woes are Reagan's fault.


It is universally acknowledged that Jimmy Carter was our worst president ever.  Although, we do have another candidate currently under consideration.  (Jimmy has been an excellent former president, though, love ya, Jimmy!)

Warren said that in about, oh, 1980, our country took a turn in the wrong direction, that turn laid the groundwork for all of our current problems.

Hmmm, let's review, shall we?  In 1980, taxes were high, unemployment was high, inflation was high and our influence in the world stage was low.  We were humiliated by Iran taking American hostages.  Incompetent and shackled by foolish, liberal ideology, Carter was incapable of responding effectively to our enemies.

Oh, that sounds so familiar.

In 1981, Reagan took office and slashed tax rates.  Some marginal tax rates were as high as 90% which he cut to 36%.  Reagan, knowing that government isn't the solution it is the problem, cut government regulation.  He also got those hostages back.

Reagan's presidency, based on the simple idea of less government, ushered in the greatest era of economic prosperity the world has ever known.  The economy exploded.  The middle class grew and interestingly, federal government revenue soared.

Yes, that is right, cutting the tax rate made government revenue increase.

Again, the numbers are there.  They are indisputable.  Our economy was in the crapper under Carter. Reagan turned it all around and created an economic boom.

Republicans simply want to do the same thing - cut taxes, cut government regulation and unleash our economy.

Ms. Warren, the current economic disaster we are in is the direct result of horrendous liberal policies.  Raising taxes doesn't help anyone.  It hurts everyone because everyone who is working has to pay more to the government and has less to spend on the economy.

Vote Republican.

Air show

I went to an air show this weekend.  It was fantastic.  The demonstrations blew my mind - the speed, the skill, the precision that those pilots use - wow!

Also, the place was bursting with patriotism.  Parachuters dove in with a huge American flag, my personal favorite, while we sang the national anthem.

I wonder if the president would honor the flag that way?

There were lots of old guys walking around in their flight suits.  There were very few young guys - which is why they have this show.  Did you know that because fewer people join the military, the US is currently experiencing a shortage of pilots?  That is yet another consequence of slashing our military.

Anyway, I was talking to a guy and he said something about the government.  It wasn't really anything bad, certainly nothing like what I say all the time.  And he apologized.

Remember, we are at an air show in the middle of nowhere, in a place that is oozing with patriotism and he apologizes for criticizing the government?


But, that is exactly what the left wants, isn't it?  They want to silence all debate, private and public.  The RISK that I MIGHT be a liberal was so great that this man didn't want to say anything that could "offend" me.

And, he is right to be afraid.  If I were a liberal, I would have yelled, screamed, called him a racist and possibly had him charged with a hate crime.  Right?

This is how the Obama administration has silenced political debate throughout our country.

And, it makes me sad.

This Memorial Day, remember what we are celebrating - freedom.  Many fought and died for this freedom, let's not give it away to a tyrannical government.  Let's keep fighting for our freedom.


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Meriam Ibrahim

The Sudanese government has sentenced 27-year-old Christian, Meriam Ibrahim, to death for refusing to renounce her Christian faith.

Shackled by her ankles and eight months pregnant, she awaits her sentence in prison.  Also imprisoned with her is her toddler son.

Ibrahim is married to a US citizen.  Ibrahim was never a Muslim, she was raised Christian.  Remember her crime - not being Muslim - a crime punishable by death in the Sudan.

A religion of peace.

But, she is going to be lashed 100 times for being with her husband and then hanged after her child is 2.

That means that we have plenty of time.  Obama could extend the smallest amount of human decency and power.  We could get her out of there.  We could stand up for what's right - for the first time in 6 long years.

No one will forget that he is a tax-loving, freedom-hating, regulation-strangling Marxist liberal.

This will not diminish his communist, income-equality, social-justice street cred one bit!

Currently, we are all vets awaiting horrendous healthcare when we get sick.

We are all also Meriam Ibrahim awaiting a death sentence for standing up for her faith.

God bless Meriam Ibrahim.

Mad as hell!

