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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


The other day I got a big gulp.  I walked up to the cashier with my 32 ounces of carbonated goodness and 96 cents.  Since she works hard and peddles large sodas all day, I mentioned that large sodas were banned in New York.

(I didn't get into all of the details, just mentioned the basic issue.)

She said, "Sheesh, isn't that people's choice, whether or not they drink large sodas?"

"Yup, yup it is," I agreed between large slurps.

Something that we have learned in the past six years or so is that American voters are woefully uninformed about what is going on in our country and around the world.  I think it is from busyness and the lack of true, objective news coverage from the mainstream media.  Some may call it apathy.  Of course, members of the Obama administration just call it "stupidity" and rely on it to pass stuff that no one wants.

So, as conservatives, it is our job to take our message of real hope, real change, personal responsibility and freedom out to our friends and neighbors.  We can do this by striking up innocuous conversations, bringing up topics that most people will probably agree with.

Most people don't want people here illegally, only the purest staunchest, looniest liberals want that.  Most people don't want Obamacare or the high taxes that go with it.  Talk about it.  Mention it here and there.

I call this "sprinkling."  We do it in sales, we "sprinkle" information about the company throughout our presentation.  By the end of a sales presentation, everyone knows all of the details about our company and the benefits of our product.

I want to encourage you to sprinkle all day long while you are out and about.

You may find an accepting audience.

People are sick to death of:
-high taxes
-working hard and paying for other people to do nothing
-the outrageous cost of Obamacare, which has landed squarely on the back of hard working middle class Americans
-the intrusion of big government

So, sprinkle away.  Talk about these issues.  We have two more years to sway public opinion that a conservative president is the only way to save this republic.

Get out there and start talking about it.

And now a message from you doctor...

Or mine.  Since we have blown through our deductible, we are getting in all of our doctor's appointments before the end of the year.

So, I went to see my doctor for an annual check-up.

She asked me all sorts of questions.  There was nothing wrong with the questions, but they were things that she knew, we have talked about lots of times over the past decade and should have been in my file.

I was puzzled.  She apologized and said, "I am sorry for all of these questions.  I have to re-write your file for our new, um, system."

I said, "Because of Obamacare?"

She said, "No, um, maybe."

She then explained that there is much more coding that she has to do.  She has to spend lots of time justifying the tests that she recommends and the prescriptions she prescribes to patients.  She is a wonderful doctor and enjoys spending as much time as she can with patients.

Well, she can't do that anymore.  She has to spend more of her valuable time justifying herself to the government.

It is true, that some people abuse the system and that is wrong.  But, she doesn't.  She is a good doctor and she is still forced to give all of this extra paperwork to the government.

There was an ad during the 2012 election.  It showed a person in a paper gown in a doctor's office with her doctor.  Then, a creepy, large, plastic-headed Uncle Sam character slowly rises from below the table to stand between the patient and doctor.

I couldn't get that ad out of my mind the entire time.

I told my doctor about our woes with our high deductible plan.  She said that she agrees with the idea of universal healthcare.

Darn, I really liked her.

But, what she doesn't understand, I believe, is the level at which the cost for healthcare being free for some people is being shifted (unfairly and unsustainably) to the middle class.

Good doctors are being slammed with lots of extra work that keeps them from patients.  This is another consequence of Obamacare, people.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

No more royalty

As President George W Bush (43) makes the media rounds talking about his book 41: A Portrait of my Father, I have noticed some interesting things.

One commentator was talking about the Clintons and how they are "Democrat Royalty."  See?  There it is again - the idea that the Clintons are better than us, different from us, "royal" even.  That isn't how things work in a republic.

I thought about someone calling the Bush family "royalty" and laughed.  That wouldn't happen because members of the Bush family know that they aren't different.  They believe that everyone is equal and would never consider themselves royal or better or different.

I know, I lived in Houston in the 90s when George W was governor of Texas and George H W Bush, the 41st president, lived in Houston, too.  We lived in the same part of town and there was a major thoroughfare with a huge mall in the area.  Never once did the senior Bushes close down that street for their motorcade.  They never disrupted the lives of fellow citizens.  They lived quietly and anonymously right along with us.

One Christmas my brother was working at FAO Schwarz in Houston.  He looked up to greet his next customer and looked right into the face of former First Lady Barbara Bush.  She had left the secret service agents outside the store.  She didn't disturb any other shoppers.  She got her Christmas presents for the grandkids without any fuss and was humble and polite to my brother.

