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Monday, May 26, 2014

Air show

I went to an air show this weekend.  It was fantastic.  The demonstrations blew my mind - the speed, the skill, the precision that those pilots use - wow!

Also, the place was bursting with patriotism.  Parachuters dove in with a huge American flag, my personal favorite, while we sang the national anthem.

I wonder if the president would honor the flag that way?

There were lots of old guys walking around in their flight suits.  There were very few young guys - which is why they have this show.  Did you know that because fewer people join the military, the US is currently experiencing a shortage of pilots?  That is yet another consequence of slashing our military.

Anyway, I was talking to a guy and he said something about the government.  It wasn't really anything bad, certainly nothing like what I say all the time.  And he apologized.

Remember, we are at an air show in the middle of nowhere, in a place that is oozing with patriotism and he apologizes for criticizing the government?


But, that is exactly what the left wants, isn't it?  They want to silence all debate, private and public.  The RISK that I MIGHT be a liberal was so great that this man didn't want to say anything that could "offend" me.

And, he is right to be afraid.  If I were a liberal, I would have yelled, screamed, called him a racist and possibly had him charged with a hate crime.  Right?

This is how the Obama administration has silenced political debate throughout our country.

And, it makes me sad.

This Memorial Day, remember what we are celebrating - freedom.  Many fought and died for this freedom, let's not give it away to a tyrannical government.  Let's keep fighting for our freedom.