Ok, so Obama is "mad as hell" about the atrocities that have been committed at the VA.  And, he is going to "get to the bottom of it."  If these things are true (note use of the word "if," there is no question about whether or not the stories are true, people are dead) something bad will happen.


You know, when the IRS scandal hit and Obama said that he was "outraged" and would launch a "full investigation" I actually believed him.

Boy, am I dumb.

I thought, ok, he isn't going to let this one go.  Whew!  He is actually going to do something!

And, boy, did he ever!  The White House buckled down into full scale "stonewall" mode and not one scrap of info came out again.  He then called the scandal "phony," made up by Fox News and finally said that there is not a "smidgen" of corruption.

He is using taxpayer money to do all of this, you know?

Ok, I admit it, I believed him.  But, now, after numerous scandals (see my previous published works) does anybody actually believe him?  Does anyone actually believe that he is going to do anything?


It is a complete joke.  Scandal after scandal, this administration is going to thumb its nose at the constitution, the law and you.

He is never going to come clean about using the IRS to silence his political opposition, he wanted that.  He is never going to say anything about the NSA spying on all of us, he believes that conservative Christians are more of a threat than actual terrorists.  He is never going to address the murders in Benghazi because it will prove that Al Qaeda is NOT on the run, as he said repeatedly.

And he is never going to admit any wrongdoing in the VA because what is happening at the VA (long waits, death panels) is exactly what is going to happen to all of us under Obamacare.

See what we have to look forward to?

Why can't government employees be fired?

Seriously, why?

If an employee at any business anywhere in the country was caught:
Wasting oodles of money or
All-out failing at what they are supposed to do at their job,

That person would be: FIRED WITHOUT PAY.

They would be fired and would have to go find another job.  They would also have to stop lying, cheating, etc...

But, if you work for the government, man, it is a free for all.  You can waste other people's money like crazy and you will probably be promoted.

You can be corrupt, you can lie, cheat and steal.  You can even let people die and, "Oh, well" shrug "That is too bad."  A government employee would never be fired and even if they were put on leave, they would be paid, forever.

Does anyone else understand this?  If someone could explain it to me, I would be thrilled.

Gun free zones

This week a restaurant which proudly declared that it is a "gun-free zone" was robbed, at gunpoint.  I think that it was in North Carolina, but the location doesn't really matter.

The point is - when you advertise that there will be no consequences for attempted robbery, you are inviting robbers to come in and take advantage of you.

Kinda like Obama's foreign policy.

What would happen if a business (or a school) put up a sign that said:

"Personnel armed and trained, any attempt to breach this facility will be met with deadly force"

Would that place be robbed?  Hell, no!  Robbers would scratch that place off their list.  Even angst-filled teens with a grudge and a passion for eternal glory would steer clear of a place like that.

There isn't much more that I can say.  Places where people are armed are less likely to be attacked.


Places that have completely outlawed guns have the most crime, the most robberies and the most murders.

When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.  It is very simple.  Only childish, foolish liberal folly keeps the gun control lobby alive.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The art museum is not free, people

I took my kids to see an exhibit on Pompeii last year.  We had learned about it in school and we were excited to go see a really cool exhibit.

Our local art museum is "free" to the public.  Of course, it is not free.  It is taxpayer funded, grant funded, and privately funded.  I don't have to pay anything when I walk in the door, but, believe me, I pay for it.

It's a nice museum, we had a good time.  When we got to the Pompeii exhibit, I was pretty miffed to learn that I had to pay like 30 bucks for the three of us to get in.

(Don't go see the Pompeii exhibit, if it comes to your local art museum.  There were no cool explosions, there were plaster casts of that one dog and a borderline pornographic film.  So, there was a lot of eye-covering around that part, a lot of crying around the dog part.  You get it, don't go.)

So, as I am shelling out 30 big ones, I mention something about taxes.  Yes, I probably grumbled it in a loving, Christian way.

The smiling college student told me: " Oh, this isn't funded by taxpayers, it is funded by a federal government grant."

My kids' eyes get all big and they started doing that grabbing me and pulling me away from her thing.  Why do they do that?

