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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


The other day I got a big gulp.  I walked up to the cashier with my 32 ounces of carbonated goodness and 96 cents.  Since she works hard and peddles large sodas all day, I mentioned that large sodas were banned in New York.

(I didn't get into all of the details, just mentioned the basic issue.)

She said, "Sheesh, isn't that people's choice, whether or not they drink large sodas?"

"Yup, yup it is," I agreed between large slurps.

Something that we have learned in the past six years or so is that American voters are woefully uninformed about what is going on in our country and around the world.  I think it is from busyness and the lack of true, objective news coverage from the mainstream media.  Some may call it apathy.  Of course, members of the Obama administration just call it "stupidity" and rely on it to pass stuff that no one wants.

So, as conservatives, it is our job to take our message of real hope, real change, personal responsibility and freedom out to our friends and neighbors.  We can do this by striking up innocuous conversations, bringing up topics that most people will probably agree with.

Most people don't want people here illegally, only the purest staunchest, looniest liberals want that.  Most people don't want Obamacare or the high taxes that go with it.  Talk about it.  Mention it here and there.

I call this "sprinkling."  We do it in sales, we "sprinkle" information about the company throughout our presentation.  By the end of a sales presentation, everyone knows all of the details about our company and the benefits of our product.

I want to encourage you to sprinkle all day long while you are out and about.

You may find an accepting audience.

People are sick to death of:
-high taxes
-working hard and paying for other people to do nothing
-the outrageous cost of Obamacare, which has landed squarely on the back of hard working middle class Americans
-the intrusion of big government

So, sprinkle away.  Talk about these issues.  We have two more years to sway public opinion that a conservative president is the only way to save this republic.

Get out there and start talking about it.