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Monday, May 26, 2014

The latest shooting

This weekend there was another horrific shooting.  Angst-filled 22-year-old, Elliot Rodger, inexplicably got in his BMW and started cruising around Southern California shooting people.

Why do these horrible, senseless, tragic shootings happen right after the Obama administration becomes embroiled in a new scandal?

Rodger had several encounters with police in recent years.  In one instance, his family actually called the police because Rodger had posted some disturbing You Tube videos.

The police went to Rodger's apartment, talked to him and said that he seemed ok.  In Rodger's manifesto, he said that for one brief moment he thought that it was all over for him.

See, if the police had searched his apartment, they would have found enough evidence to arrest him.

Ok, stop right here, just for a minute.  If the police HAD searched his apartment and HAD arrested him and HAD found his manifesto, taped plans, etc, the ACLU would have sprung into action to release him.

Lawyers would have been hired, sit-ins would have taken place, protests would occur on a regular basis.  I mean, the police would have violated his civil rights!!!

No Holden Caulfield treatment for Rodgers.  Nope, he would be the poster child for police brutality.  Now, in hindsight, we know that if the police HAD searched his apartment (violating his civil rights) 7 lives would have been saved.

But, law enforcement can't do that.  They have to read minds, be telepathic, guess, and not do any actual police work AND head off all psychopaths before they do anything wrong.

Do you see what I am saying?