I said, "Honey, where do you think that the federal government gets its money? From taxpayers."

Of course, she went OFF on me.  Where did that smile go?  And, why do liberals get so snippy?

Here is my point, yes, there is one - some people don't seem to understand that nothing is free.  The museum is "free" only because someone else is paying for it.

We need to teach our children to be responsible with their money and with OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY, too.

See what I mean?  This is why our government is so out of control - they don't care about wasting other people's money.  They think that it is free.  Tell your children, tell other people's children.

Nothing is free - someone is paying.  Today it may not be you, one day it may be.

Tennis, anyone?

Yesterday afternoon, I took my kids out to play a little tennis.  One nice thing about living in the city - we can walk to several different parks with tennis courts.

My kids were on one side of the court, and I was fielding the onslaught of poorly hit ground strokes on the other side of the court.  Outside the fence, which surrounds the courts, I heard someone say, "Can I play."

I actually felt nosy turning around because I knew that the person couldn't possibly be taking to me.  But, I did turn around and there were three teenagers standing there, outside the fence.  I kept playing tennis with my kids.

I heard a second teen say, "What did she say?"

The first teen said, loudly, "She didn't say anything!  She just turned her head!"

So, I said, "Were you talking to me?"

She said, "Yes, can I play?"

I asked, "Do you have a racket?"

She replied, "No."

I mumbled something about needing a racket and continued playing tennis with my kids.

She and her two friends started yelling, cussing and mocking me, loudly, as they walked to a different part of the park.  Then, they came back, sat on a bench right outside our court and loudly cussed and mocked me (I was whistling, so they mock-whistled) for the rest of the time that we played.

Now, what should I have done?

I wanted to say to those young women, "I am a person.  You can't talk to people that way.  It is rude and it only hurts you.". Where did she even get the concept that I, a complete stranger, should GIVE HER MY TENNIS RACKET SO THAT SHE COULD PLAY.

Why would she even consider that?  Would you ask a complete stranger for their possessions?

I have something, she wants it, I should give it to her.  Period.  She actually believes that.  Were did she get that idea?

She got it from our entitlement society that has been preached from the White House and every liberal mouthpiece ad nauseum for the past 6 years.  She was taught this.

Instead of thinking, "I would like to play tennis.  I will get a job in my spare time, instead of cussing out complete strangers.  I will buy a racket with the money and maybe get some lessons."

Nope, she didn't think that - she thought, she has a racket, I want it.  Period.

I still want to tell her that she can work hard and be anything that she wants to be!  But, I can't because you know what I will be called?

Yup, a racist.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The VA

A reader recently cited the VA hospital as an example of good government.  I have to admit, I was stunned and have hesitated to blog because of how ludicrous that remark is.

The government doesn't do anything efficiently or inexpensively.  The horrendous mis-management at the VA is a perfect example of how well the government runs things.

This is a pre-cursor to how all of our health care will operate once Obamacare is fully implemented.

Syndicated columnist and best-selling author, Charles Krauthammer, gave the perfect example of how the VA works compared to how a privately-run hospital operates.  He said that in one of the VA hospitals, 8 cardiologists saw the same number of patients in a week that ONE doctor in private practice would see in ONE DAY.

VA doctors are on salary, they have no motivation to see patients to earn more salary.  Doctors in private practice operate on the profit motive and are motivated to work harder and see more patients.

This is simple communism/socialism vs the free market.  That is all it is.  We used to all know that communist dictators were evil, kept people in poverty and murdered millions of people.

Why, when we have seen the blood bath and horrors of utopian communism, do we keep trying it?


An open letter to Target

After church last week, I rushed into Target to get the perfect (and lovingly thoughtful) gifts for my mother and mother-in-law.

See how thoughtful I am.

I grabbed two potted plants and skibbled over to the check out line.  I tossed both plants down on the counter and waited with my sunglasses, wallet, card, purse and keys everywhere.

The clerk told me the total and I handed her my card.

She said, "You can just slide that for me.  Down there."  She pointed to the other end of the counter.  She then watched as I picked up my: keys, wallet, purse, sunglasses and card and crab-walked to the end of the counter.

