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Friday, March 28, 2014

Liberal groveling

I just watched footage of Obama meeting with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

The king was sitting back, his arms were spread wide.  He was relaxed.  His body language showed power, strength and he was clearly at ease.

The president of the United States sat hunched over, leaning toward the king.  He looked uncomfortable, ill at ease and subservient.

It literally made me sick.

It is time to remember the screaming liberals chanting, "no war for oil!"  Well, what about being a sniveling weasel for oil?  How about instead of looking like the leader of the free world, you look like the water boy for Big Bird for oil?

Being weak and submissive is not leading from behind, it is actually being behind.

Once again, I have the solution.  Let's get our own oil and natural gas.  Let's admit that America is exceptional and let's be exceptional again.

After we are energy independent, then kings and presidents of other nations can crawl over here and beg us for stuff.

Obama and all of his buddies can go back to Harvard and smoke weed.  We'll make sure the lights stay on.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's time to stand with Hobby Lobby

This is kinda like Duck Dynasty.  I haven't watched the show, I really don't need to, I can just go home.


But, once the Duck Dynasty family was attacked by the liberal media for expressing their views, I felt compelled to come to their defense.  If we don't protect speech of conservative Christians, what is going to happen (eventually) to the speech of progressive liberals?  Eventually, if we don't protect free speech, we won't have it anymore, on either side.

Hobby Lobby is currently using their own, hard-earned resources battling the tyrannical Obama administration.

Hobby Lobby currently provides and pays for 16 different contraceptives.  16!  I didn't even know the were that many.  Hobby Lobby only opposes providing and paying for abortion drugs.  These are drugs like the "morning after" pill which will induce an abortion.

Hobby Lobby used to be free to provide (and pay for) the myriad of birth control options they currently offer.  But, not under Obamacare. Now, the Christian-based, family-owned company is being forced by our dictatorial government to provide the abortion inducing "contraceptives."  They are not contraceptives, they are murder pills.

Anyway, now that this successful, job-providing company is under a full out assault by the US government, I think it is time that we all stand up and make a case for religious freedom.

I mean, how would an atheist feel about having to pay for my Bible?   It is laughable.  But, it is exactly the same thing that the Obama administration is demanding that Hobby Lobby do.

Remember, they currently offer 16 forms of contraceptives, they only want to be able to honor their Christian beliefs and not provide abortion drugs for employees.  Hobby Lobby has taken this battle all the way to the Supreme Court.  They have gone to considerable expense to fight this.  If they win, it will be a huge step forward for religious freedom and a huge blow to the tyrannical Obama administration.  (If Eric Holder will follow the law.)

Liberals had better be careful, the vast majority of this country is Christian and we are getting fed up with having your narrow world view shoved down our throats.

It is time to stand up for religious freedom, it is time to stand with Hobby Lobby.


This is one of those forwarded messages that I get occasionally.  This one is good...

These three statements tell you a lot about how America's values and culture have changed.
1.  We are advised to NOT judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics.  Funny how that works.
2.  We constantly hear about how Social Security is going to run out of money.  How come we never hear about welfare running out of money?  What's interesting is the first group "worked for" their money, but the second didn't.
3.  The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing the greatest amount of free Meals and Food Stamps ever - 20 % of the people, living in the USA in 2013.  Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us "Please Do Not Feed the Animals."  The stated reason for this policy is because "The animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.

The alternative to Obamacare...

When a sneering, snarky liberal feigns disgust and asks you what your brilliant idea is INSTEAD of Obamacare and says, "What, should we just go back to the way that it was before?!?!?!"

Calmly reply, "Yes!"