43 calls his father "a man of his word."  43 also says of his father, George (41), "He was humble and quick to share credit.  He deflected attention from himself and refused to brag about his accomplishments.  He trusted others and inspired their loyalty.  And above all, he found joy in his family and his faith."

Why now, after 6 years of the most disastrous and feckless president this republic has ever produced, is this book being published and acknowledged by even the liberal media?

Could it be that we are tired of the opposite qualities in our commander-in-chief?  Read that paragraph again and think of Obama.  He is arrogant and quick to take credit for what others have done.  He always has to keep attention on himself and brags endlessly about his accomplishments.  He trusts no one and, likewise, no one trusts him.  He despises the Christian faith.

Maybe this experiment in having an inexperienced ideologue as our president was a bad idea.

In two years, let's not make the same mistake.  Let's not hire another ideologue who thinks of herself (somehow) as Democrat royalty.  We tried that.  Let's go back to hiring men and women of principle, who will lead the country honorably.

How about that?

Why Sadie cries

Have you ever wondered why Sadie Robertson cries each time the judges praise her performance on Dancing with the Stars?

Here is my guess.  She cries because she is relieved.

Each week, Sadie dances her routine flawlessly.  Granted, there was so much leg flying around in her jive that I couldn't tell where her knees, ankles and elbows were.

But, she is given a routine by her teacher, Mark.  She does each routine perfectly, no matter how difficult the routine is.  She never misses a step, she never misses a beat.

And, each week she is given criticism that isn't always fair, helpful or constructive.  She knows that she has to stand there and take it with a smile.  Think of every 17-year-old you have ever known.  How well would they have taken that?  She is doing a great job of smiling throughout the criticism.

Last week Sadie finally received a perfect score for her trio dance with Mark and Emma.  She deserved it, she danced the routine perfectly, just like she has done with every other dance so far in the entire competition.

Sadie, Mark and Emma lined up to hear the judges comments and Len unabashedly praised Sadie (deservedly) to the moon and said it was the best dance of the night.

She never knows what she is going to get - judges comments are like a box of chocolates.

Flooded with relief and the realization that she doesn't have to smile politely while listening to harsh (and untrue) criticism, Sadie cries.

And, I cry a little bit, too.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The idiocy defense

Me to disobedient child, "Did you do that?"

Petulant child, "I don't know."  "It wasn't me."  "It was my sister."  "Oh, I didn't understand that I wasn't supposed to do that."

See, that is what a child does.  He or she denies that she did anything wrong.  He or she then deflects, lies and claims no knowledge of the offense.

Does that sound like anyone that you know?  In my house, we call this "Obama-ing."  Maybe, I should starting calling it "Pelosi-ing" or "Reid-ing."  It would fit just as well.

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have all built successful political careers on the idiocy defense.  Not knowing anything has really been successful for them.

Pelosi famously said that we have to pass the bill (Obamacare) to find out what is in it.

Now, after Jonathan Gruber, the architect of Obamacare has been repeatedly caught on tape calling American voters "stupid" she feigns ignorance of even knowing who he is!

And, they call us stupid?  How does she possibly think she can get away with this?

Oh, yeah.  Liberals can get away with anything.  They can even lie and call voters stupid and nothing will ever happen.

We are not stupid, we knew all along that adding a layer of government to anything would never reduce its cost, only raise it.  When clear, concise points like this are enunciated by conservatives, logical, reasonable tolerant liberals shout:

"Racist!" "Terrorists!" "Arsonist!" "Stupid!"

We voted and the country has turned red from sea to shining sea.  Did this wake-up call do anything to change our liberal progressive leaders?

Nope.  We have petulant children running the country.

It is hurting hard-working, ordinary Americans.  Now, amnesty for illegal aliens is being shoved down our throats.

Amnesty for millions of illegal aliens will hurt the middle class the most.  The middle class is being destroyed by Obama's punishing taxes including Obamacare (remember the $9,000 deductible) and paying for benefits for all of those illegal aliens.  Or worse, middle Americans will lose their jobs to all of those illegal aliens.

Obama is a petulant child, but he does know what he is doing, just like my children do.  He knows that his policies are hurting middle-class Americans.