Once there I realized that there was no place for me to put all of that stuff.  (And, remember, I was wearing a dress and heels from church.)

She continued to stand there watching me as I put my wallet and keys in my purse, put the sunglasses on my head and swiped my card.

Full of love and Christian charity, I mumbled, "This is ridiculous."

She said, sweetly, "What is ridiculous?"

I replied (equally as sweetly), "Could you have swiped my card for me?"

That did it.  She unleashed a tirade about "procedures" and how they are never allowed to touch the card unless there is a problem.  Another woman came out and piled on.  They went on and on about the procedures, how important they are and what they can and can't do.

I grabbed my thoughtful, loving gifts and took my Christian butt out of there as fast as my dress and heels would allow.

Do you know why I am writing this open letter to Target?  Do you know what the problem was?

The "procedures" that Target has (allegedly) in place inexplicably prevented this woman from using common decency when dealing with a customer.  A customer rushes in juggling keys, wallet, purse, two potted plants with glasses askew and she is incapable of reaching out her hand to help?

And, when questioned, she can only spew about "procedures"?!?

What are we doing to ourselves in this society?  I am worried and I am scared.

Sisters before misters

It seems like I may have said this before:

Hilary Clinton is NOT a champion of women's rights.  In fact, she is just the opposite.

When her skirt chasing husband has an affair with someone, instead of (sensibly) having a serious talk with Bill, she, instead, makes it her personal mission to DESTROY the life of the mistress.

Monica Lewinsky has made news recently.  Apparently, it is an offense to the Clintons that she persists in being alive.

Can someone explain to me how anyone can consider Hilary Clinton a champion of women's rights?


Since our history books have been re-written, I want to remind you of some important points.  I am just taking this directly out of the 4th grade history book:

"Mao Zedong made China a communist country in 1949.  Mao controlled how the Chinese people lived.  He told them they had to work harder.  He said they had to agree with his ideas.  Mao arrested people who were enemies of communism.  He sent them to jail.  This was called the Great Cultural Revolution."

If we refuse to learn about our past, we are doomed to repeat it.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Another day at the polls

Remember last time I worked at the polls?  I was all doe-eyed and super focused on ferreting out voter fraud.

Well, this time, I was a hardened, seasoned poll worker.

Funny how that happens.

The poll worker program is grueling.  This motley band of un and underemployed individuals has to meet the evening before the election at 6:00 to get everything organized and declare party affiliation to ensure that a Republican and Democrat are available for all important matters - counting, dropping off ballots at the board of elections, etc.

Then, these exhausted people (who are now identified as being at each other's throats, politically) have to spend Election Day together from 5:30 am until at least 8:30 when all of the ballots have been counted and returned to the board of elections.

So, I spent the day learning new words for my party (ever heard of a "re-thug-lican?") and listening to Reagan bashing.

Hold on, I have to get a tissue.

But, the worst part about this particular day at the polls was hearing my co-workers lament the problems in our country.  The people who spend 15 hours working for the sake of our republic are hard workers. (Mostly.) Yes, they are doing if for the $172, and their blogs.  But, they really are people who can appreciate working hard.

They were talking about the bus system in our city.  The fares are so high that people can barely afford a bus pass.  And, the routes have been dramatically reduced.  So, a person with a minimum wage job in another part of town has a really hard time just getting to work.

I know why the bus rates went up and the services went down.  Our city leaders (all democrats, who must sit around eating sub sandwiches and just dreaming up crazy ways to spend money) spent billions making one of our major streets a "corridor."  This corridor involved making fewer lanes for cars, a specified lane for buses and cool, new, expensive stations for the buses.  Oh, and they added a bike lane.  All of those old white men in suits patted themselves on the back and then went on dreaming up more new ways to waste money.

The poor people who live in this city CAN NO LONGER AFFORD TO GET TO WORK.  Thanks, guys.

Democrat - raise taxes, spend more money, hurt everyone.
Republican - lower taxes, spend less money, help everyone.

It's so simple.  Why can't more people figure that out?

