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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


It ain't just a river in Egypt

So, the president is in complete denial about the total smack down that he and his liberal policies received on Tuesday's election.

Inexplicably, a 1 point win for him in the presidential election is a "mandate."  But, a total landslide for Republicans across the country in both state and federal elections doesn't mean much.

"They had a good night," the president quipped.

But, will the thumping that the Democrats and their America-killing progressive liberals policies received change him at all?

No way!

He isn't going to change who he is, not even a smidgen.

'Cause, you know, 2/3 of the population didn't vote.  So, of course, they all stayed home watching Game of Thrones in complete support of his policies.


I have written about this endlessly on the blog.  Liberals are in love with ideas.  Reality?  Not so much.

Liberals love high taxes, wealth re-distribution and government take-over of healthcare (and anything else they can get their hands on.) It doesn't matter that high taxes kill the economy, wealth re-distribution hurts the middle class and the government can't run anything competently, even the government!

Liberals love it all anyway.

But, the people who are being hurt by all of the disastrous liberal policies of the last six years are feeling the effects, even if Washington bureaucrats aren't.

And, they voted.  Big time.

It is time to lower taxes on everyone and everything.  It is time to roll back government regulation.  It is time to re-insert work requirements in welfare.  It is time to open the Keystone Pipeline so that we can all heat our homes this winter.  It is time to stop the EPA from killing the coal industry.  It is time to defund Obamacare.

It is time to stop Obama and his liberal progressive polices.