I have gone to great lengths to explain that there was nothing wrong with our healthcare system before.  I have read many polls and studies that support this claim.  I have even lived out this claim.  I wanted to post some numbers so that you have ammunition during the 2014 election cycle to share with your liberal friends and the uninformed electorate:

"According to a July 2009 FOX News poll, 84 percent of Americans rated the quality of their insurance as excellent or good, while nearly half feared the quality of their family’s health care would be worse under ObamaCare (turns out they were right). 
Two polls by CNN in March and then August 2009 also showed that more than eight out of 10 Americans were satisfied with the quality of care they received. And in a July 2009 Gallup Poll, 77 percent of respondents said that it was important to have the option to keep the health insurance plan they had." L Brent Bozell 111
So, yes, we should go back to the way it was.  The liberal idea that government can swoop in, throw enough money at something and fix a problem is wrong.  This idea has been tested time and time again.  And, every time, it has failed, miserably.  (Think Western Europe, Chicago and Detroit.)
Yes, we need to go back to the way that it was before.  Adding a layer of government bureaucracy increases its cost, we have seen insurance premiums skyrocket under Obamacare.
Adding a layer of government bureaucracy decreases efficiency - just think of the post office, ok?
Adding a layer of government bureaucracy kills the free market.  Insurance companies have been told by the government what insurance policies they can sell.
That is crazy - that is like telling McDonald's what hamburgers they can sell.
Wait, the government is trying to do that now.
Adding a layer of government bureaucracy kills innovation.  Who has an incentive to create something new, to invest in a new idea when the government is just going to tax it, regulate it or take it?
No one.
Adding a layer of government bureaucracy reduces freedom.  We have seen that played out in every single possible way in the last 5 years.
We need to go back to the way it was.  There wasn't anything wrong with our healthcare system.  And, now, a layer of bureaucracy has:
1. Dramatically increased the cost of healthcare
2. Decreased the efficiency of the healthcare system (, anyone?)
3. Destroyed the free market for insurance companies and consumers
4. Hurt innovation
5. Taken away our freedom to choose our own insurance policies.
Does anyone really want any of the things that I just listed?  Really?
There is an alternative - what we had before.  Go and tell people that.

Michelle in China

While on her diplomatic visit to China, Michelle Obama, her mother and her two daughters are staying in an $8,000 a night suite.

I know, it is diplomatic, blah, blah.  I know, all presidents cost money, yada, yada.

But, no other president has gone around the country saying that we all need to "sacrifice" for a better world.  Then, he hops on a jet and flies to Hawaii for two weeks.

No other president has travelled from sea to shining sea preaching about the horrors of income inequality and then his wife spends $8,000 a night at a hotel in China.

Talk about unequal - $8,000 could pay rent for about A YEAR in most parts of this country.

And, what is worse, the first mother-in-law is barking orders at staff and making a nuisance of herself.  I know that Michelle isn't proud of her country (that foots the bill for her extravagant trips, clothes and food) but, I am.  I want my country to be well represented here and abroad.  I don't want people to see "diplomats" from our country acting in such an undiplomatic way.

As if that weren't enough, Michelle has refused to do any interviews with the press.  Why?  Normally, when First Ladies travel and the entire bill is paid by tax payers, she then has an obligation to do interviews to let the people WHO PAID FOR THE TRIP know what she is doing.

Typically, when a president (or First Lady) doesn't want to give interviews on a trip, he or she should pay a portion of the bill for the trip.


That sounds like having your cake and eating it, too.

But, that "let them eat cake" mentality is exactly how the Obama's have acted since stepping foot into office.  Right, Marie?  I mean, Michelle.

People are struggling to put food on the table because of the enormous tax of Obamcare that has been dumped on us.  People are having to choose if their kids can go to summer camp of if they are going to pay their health insurance premiums.

Meanwhile, the Obamas live the high life, on our dime, while telling us that we are racist, don't pay enough taxes and (for those of us who are successful) we should be ashamed, we have too much.  So, they will redistribute it for us.

But, what about them?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Liberals - still clinging to ideology

Everyone from Jimmy Fallon to Mitt Romney can clearly see that Obama is an ideologue who clings desperately to a belief system while simultaneously burying his head in the sand and refusing to acknowledge reality.

Obama genuinely believes that America is bad and that people hate us because we are bad.  He truly thinks that by getting on Air Force 1 and flying around the world apologizing to everyone, people will then like us.

I mean, after all, he hates America, too.  He understands.

But, what he doesn't understand is that is not how it works.  As Mitt Romney says, Obama is living in a fantasy land.  Terrorists hate us because we are free.  They believe that I am sinning right now because my face isn't covered and I deserve to die for that.  No amount of apologizing will change that.