Since I was a "rethuglican" and couldn't bear to hear anymore snarky comments about the Gipper (love ya, Ronnie) I didn't mention that capitalism could fix every single one of their problems.

But, I did talk about how bad things are in Europe due to over taxation and regulation.  So, I scored a few points before I hit the snack table.

Oh, one more thing about this political balance - there really needs to be a registered Republican and a registered Democrat opening the supplies from the board of elections, checking in voters, counting ballots and giving all of the stuff back to the board of elections.


Well, there aren't enough Republicans.  And, nobody cares!  One person just says, "Oh, I am an independent."  And, they aren't.  That is how poll workers can collude to perpetuate voter fraud - apathy toward the checks and balances that are in place.

Hey!  Where would they get an idea like that?

Monday, May 5, 2014

Stompy Foot Democrats

If you are going to try to unravel the lies that my party tells, I am going to sit out.


Imagine lots of white men in suits with pouty faces and their arms crossed over their indignant chests.

Yes, that is the leadership of the Democratic Party.  Now that we are FINALLY going to get an independent group to investigate the Benghazi cover up, the pouty lips are coming out on the left.

Democratic congressman, Adam Schiff, from California, said that democrats should "sit out" of the Benghazi proceedings.

That is so arrogant.

How did we get a party that is so corrupt that if we don't automatically listen to (and believe) every lie that they tell, they stomp their feet, call people names and when all else fails, take their toys and leave?

We have to know, to truly understand the difference in conservative and liberal thinking.  A liberal genuinely believes that the government is good, the government is benevolent and that the government can do good things and help people.

Conservatives hold the exact opposite belief.  The funny thing is that conservatives hold dear all of the values on which this country was founded:  a government that can give you everything you want can also take everything that you have.

We have a deeply held distrust of government and for good reason!  We left a tyrannical government.  That is why we came here and set up a government with all sorts of checks and balances to make sure it didn't happen again.

We didn't know that someone would study the constitution in order to dismantle it with surgical precision.

Conservatives believe that government is taking and spending other people's money, because it is.  As such, the government is my (and your) employee.  Therefore, the government should do what I say with my money.

Liberals believe that the government can and should take your money and give it to other people because you are STUPID, they know better than you and are going to benevolently show you a better way.

Perfect example - Bill de Blasio, the socialist mayor of New York is going ahead with the ban on large sodas.

I wouldn't even imagine making up legislation on sodas.  People are out of work, people are suffering and a liberal person sits around dreaming up ways to intrude MORE into people's lives.  Not less.

So, back to the Benghazi lying, cover-up scandal: liberals believe that it is ok to lie in order to get their policies approved.  Or, in this case, their guy elected.  They believe so strongly in the idea of big government that they will do anything to accomplish it.  If you point out the lying, they will call you names, then go home and pout.

There is a great chasm between conservative and liberal thinking and I am not sure how we can ever get the two sides together again.

Secret billionaires

Recently, a group called the Democracy Alliance met in Chicago.  The group consisted of billionaire democrats, and democratic politicians.

Their purpose?  To plan their strategy for 2014 and 2016.  How can they do it?  With the support of the billionaires, of course.

Is this legal?  Yes.  Do republicans do it?  I hope so.

But, here is the problem - when billionaire republicans do it, Harry Reid stands on the senate floor and calls it "UN-American."


So, let's get this straight - when billionaire democrats meet with their favorite politicians to influence policy (and they have! Ever heard of the keystone pipeline?) that is ok.  But, when billionaire republicans (specifically the Koch brothers) spend their money it is UN-American.

That is hypocrisy.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tal Fortgang

When my step father, who happens to be black (oh, how I long for the time when we didn't care about that) was going to college, he worked his butt off.  He ran the hills in his neighborhood (the 'hood) so that he could do a better job on the cross country team when he got back to school.

My dad (who happens to be white, please see previous lament) got up before dawn EVERY DAY for 45+ years to work hard at his own business.

Both men have reaped the benefits of their hard work.

I find it absolutely ridiculous, completely ludicrous and downright disgusting that anyone would say that they deserve to have one cent from either man's hard work.