But, we wouldn't let our children get away with being bad by pretending ignorance.

Will our liberal progressive leaders continue to get away with the idiocy defense?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Proud to be an American

Proud to be an American

Unlike Michelle Obama, I have always been proud to be an American.  It started when I was a little redneck in school.  Remember learning about how we protested unfair taxation without representation by throwing all of the English tea in the Boston Harbor?

That was so cool.  I was hooked.

I remember learning about how, by being clever and resilient, we defeated the British and gained our freedom.  My little heart swelled with American pride.

How has a nation of immigrants who left native lands to escape government tyranny and find religious freedom been taken in by the lies of our tyrannical, liberal oppressive government?

I just can't figure it out.

But, last night, my bruised and battered heart swelled with American pride once again.  Why? I watched "The Man who Shot Usama bin Laden."  The show profiled Robert O'Neill, the member of seal team 6 who shot and killed Usaba bin Laden.

(The reporter who got the interview with O'Neill is Peter Doocy.  Way to go, Doocy!  Hitting it out of the park the first time you step up to the plate.)

In the interview O'Neill described the training that he endured to become a member of the elite fighting squad, seal team 6.  He had that swagger that is an amiable mix of humility and pride.  He was humble because he knows his limitations and that he is only one in a team.  But, he was proud because he knows that his cause is noble.  He fights for what is right and he fights to rid the world of evil.

Like Usama bin Laden.

Sitting there in my couch in my Hobbit slippers with Kitten-kitten on my lap, I remembered how it felt to be proud of my country.

Sometimes, it is hard to remember.  We have had an administration that has told us for the past 6 years that we are bad.  Don't you believe it.

Oh, yeah and be sure to watch "The Man who Shot Usama bin Laden."  Maybe you will feel proud, too.

Obamacare open enrollment

Today, I am establishing a relationship with a primary care physician.  That doesn't seem like a big deal, does it?

But, it is a huge deal.  Insurance no longer pays for well visits to primary care physicians.

Thank you, Obama!

Every year, I get sick.  Dozens of well-meaning friends and family members implore me to go to the doctor.  I call, every year, and can't get an appointment for three weeks.  I also am told that the appointment will be paid in full by me and applied to my deductible.

Every year, I wait for three weeks to get better and save hundreds of dollars.

So, why can I get a primary physician now?

Well, last summer, I was walking my dog.  A kitty was hanging by its little front paws from a tree.  I caught it as it fell.  It bit me and I had to be on IV antibiotics in the hospital for 3 1/2 days.  (See "Cat Scratch Fever" in my previously published works.)

I was pretty happy to be alive until we got the hospital bill.  Our out of pocket cost - $5,720.  I spent weeks talking to everyone that I could get on the phone from the insurance company and the hospital.  I explained that insurance is so that you DON'T have to pay huge, life-changing bills in the event of an accident.

They all agreed, they all understood.  But, this is how our healthcare system works now under Obamacare.

People like me pay hundreds of dollars a month in insurance premiums.  In the event that we have an accident or actually need to use the insurance, we are hit with deductibles that are so high, no one could ever afford them.

Except Nancy Pelosi.

One nice person explained that we were getting off easy - we are actually liable for a $9,000 deductible.

Sure enough, my husband had an unfortunate accident a few months later and we blew through the remainder of that deductible.  Now I can get a primary care physician.  Yippee.

Obamacare open enrollment is starting soon.  The president is going around the country telling Americans that we are still just too stupid to understand liberal progressive policies.  If he could just sell it better and get it through our thick heads, we would be falling all over ourselves to become good liberal progressives.

But, nothing could be farther from the truth.  Americans aren't stupid.  We tried liberal progressive policies.  In fact, we have had them shoved down our throats for 6 years.

They don't work and we don't like them.  Here is a clear and concise example - hard-working, middle-American families of four now have to spend $9,000 a year in deductibles just to use the insurance that we pay for.

Who would want that?  Not me and not the majority of Americans.

Who can't get that through his thick head?


It ain't just a river in Egypt

So, the president is in complete denial about the total smack down that he and his liberal policies received on Tuesday's election.

Inexplicably, a 1 point win for him in the presidential election is a "mandate."  But, a total landslide for Republicans across the country in both state and federal elections doesn't mean much.

"They had a good night," the president quipped.

