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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The art museum is not free, people

I took my kids to see an exhibit on Pompeii last year.  We had learned about it in school and we were excited to go see a really cool exhibit.

Our local art museum is "free" to the public.  Of course, it is not free.  It is taxpayer funded, grant funded, and privately funded.  I don't have to pay anything when I walk in the door, but, believe me, I pay for it.

It's a nice museum, we had a good time.  When we got to the Pompeii exhibit, I was pretty miffed to learn that I had to pay like 30 bucks for the three of us to get in.

(Don't go see the Pompeii exhibit, if it comes to your local art museum.  There were no cool explosions, there were plaster casts of that one dog and a borderline pornographic film.  So, there was a lot of eye-covering around that part, a lot of crying around the dog part.  You get it, don't go.)

So, as I am shelling out 30 big ones, I mention something about taxes.  Yes, I probably grumbled it in a loving, Christian way.

The smiling college student told me: " Oh, this isn't funded by taxpayers, it is funded by a federal government grant."

My kids' eyes get all big and they started doing that grabbing me and pulling me away from her thing.  Why do they do that?

I said, "Honey, where do you think that the federal government gets its money? From taxpayers."

Of course, she went OFF on me.  Where did that smile go?  And, why do liberals get so snippy?

Here is my point, yes, there is one - some people don't seem to understand that nothing is free.  The museum is "free" only because someone else is paying for it.

We need to teach our children to be responsible with their money and with OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY, too.

See what I mean?  This is why our government is so out of control - they don't care about wasting other people's money.  They think that it is free.  Tell your children, tell other people's children.

Nothing is free - someone is paying.  Today it may not be you, one day it may be.