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Monday, May 5, 2014

Stompy Foot Democrats

If you are going to try to unravel the lies that my party tells, I am going to sit out.


Imagine lots of white men in suits with pouty faces and their arms crossed over their indignant chests.

Yes, that is the leadership of the Democratic Party.  Now that we are FINALLY going to get an independent group to investigate the Benghazi cover up, the pouty lips are coming out on the left.

Democratic congressman, Adam Schiff, from California, said that democrats should "sit out" of the Benghazi proceedings.

That is so arrogant.

How did we get a party that is so corrupt that if we don't automatically listen to (and believe) every lie that they tell, they stomp their feet, call people names and when all else fails, take their toys and leave?

We have to know, to truly understand the difference in conservative and liberal thinking.  A liberal genuinely believes that the government is good, the government is benevolent and that the government can do good things and help people.

Conservatives hold the exact opposite belief.  The funny thing is that conservatives hold dear all of the values on which this country was founded:  a government that can give you everything you want can also take everything that you have.

We have a deeply held distrust of government and for good reason!  We left a tyrannical government.  That is why we came here and set up a government with all sorts of checks and balances to make sure it didn't happen again.

We didn't know that someone would study the constitution in order to dismantle it with surgical precision.

Conservatives believe that government is taking and spending other people's money, because it is.  As such, the government is my (and your) employee.  Therefore, the government should do what I say with my money.

Liberals believe that the government can and should take your money and give it to other people because you are STUPID, they know better than you and are going to benevolently show you a better way.

Perfect example - Bill de Blasio, the socialist mayor of New York is going ahead with the ban on large sodas.

I wouldn't even imagine making up legislation on sodas.  People are out of work, people are suffering and a liberal person sits around dreaming up ways to intrude MORE into people's lives.  Not less.

So, back to the Benghazi lying, cover-up scandal: liberals believe that it is ok to lie in order to get their policies approved.  Or, in this case, their guy elected.  They believe so strongly in the idea of big government that they will do anything to accomplish it.  If you point out the lying, they will call you names, then go home and pout.

There is a great chasm between conservative and liberal thinking and I am not sure how we can ever get the two sides together again.