Do you understand what I am saying?  Do you agree?

We used to be a country of hard workers, not whiners based on race.  Who thought this up?  Where did it come from?  How has this thinking, this cancer that is killing our country from within taken root in a country full of equal opportunity, freedom and unlimited reward for hard work?

How did the social justice, income equality crowd succeed in poisoning our culture in this way?  How did this race baiting, class warfare mentality take root in a place where one white man can work his butt off and achieve success while on the other side of town a black man can do the same?

Both are equal, both are the same.  Both have the same right to work hard and achieve personal and professional success.  And, each has the right to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Before you jump all over me, I am not talking about people who can't take care of themselves.  I am talking about people who CAN take care of themselves but WON'T.  When Clinton, the patron saint of all liberals, signed welfare reform in the mid-90s, millions of welfare recipients found work.

When Obama quietly deleted all of the work requirements for receiving welfare, people went back on welfare.  But, he had to declare "income inequality" "social justice" and race as part of it.

I guess that it is easier to look at the color of someone's skin and then decide whether or not he or she should work.  But, when you grow up in a rural, university town where all of the welfare recipients are white and all of the black people have Ph.Ds, you get a little bit of a different perspective.

We all have struggled, as Americans.  We can all work hard, in this land of opportunity.  We are all the same, equal, Americans.

An essay was recently published in the Princeton Tory.  It was written by Tal Fortgang and is titled, "Checking my Privilege: Character as the Basis of Privilege."  Look it up.

Rocky 3

So, when I collapsed on the couch at 9 last night after work, my husband was watching Rocky 3.  He muttered something about "not wanting to watch the news."

?!?!? I don't even know what that means.

Well, he still got an earful.

Remember Rocky 3?  Oh!  It was so good!  Let's take a walk down memory lane and visit the 80s, a time when we weren't a bunch of racists.

In this installment of the series, Rocky fights Mr. T.  Now, as lovable as he is now, in this movie T was a chump.  To defeat Mr. T, Rocky enlists the help of his friend, Apollo Creed.

Race wasn't mentioned once.  Not once.  This is the era in which I grew up.

No one cared about race.  But, today, this movie wouldn't even be made.  Someone would call it racist because Mr. T was bad.

In the 80s, we really were judging people on the content of their character, not he color of their skin.  Mr. T was black and was a real jerk.  Apollo was black and a real nice guy.  That's it.

What has happened to us?

Rocky 3 also has one of the best hard work montages in all of film.  Rocky and Apollo work out to the theme song.  Man, are they in incredible shape.  Rocky wants to better himself so:

HE WORKS HARD!  No one, not even once, mentions that a government program should be established so that Rocky can feel better about himself.  Not once.

Instead of a hard work montage, I guess that a movie today would have a "sign up for government programs" montage.

In just 30 short years, we have gone from a country that absolutely loved the idea of hard work and no one cared about the race of the good guys or the bad guys to one of apathy, victimization and racism.

In such a short period of time, we have absolutely demonized hard work and success,  all in the name of race.

God, please, save us from ourselves.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

6,000th hit

We just blew by our 6,000th hit!

Can you believe it?

Mid-term elections are coming up, we have to stay strong and take over the senate.  Please don't forget the things that have happened over the years.  "Sprinkle" these subjects in your conversations to friends and neighbors.  Let them know that it is ok to channel their inner-Republican and vote conservative on Election Day.

That is what this country was founded upon - the notion that freedom is more important that anything.  We need a real dose of freedom right now.


Border agent Brian Terry died due to the botched "fast and furious" government program that put guns into the hands of violent criminals.  Eric Holder remains in contempt of congress to this day for failing to cooperate with congress.

Benghazi - while our ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens was being dragged through the streets and tortured, we still don't know was the president was doing.  In addition to lying about it, covering up the lies and having very lie exposed, when questioned, Obama administration officials declare that it doesn't matter now!  This was two years ago!  This is all Fox News' fault.

It matters, it was recent, it is not the fault of a new organization.