But, will the thumping that the Democrats and their America-killing progressive liberals policies received change him at all?

No way!

He isn't going to change who he is, not even a smidgen.

'Cause, you know, 2/3 of the population didn't vote.  So, of course, they all stayed home watching Game of Thrones in complete support of his policies.


I have written about this endlessly on the blog.  Liberals are in love with ideas.  Reality?  Not so much.

Liberals love high taxes, wealth re-distribution and government take-over of healthcare (and anything else they can get their hands on.) It doesn't matter that high taxes kill the economy, wealth re-distribution hurts the middle class and the government can't run anything competently, even the government!

Liberals love it all anyway.

But, the people who are being hurt by all of the disastrous liberal policies of the last six years are feeling the effects, even if Washington bureaucrats aren't.

And, they voted.  Big time.

It is time to lower taxes on everyone and everything.  It is time to roll back government regulation.  It is time to re-insert work requirements in welfare.  It is time to open the Keystone Pipeline so that we can all heat our homes this winter.  It is time to stop the EPA from killing the coal industry.  It is time to defund Obamacare.

It is time to stop Obama and his liberal progressive polices.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


I saw an article that said something about ending Washington's gridlock now that Republicans are in charge of both the house and the senate.

It is laughable to even think that the president will deviate even one smidgen from his current policies.

Remember when Harry Reid and Barack Obama forced the government to shut down?  Not only would they not compromise, they wouldn't even negotiate or speak to Republicans at all about cutting spending.

No, they had to raise the debt ceiling and said that Republicans, who were merely asking for some spending cuts, were "terrorists" with "guns at our heads" and "bombs strapped to their chests."


Then, they blamed the shutdown on the Republicans and they actually got away with it!

Before Obama called it "unpatriotic" to oppose raising the debt ceiling, he had this to say:

"The fact hat we are here today to debate raising America's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure.  It is a sign that the U.S. Government can not pay its own bills.  It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our government's reckless fiscal policies.  Increasing America's debt weakens us domestically and internationally.  Leadership means that, 'the buck stops here.' Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren.  American has a debt problem and a failure of leadership.  Americans deserve better." Senator Barack Obama, 2006

Any journalist could point out this little inconsistency.  If a Republican made the same 180 degree turn in position, you would hear about it non-stop.

It has become fashionable now, for Obama to call this congress a "do nothing" congress.  Again, nothing could be farther from the truth.  The house has passed somewhere around 300 bills, including little things like budgets.

Every single one is sitting on Harry Reid's desk.  Or maybe he props his feet on them.  Perhaps, he is using the bills to fashion new office furniture or maybe he used them to make a fire on chilly Vegas nights.

He certainly hasn't brought them to the floor of the senate for a vote.

Again, the fault of gridlock or doing nothing is 100% firmly, squarely on the shoulders of Harry Reid and Barack Obama.

I hope that Mitch McConnell takes up that legislation and forces Obama to do something other than golf.

The American people have spoken out against the disastrous liberal policies of the Obama administration.  Will he ignore us forever?  Or will he continue the gridlock in Washington that is of his own doing?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Tides are Turning

So, I spent Election Day at the polls.  I worked with the same liberal democrat, again.  We worked side-by-side, tirelessly and efficiently processing almost 300 voters over a 15-hour period.

We never had a cross word, we worked through problems and issues amicably and reasonably.  It was exactly how congress should work.

Yes, she calls me a re-thug-lican and I call her a demo-rat.  But, that is no reason that we can't work together despite our differences.

Interestingly, this time there were 3 more issues on our ballot to raise taxes, yet again.

This liberal democrat has become completely disillusioned by our liberal local government and its mismanagement of our tax dollars.

As our taxes go up and up with fewer and fewer services, she lamented, "When will it ever end?"

I mentioned that some liberals believe that all income should go to the government for re-distribution.

She, wisely, said that the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer and the middle class is getting squeezed out.  She said that our tax burden is so high that people can't afford the taxes.

I just looked at her, patted her on the shoulder and said, "Welcome to my world."

She expressed her disgust with Obamacare.  Yes, it is free for some people.  But only because she has to pay $200 a month in premiums and then has to pay 5 or 6 thousand in deductibles before she can even use the insurance.  After that, insurance only pays 80/20.  She said that people can't afford that cost.  She is barely making it, paying more than she can afford all so that someone else can pay nothing.