So, while he lays down our weapons and foolishly apologizes, our enemies laugh while re-loading.  (Or sharpening.)

The worst part of the fantasy is that the Christianity that he hates so much is exactly what is confusing him.

If you are in an aggressive battle with a Christian and you apologize and lay down your weapon, the Christian will (or should) forgive and walk away.  No other religion or belief system advocates forgiveness in this situation, none, only Christianity.  (And Judaism)

It just doesn't work that way with the terrorists in our world who hate us and seek to kill us.  They won't stop, ever, until we are all gone.  They are even willing to die to kill us.  That is motivation.  The chance to get tickets to see Jay-Z just doesn't motivate these people.

Take Russia's thug president, Vladimir Putin.  He is a bully and he is going to invade countries that border Russia because he wants to and because he can.  Shaking a finger at him doesn't do anything.

Even Jimmy Fallon had a skit where the person playing Obama says, "But, Putin, you are forcing people to do something that they don't want.  You can't do that."  On the phone, Jimmy Fallon, dressed as Putin, used a thick Russian accent and said, "Here in Russia, we have a word for that, Obamacare."

We have tried the Sesame Street, Ivy League, pot smoking way - we apologized for our exceptionalism, we are dumbing down our kids, we are disarming.

It is not working.

Now, it is time for the grown-ups to take over.  Grown-ups have to make hard decisions, they have to stand up to bullies sometimes.

Please, please, it is time to send the hippies back to their Ivory Towers.  Let the grown-ups take over. The hippies may be singing kumbaya in those towers.  But, when we totally disarm and the bullies, thugs and terrorists come here to kill us, they will kill the hippies, too!

Wake up, Obama!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The way for Republicans to win in 2014 and 2016

I was talking to a friend yesterday who is not a Republican.  I guess that she would call herself an independent, not really a liberal.

And, she said, "I have turned" or some other code word to let me know that she is now firmly against Obama and on the side of the GOP.

Now, my friend, I wonder how many other independents feel this way.  Don't you?

So, I grabbed a pen and paper and asked her what Republicans need to do to get her vote this November.

Here is what she said:

Everybody knows what is wrong, don't talk about it.  Talk about the successes of the GOP!  Talk about what conservatives do correctly.

And, she is right.  About 70% of people believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction and almost as many want Obamacare repealed.  Now, we need to talk about what we are going to do instead.

This was really interesting to me - she said to explain clearly the platform and plan of the Republicans because:

DEMOCRATS DON'T KNOW.  They don't know what we stand for and how can they?  We are too busy criticizing each other for not being conservative enough, democrats don't even know what a conservative is.

So, my conservative friend, let's sum it up right here and then go tell everyone you know!

We believe in:
1. Limited government, ask your independent friends if they like the government taking over their healthcare.
2. Lower taxes, ask friends if they like paying more and more taxes for fewer and fewer services.
3. Personal responsibility, everyone needs a hand now and then, but ask, do you think that people should get welfare without time limits, without work limits, without drug testing?  Most people will say no.
4.  We believe in some common sense - France doesn't give people driver's licenses who aren't citizens and neither should we, people should also show an ID to vote.  Most people agree with that.
5.  A strong military - we believe in walking softly and carrying a big stick, we believe in peace through strength.
6.  Religious freedom - we believe that people should be free to practice their religion in any way that they choose, even Christians.
7.  Life - we believe in it for the old and the young.  If you are young and have survived liberalism, you might change your mind by the time you are older and are looking at having your Medicare taken away.
8.  The 2nd Amendment - we believe in the right to bear arms because when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns, it is pretty simple.
9.  Securing our borders - no other country in the world allows people to stay illegally and receive benefits.  Where did Nancy Pelosi even get that idea?  I don't understand it.
10.  Energy independence - after all that "war for oil" nonsense in the Bush years, you would think that liberals would be all for energy independence.  But, nope, they hate it.  We believe that we should get our own oil and natural gas so that our economy is booming.  We believe that Russia should come crawling to us, begging us for natural gas, not the other way around.