The IRS, it really is amazing that the president has time for golf.  While covering up the Benghazi scandal, the Obama administration was using the power of the IRS to torture and silence political opposition.  Also, a game changer for the 2012 election.

AND, the administration was spying on all of us, while they have allowed terrorists into the country and freed criminals at their whim.

The Obama administration has engineered a health insurance take-over debacle that has cost billions of dollars.  Healthcare costs are sky-rocketing, people are losing their insurance and the administration has no apologies.  Harry Reid even says that every Obamacare horror story is "false."

The president calls all of these scandals "phony."  Do you think that they are phony?  Imagine what would happen if a Republican did one, just one of the aforementioned things.  He would be impeached, period.

Don't forget.  Stay vigilant, stay strong and vote Republican!

Old, white men

My kids sang at a big festival downtown last night.  It was really nice.

The group that my kids are in sang.  A marching band came out.  There were ballet dancers, tap dancers, modern dancers and a gospel choir.

Sheesh, the only thing missing was Debbie Allen in a beret.

I was standing in line at the bathroom and I noticed the woman behind me, we struck up a conversation.  She said that her boss would be speaking later at the event.

I asked who her boss was.


You would not believe this, I know, but I was as cool as a cucumber.  Then, I handed her the bathroom key and skedaddled out of there as fast as I could.

I told my husband about it.  He laughed, hard.

Not sure why.

Then he pointed out a bullpen in the middle of the crowd.  We were all shoulder to shoulder, packed in like cattle (yum!)  But, a group of old, fat, white men was standing comfortably in this bullpen.

Every single one of them was a democrat.

There wasn't a single young, hip dude.  There were no black guys, no Asian guys. There weren't any women, either. They were a bunch of old hippies (probably) just with their gray ponytails cut off, wearing suits.

Remind me, which party is the party of old, white men?

My inner Gutfeld

After writing my blog yesterday, I felt like my heart wasn't in it.  Could you tell?  I was listening to Greg Gutfeld and for a moment, he was speechless, too.

I mean, what do you say, at this point, about Benghazi?  It was a cover up and now they are covering up the cover up.

Then Gutfeld said, "This isn't a White House, it is a frat house.  It is time for the grown-ups to take over."  (Or something really close to that.)

I love it when he says the exact same thing that I have said over and over again.  Glad he is a fan of the blog, wish he would take my calls.

But, what else can you say, except lament the immaturity of those speaking on behalf of our president?  Like when that weaselly snark artist Tommy Vietor snottily quipped that he didn't know if Obama was in the situation room during Benghazi because he "doesn't have a tracking devise on him."

And, that, it seems, is the end of it.

They can stonewall, not turn over documents to congress, be insanely rude to interviewers ("Dude, that was, like, two years ago!")  I mean, come on, how can this person honestly be expected to REMEMBER each time that he has changed documents to influence presidential elections?

Come on, dude!

So, for this brief moment, I am almost speechless.  Don't worry, it won't last.

Friday, May 2, 2014


I haven't written yet because I feel like I have said it all before:

Four Americans were viciously murdered in Benghazi, Libya by a terrorist attack on our U.S. Embassy on September 11, 2012.

Yes, even though, "Dude, this was like two years ago," according to former White House spokesman,   Tommy Vietor, it still matters.

But, why does it matter?  It matters because the president used the power of his office to cover it up in order to influence the outcome of the 2012 election.

And, the media has just stood by, watching, and allowed it to happen.  No, the elite, liberal media has made this possible.  Charles Krauthammer said, they covered up the cover up.

That is true.  Can you even imagine all of the Pulitzers that could be earned for investigative journalism if a tough journalist would fight through the stone-walling from the Obama administration and get to the truth of this scandal?

But, no.  All we hear from the media is "cricket, cricket."

This is even after the release of Ben Rhodes' emails which clearly state that Susan Rice needed to be "prepped" on what she would say on the Sunday shows.

Jay Carney actually said that the prep calls were about something else.

The snark from this administration is unbelievable.

Let me remind you what the former spokesman said, "Dude, this was like two years ago.”  I don't think the family members care that is was SO long ago.

Do you?