She works hard and has to pay more for everything.  She can't afford it.  Meanwhile, some people don't work and inexplicably get some of her hard-earned money.

Can you see why the Republicans had victories all over the country?  People are fed up.  Even liberal democrats can see that they can't afford to pay for everyone else and still have enough to, like, eat.

We talked about how my family used to eat out once a month.  When Obama's 2% payroll tax increase went into effect moments after he was re-elected, our family felt that.  We stopped going out to eat once a week.  That is $200 less a month that we spend eating out because we don't have that money anymore.

We talked about the economic ramifications for that - what if everyone stops eating out?  All of those restaurants will go out of business.  All of those business owners will lose their businesses, and probably their life savings.  All of the workers will lose their jobs.

And all of that will happen, eventually, as we continue to raise taxes.  Raising taxes HURTS everyone.  Lowering taxes helps everyone.  Oddly, even government revenue increases when tax rates are lowered.

Taxes and regulation are killing the economy and destroying the middle class.  Even liberal democrats can see that and can feel the effects of theses disastrous policies on hard-working Americans.

A Win in the War on Christmas

Last year, I went to Bath and Body Works to get my Christmas on and was shocked.  They outdid themselves to say any word other than the word Christmas.  Here is a list of the fragrance names:

Merry Cookie,
Merry Marshmallow,
Vanilla Bean Noel,
Twisted Peppermint,
Frosted Plum Berry,
And Candy Cane Bliss

(For full story, please see Demand More Christmas, part 2)

So, last year, I LOVINGLY complained to the clerk.  She agreed that the store could at least use the word Christmas.

Today, I went to Bath and Body Works and nearly fell out.  A huge sign stretched across the front of the store said:

"The Perfect Christmas Scent"

I think my 10-year-old cried a little.

We stocked up on lots of Christmas-y sounding scents that will carry us right up to Christmas.  We happily told the clerk that we thought it was nice that the store used the word "Christmas."  The clerk giggled and said, "Yeah, well it IS Christmas, right?"

Yes, ma'am, it is.

Run, don't walk to Bath and Body Works and show your support for their decision to proudly say the word "Christmas" to describe a holiday that 90% of the country celebrates.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

My final plea

This was published last Monday on and it worked!  Please see your local election results to determine the amount of landslide...

After my article about wasting your vote on a third party candidate, I got your message loud and clear.  You are fully prepared to sit at home on your principles and not vote.  Or, you are completely ready to waste your vote on a third party candidate that has no chance of winning.

I get it.

But, I can't stress enough that this strategy is a formula for defeat.  Didn't you learn anything from 2012?  Principled, opinionated Republicans stayed home because Romney wasn't conservative enough.

What did that get us?

-A department of justice that is anything but just
-The IRS torturing conservatives
-The NSA spying on innocent Americans, not terrorists
-Obamacare that is destroying the greatest healthcare system the world has eve known
-More tax-raising, economy-strangling, job-killing liberal policies that destroy the ability of the free market to work.  Look at our liberal Utopias in the US: Chicago and Detroit.  Is that what you want for our country?
-Worst of all, the Obama administration seems to have lost all desire to safe guard  American citizens
at all, our southern border is open, terrorists are here and Ebola is here.

You have your opinion, your candidate isn't conservative enough.  As I said before, I get it.  But, please vote for the conservative anyway.  Once we have control of the house and senate, we can maybe undo some of the disastrous policies of the Obama administration.

Maybe we could even open the Keystone Pipeline.

Once your conservative candidate is elected, you can give him or her a tongue-lashing.  You sure know how to give me one.


By the way, do you type to your mother on that keyboard?

Save it for the conservative elected official.  I will go with you!  We will give him or her a talking to about how conservative he or she needs to be to keep that cushy government job.


Here is what you will get with the conservative candidate, at least:

-a belief in the free market
-a desire to secure our borders and beef up our military
-the common sense to keep Ebola victims out of our country.

Ok, who is with me?  Go out there and push the big "R" on November 4.  You can do it, your country needs you.

Saturday, November 8, 2014


What if someone told you that you couldn't do anything that you wanted to do in America?  What if someone told you that you were somehow, less - that you couldn't do what you wanted without help.  What if someone told you that one group of people had more than you did and it wasn't fair?  What if they told you that you deserve what someone else has and that you should take it?