Be proud of this!  Tell everyone and hopefully, in November, we can take part of our country back.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Clenchy-fisted liberals...

And stompy-foot democrats.

I am not done with Mireille Miller-Young yet.

Just to re-cap, Thrin Short and her sister, Joan, were demonstrating their pro-life beliefs on the campus of University of California, Santa Barbara.  The Shorts were in a "free speech zone."

While they were demonstrating, a professor, Miller-Young, who teaches black cultural studies and pornography, started mocking and taunting the girls.  Then, Miller-Young had two students grab the Shorts' sign.

I just watched the YouTube video of the resulting chase.  The Short girls followed the professor and two students and asked for their sign back.  The professor taunted the girls, her smirking face was disturbing.  She called the girls "terrorists."  She mocked them, saying that she could do whatever she wanted.  Finally, the professor and two (or three, one more student got into the fray) students got on an elevator with the sign.  Short put her foot in the elevator and that is when Miller-Young started pushing Short.

Look it up, you can see the whole thing online.

Ok, so let's examine this.  If a pro-abortion group was demonstrating and pro-life people starting mocking them, what would happen?  The pro-life people might be arrested for a hate crime.

If pro-life people had stolen a pro-abortion sign, there would probably be serious charges.  If a white pro-life person pushed a black pro-ablation person, it would be all over the news, 24/7 and there would be jail time for the pro-lifer.

If I have to walk by a pro-abortion booth, there is nothing that I can do.  They have their right to free speech.  And, they should have their right to free speech.

But, do the pro-lifers have the same rights?  No, and, unfortunately the scenario I just outlined is true. And, the pro-abortion crowd knows it.  They maliciously taunted these girls, they said that they could steal anything that they wanted and even called the Short sisters "terrorists."

Why would anyone call two young women who are pro-life "terrorists?"  Maybe the same people who call actual terrorists "freedom fighters?"  How did we get here?  How did we get everything so backwards?

Well, we have a president who refuses to even speak to Republicans.  The free speech of conservatives is under assault on college campuses across the country.  There is no longer a reasonable, logical debate.  There is the liberal ideology and anyone who does not ascribe exactly to their narrow-minded views doesn't deserve to speak.  In their opinion, any difference of opinion is not allowed.

Who is intolerant?  Who is narrow minded?  If liberals are presented with any argument that they disagree with, they stomp their feet, clench their fists and call people terrible names, lash out and finally, they just run away.

And, our bizarro world country allows it.

Don't do - teach!

This week I watched the movie, "Parental Guidance."  Yes, I am way behind on my movies, but, I am busy.  I am not free to "pursue my dreams."

The movie was really good and it is Billy Crystal's comedic view of many ills in our society from airport security, "Whacha lookin' for their sailor?"  Then, he turned his head and coughed, to child-rearing, "They use their words, they worry about self-esteem, but the only word they never use on these kids is no!"  Billy Crystal says, referring to his daughter's parenting skills.

Hey, is Billy Crystal a conservative?

Anyway in one scene, Crystal complains to his wife (Bette Midler, who looks fabulous) "I don't want to teach, I want to do!"  Because he got fired and doesn't want to take a teaching job.

That got me thinking, remember that old saying, "Those who can't do, teach?"  Somewhere along the way that argument has been completely turned around.

I am not talking about people who teach little kids to read.  I am talking about the professor of "pornography and women's studies" who recently attacked a young woman who is pro-life.

That's right, earlier this month,  associate professor at University of California, Santa Barbara, Mireille Miller-Young approached Thrin Short, a 16-year-old pro-lifer who was demonstrating her beliefs.  Miller-Young freaked out, grabbed Short's sign, pushed her, look it up, you can read all about it.

We have elevated the 'theoretical,' the 'study' of things above the actual 'doing' of things.

Someone who has gone to school and studied to get a Ph.d in women's studies and then has become a professor of women's studies (and pornography, when did people start teaching pornography at colleges?) what practical experience does that person have?  Has she ever had to balance out a register at the end of a long day working at The Gap?  Has she ever made something new?  Has she ever had to make a deadline?  Has her job ever been on the line for under performing?

