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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

An open letter to Target

After church last week, I rushed into Target to get the perfect (and lovingly thoughtful) gifts for my mother and mother-in-law.

See how thoughtful I am.

I grabbed two potted plants and skibbled over to the check out line.  I tossed both plants down on the counter and waited with my sunglasses, wallet, card, purse and keys everywhere.

The clerk told me the total and I handed her my card.

She said, "You can just slide that for me.  Down there."  She pointed to the other end of the counter.  She then watched as I picked up my: keys, wallet, purse, sunglasses and card and crab-walked to the end of the counter.

Once there I realized that there was no place for me to put all of that stuff.  (And, remember, I was wearing a dress and heels from church.)

She continued to stand there watching me as I put my wallet and keys in my purse, put the sunglasses on my head and swiped my card.

Full of love and Christian charity, I mumbled, "This is ridiculous."

She said, sweetly, "What is ridiculous?"

I replied (equally as sweetly), "Could you have swiped my card for me?"

That did it.  She unleashed a tirade about "procedures" and how they are never allowed to touch the card unless there is a problem.  Another woman came out and piled on.  They went on and on about the procedures, how important they are and what they can and can't do.

I grabbed my thoughtful, loving gifts and took my Christian butt out of there as fast as my dress and heels would allow.

Do you know why I am writing this open letter to Target?  Do you know what the problem was?

The "procedures" that Target has (allegedly) in place inexplicably prevented this woman from using common decency when dealing with a customer.  A customer rushes in juggling keys, wallet, purse, two potted plants with glasses askew and she is incapable of reaching out her hand to help?

And, when questioned, she can only spew about "procedures"?!?

What are we doing to ourselves in this society?  I am worried and I am scared.