You might start to believe it.

That is exactly what the Democrat party does to any minority and to women.  They condescend to help those who couldn't succeed otherwise (in their opinion.)

Is that insulting or what?  And, here is the irony, look around, the leaders of the Democrat party are all old, white men.

I was at an event downtown and in the middle of the crowd there was a bullpen. In it were all old, fat, white men.  (No offense to old, fat, white men.  I love you guys.  I just don't like hypocritical ones, like, you know, Democrats.) Then, I started to recognize them - they were all Democratic politicians.

The Democrat party works tirelessly to keep people in comfortable, government poverty so that they can never truly get ahead or succeed.  They devote all of their efforts to making rules and laws for OTHER people, not for THEM.

Who has a war on women?  Who wants to help poor people or black people?

Look at Hilary Clinton.  She is a champion for women, right?  What about Christian women or women who choose to stay home and take care of their children? She mocks those women.  And, holy moly, if a women is someone her husband wants to sleep with, that women deserves a full throttle assault.

The Democrat party further degrades and insults women by the idiotic notion that we have nothing on our minds other than reproductive health.  Just because it is the only thing on their minds...

The Democrat "helps" but not out of true compassion for people.  They truly believe that women and minorities are unable to succeed without government intervention.

So, they impose government, which, ironically, continues the vicious cycle of keeping people from succeeding.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Personal responsibility = Freedom

Personal responsibility will always be indelibly linked to freedom.

I live in the city and have to pay taxes to my city.  In return, a nice man takes away my trash every week.

Could I "opt out" of this system and stop paying my taxes?  Nope.  What if I started burning my trash in my backyard?  I would get tickets and would eventually be put in jail.

See?  I have given the government some of the responsibility for my life and the government is now in charge of that.  It is ok with trash and even some other things.  But, once we start applying the government standard to everything, it is not so ok anymore.

What if I don't want the government to be in charge of healthcare?  They don't do a good job of running anything.  Waste of taxpayer dollars is rampant, I prefer for the medical profession to be run privately.  Can I say, "No, thank you.  I prefer the healthcare system to be left alone."  No way.  The government is taking over and there isn't anything that I can say or do to stop it.

My socialist friends and readers, take your meds and look around.  No government-run healthcare system has ever been able to hold a candle to America's private system.  Long wait times, poor care, even death is reported constantly in Great Britain's National Health Service, which liberals hold up as a shining example of the perfect government-run system.

Don't they care that people are, like, dying?

Yes, wages are higher in socialist countries that have lots of "free stuff" like Sweden.  Apparently, fast food workers make 20 an hour in Sweden.

But, let's apply to that some facts.  I have a friend from England who says that every dollar earned in the UK is taxed at 39% and 16% goes straight to the NHS.  Everyone pays the tax.  Low wage workers are not exempt.  Teenagers are not exempt.  Everyone pays the tax.

When I was living in Germany, one of the family members worked for the German military.  His marginal tax rate was 75%.  Of each dollar he made, 75 cents went to the government and he got to keep the other 25 cents.

Where is the incentive to work?  Why would anyone work hard when they will never get ahead?  Doesn't it sound better to just relax and let the government take care of you?

By his own admission, my English friend says that it is easier to live here.  Why?  Because you get to keep more of the money that you earn.

Using a conservative calculation, let's think about how much the fast food worker in Sweden, who makes 20 an hour, actually gets to take home.  I would bet that the take home pay is around 10 an hour.


You can call that "taking care of the citizens" if you like.  But, since the government takes money without permission, wastes it and spends it, even in ways that the citizens don't like, I call that "tyranny."

Yes, there are some socialist benefits attached.  But, they are just that, poorly run, government systems.

Americans, we have to wake up.  The idea that the state should take over our lives as a matter of course has got to be stopped.  The ludicrous idea that it is somehow the responsibility of government or that it is somehow compassionate and helpful is well, ludicrous.

Private companies, capitalism and the free market have lifted more people out of poverty than all of the government programs thought up by liberals combined.  (Reagan said something like that.)

The government does "look after the well being of its citizens" in socialist countries. But, it does so, only after making its citizens so poor that they can't afford to take care of themselves.  The elite class sees no difference in their lifestyle.

There is no more personal responsibility and no more freedom.