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Sunday, November 23, 2014

No more royalty

As President George W Bush (43) makes the media rounds talking about his book 41: A Portrait of my Father, I have noticed some interesting things.

One commentator was talking about the Clintons and how they are "Democrat Royalty."  See?  There it is again - the idea that the Clintons are better than us, different from us, "royal" even.  That isn't how things work in a republic.

I thought about someone calling the Bush family "royalty" and laughed.  That wouldn't happen because members of the Bush family know that they aren't different.  They believe that everyone is equal and would never consider themselves royal or better or different.

I know, I lived in Houston in the 90s when George W was governor of Texas and George H W Bush, the 41st president, lived in Houston, too.  We lived in the same part of town and there was a major thoroughfare with a huge mall in the area.  Never once did the senior Bushes close down that street for their motorcade.  They never disrupted the lives of fellow citizens.  They lived quietly and anonymously right along with us.

One Christmas my brother was working at FAO Schwarz in Houston.  He looked up to greet his next customer and looked right into the face of former First Lady Barbara Bush.  She had left the secret service agents outside the store.  She didn't disturb any other shoppers.  She got her Christmas presents for the grandkids without any fuss and was humble and polite to my brother.

43 calls his father "a man of his word."  43 also says of his father, George (41), "He was humble and quick to share credit.  He deflected attention from himself and refused to brag about his accomplishments.  He trusted others and inspired their loyalty.  And above all, he found joy in his family and his faith."

Why now, after 6 years of the most disastrous and feckless president this republic has ever produced, is this book being published and acknowledged by even the liberal media?

Could it be that we are tired of the opposite qualities in our commander-in-chief?  Read that paragraph again and think of Obama.  He is arrogant and quick to take credit for what others have done.  He always has to keep attention on himself and brags endlessly about his accomplishments.  He trusts no one and, likewise, no one trusts him.  He despises the Christian faith.

Maybe this experiment in having an inexperienced ideologue as our president was a bad idea.

In two years, let's not make the same mistake.  Let's not hire another ideologue who thinks of herself (somehow) as Democrat royalty.  We tried that.  Let's go back to hiring men and women of principle, who will lead the country honorably.

How about that?