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Saturday, May 3, 2014

6,000th hit

We just blew by our 6,000th hit!

Can you believe it?

Mid-term elections are coming up, we have to stay strong and take over the senate.  Please don't forget the things that have happened over the years.  "Sprinkle" these subjects in your conversations to friends and neighbors.  Let them know that it is ok to channel their inner-Republican and vote conservative on Election Day.

That is what this country was founded upon - the notion that freedom is more important that anything.  We need a real dose of freedom right now.


Border agent Brian Terry died due to the botched "fast and furious" government program that put guns into the hands of violent criminals.  Eric Holder remains in contempt of congress to this day for failing to cooperate with congress.

Benghazi - while our ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens was being dragged through the streets and tortured, we still don't know was the president was doing.  In addition to lying about it, covering up the lies and having very lie exposed, when questioned, Obama administration officials declare that it doesn't matter now!  This was two years ago!  This is all Fox News' fault.

It matters, it was recent, it is not the fault of a new organization.

The IRS, it really is amazing that the president has time for golf.  While covering up the Benghazi scandal, the Obama administration was using the power of the IRS to torture and silence political opposition.  Also, a game changer for the 2012 election.

AND, the administration was spying on all of us, while they have allowed terrorists into the country and freed criminals at their whim.

The Obama administration has engineered a health insurance take-over debacle that has cost billions of dollars.  Healthcare costs are sky-rocketing, people are losing their insurance and the administration has no apologies.  Harry Reid even says that every Obamacare horror story is "false."

The president calls all of these scandals "phony."  Do you think that they are phony?  Imagine what would happen if a Republican did one, just one of the aforementioned things.  He would be impeached, period.

Don't forget.  Stay vigilant, stay strong and vote Republican!