I am just guessing, but I think maybe not and think that many people who work in fields in academia work only in the theoretical.  They have never worked in the real world.

Unfortunately the theoretical is just that, a theory.  Theories don't always work out.  Lots of liberal philosophies are that way - they just don't work.  (Think Detroit)

Raising taxes doesn't help people, it hurts everyone.  We have raised taxes in every possible way in the last five years, it hasn't helped the economy at all.  In fact, it has hurt the economy because people have less money to spend on other things - they simply send more money to the government and can't go to TGI Friday's anymore.

Punishing the rich doesn't help anyone either.  They take their money elsewhere, stop hiring or close down their businesses.  Punishing the rich hurts lots and lots of poor people.

Liberals have waxed philosophic about universal healthcare for 100 years.  Well, we have it and it hasn't helped very many people at all.  By some estimations, only about 200,000 uninsured have received health insurance under Obamacare, but 6 million people have lost their health insurance.

I could go on and on about liberal policies that sound really good when you are in your comfy office at Harvard, but they don't work in the real world.  Hey, I have, check out the last 250 posts or so.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Overtime pay

This week, King Obama decreed that businesses must pay workers overtime.

It is time to re-tell a Europe story for you, remember it, tell it to people...

When we were living in Bavaria and my husband was singing opera, there was a government mandated "mid-day pause."  It was a required, two-hour lunch break.

You say, "Redneck, what's wrong with that?"  We work too hard, a two hour lunch break is a great idea!

I say that you have been programmed against American Exceptionalism.  The stompy foot hippies are in charge now and if someone has more, they want it.  Instead of saying, "They have more, I will work hard and get more, too."  The liberal says, "He has more, I want it, he needs to be punished."

Back to Europe, the sopranos kept singing during the two hour, government required lunch break.  You could hear them raising their diva voices through the open windows, as the wind whispered through the Edelweiss.

The opera organizers ran up to the sopranos and said, "Zu have to shtop zinging!"

The sopranos looked down their button noses, tossed their golden (or raven) locks and said, "Like, why?"

"Because, if you are heard zinging through ze lunch break, we will go to jail!  It is against ze law!"  And, they locked the doors to the rehearsal building so that no one could get in and possibly break the law.

Are you catching this?  We aren't there yet, but with the latest stroke of his pen, we are on our way there.  If the government demands that businesses pay overtime, he is on the path to outlawing overtime, right?

Here is another Europe story that I told you before - we met some engineers who worked at Siemens. Overtime was outlawed.  If you were caught in the building after hours or on the weekend, you would get in trouble.

Can you even imagine that?  Really.  If you had a job and you were doing it, can you imagine the government telling you not to do your job?  At any time of day or night?

Back to America.  Thanks to the Obama administration's hatred of the free market, our companies pay one of the highest tax rates in the world, 40%.  Think about that when you think about "greedy" business people.  They aren't greedy at all, they are just trying to stay in business and of every single dollar earned, 40 cents needs to go to the government.

Add in the unknown, but astronomically higher cost of health care to businesses due to Obamacare.

And, remember, Obama has been using that pen and decided that the minimum wage has to go up and people who are on salary have to be paid overtime.

Every single one of these policies is a JOB KILLER.  Businesses aren't inherently evil.  Businesses provide us with goods and services.  Because of free market capitalism, we have more choices of goods and services than any other place in the world.

Obama is killing the free market by punishing businesses with:

1. Higher taxes
2. Higher healthcare costs and now
3. Demanding higher wages.

This is not a strategy for helping workers, this is a strategy for putting businesses out of business.

And, when businesses go out of business, how much pay will all of the employees be getting then, huh?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A love letter to the young man who stole a candy bar

I spent last weekend at a right to life convention.

Wow, those people are nice.  I mean it, they are seriously nice.  No one was rude, not even once.  No matter how stupid my jokes were, they laughed, really.  They at least chuckled politely.  It was like, they really, genuinely LIKE people.


