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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Win in the War on Christmas

Last year, I went to Bath and Body Works to get my Christmas on and was shocked.  They outdid themselves to say any word other than the word Christmas.  Here is a list of the fragrance names:

Merry Cookie,
Merry Marshmallow,
Vanilla Bean Noel,
Twisted Peppermint,
Frosted Plum Berry,
And Candy Cane Bliss

(For full story, please see Demand More Christmas, part 2)

So, last year, I LOVINGLY complained to the clerk.  She agreed that the store could at least use the word Christmas.

Today, I went to Bath and Body Works and nearly fell out.  A huge sign stretched across the front of the store said:

"The Perfect Christmas Scent"

I think my 10-year-old cried a little.

We stocked up on lots of Christmas-y sounding scents that will carry us right up to Christmas.  We happily told the clerk that we thought it was nice that the store used the word "Christmas."  The clerk giggled and said, "Yeah, well it IS Christmas, right?"

Yes, ma'am, it is.

Run, don't walk to Bath and Body Works and show your support for their decision to proudly say the word "Christmas" to describe a holiday that 90% of the country celebrates.