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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Why Sadie cries

Have you ever wondered why Sadie Robertson cries each time the judges praise her performance on Dancing with the Stars?

Here is my guess.  She cries because she is relieved.

Each week, Sadie dances her routine flawlessly.  Granted, there was so much leg flying around in her jive that I couldn't tell where her knees, ankles and elbows were.

But, she is given a routine by her teacher, Mark.  She does each routine perfectly, no matter how difficult the routine is.  She never misses a step, she never misses a beat.

And, each week she is given criticism that isn't always fair, helpful or constructive.  She knows that she has to stand there and take it with a smile.  Think of every 17-year-old you have ever known.  How well would they have taken that?  She is doing a great job of smiling throughout the criticism.

Last week Sadie finally received a perfect score for her trio dance with Mark and Emma.  She deserved it, she danced the routine perfectly, just like she has done with every other dance so far in the entire competition.

Sadie, Mark and Emma lined up to hear the judges comments and Len unabashedly praised Sadie (deservedly) to the moon and said it was the best dance of the night.

She never knows what she is going to get - judges comments are like a box of chocolates.

Flooded with relief and the realization that she doesn't have to smile politely while listening to harsh (and untrue) criticism, Sadie cries.

And, I cry a little bit, too.