Liberals want to kill babies.  They want unlimited abortion and are even pushing to be able to kill babies AFTER THEY ARE BORN.  I think that is called murder. They want to "euthanize" old people.  If they can't have "mercy killings" they will just cut off Medicaid.  Liberals have ruthlessly cut off insurance to 6 million people in this country.  Those people are suffering, either with bills they are now unable to pay or they are going to die because they can no longer receive life-saving treatments that they could afford before the "affordable care act." Harry Reid even said that everyone who has an Obamacare horror story is lying.  Why would anyone lie about that?  Liberals have instituted death panels, which will make life or death decisions for you, the American taxpayer.

Who is looking out for the little guy?  Who is rooting for the working man?  Who is looking out for the American middle class family?

Right to lifers.  And, the kids!  Oh my gosh, I have never met so many lovely, well-mannered children.  Everyone had somewhere between 5 and 10 siblings.  I learned that having two kids is for wimps, like me.

But, I also decided that I want these people to go ahead and keep populating.

So, lots of people had candy on their tables.  Hordes of roving teens would pilfer the free candy as they walked by.  As a well-groomed pack of young men roved by my table, one took a candy bar.  Mine were actually a fundraiser for my kids and cost a dollar.

He didn't know that.

One of the boys came back and asked if the candy bars were free.  I explained.  The young perp came back, put down the candy bar, apologized, and left before I had the chance to run around the table, hug him and cry.

The next time he strolled by, I gave him the candy bar.

Now, you very well know that this story has absolutely nothing to do with a candy bar, or a dollar.

It has to do with doing the right thing.  (Not the Spike Lee way, the real way.) That young man did the right thing.

He was embarrassed, he never would have stolen a candy bar and he didn't mean to!  But, he braved the awkwardness and embarrassment to give it back.  That could have haunted him for years.

Instead, he did the right thing, cleared his conscience and, in the end, got the candy bar.

Well done, young man, well done.

And, right to lifers, count me in.

Hard work - get some

There is a restaurant near me that sells "Italian street food."  Actually, it is a work-arant, not a rest-arant because you stand in line, carry your own food, get your own drink and clean up after yourself.

I really don't know what Italian street food is, but I am guessing that when I am standing in that place, I am just about the only one who has actually been to Italy.

Anyway, it is the Chipolte of Italian food.

Every time that I walk in there, 7 smiling, hard-working, African-American young people are standing there, working the line.

Each one is working hard to earn a paycheck.  None of them have decided to "be free from job lock" in order to "pursue his or her dreams."  (For those of you not keeping track, that is the liberal spin about the devastating job losses as a direct result of Obamacare.)

Here is they best part, they are all really nice.  That is the culture of the restaurant.  The owner, manager or someone had set the expectation that everyone is nice to customers.

And, that is the reason that I keep going back.  Each time, I have received incredibly kind service from different people.

So, that got me thinking.  It wouldn't be very fun to put cheese on a salad for 8 hours a day, straight.  But, these people are doing it , day after day.

Could there be pleasure in hard work?  Could there be a positive affect on people for just working hard and kindly serving others all day long?

At the end of the week, hard workers get a paycheck, ok, it is heavily taxed.  But, it is a paycheck that has been earned.  There is a sense of accomplishment in that.  Possibly, the workers at my favorite work-arant will get promoted or go to school and get an even better job.

This is progress, this is capitalism, this is the free market working at its finest.

Hard work - get some.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ability work

As I was driving to work today, I saw a billboard for MRDD that showed a smiling man working and the caption was "ability work."

Why do liberals think that all of their ideas are new?  With their policies they have destroyed ability work.  But, now it is popular again and so they think that they have a new idea "ability work."  Which we have known all along.

Let me explain.

As you know, I grew up in the sticks.  The small town close to our home was the location of the state mental hospital.  (It was called a lunatic asylum, not very PC.) The hospital was built as a solution to bedlam in Europe.  It was a beautiful, antibellum-style mansion and was built that way intentionally to provide a comforting home.  It was a place of peace for people in need.

The entire operation was completely self sufficient.  Patients were fed, housed and given medicine.  Beautiful flower and vegetable gardens were kept and tended by the patients.

The patients made furniture.  There was a dairy farm which provided milk for the patients.  There was a hog farm, patients collected refuse from the local university to feed the pigs.

In short, people were given work to their ability.

People would picnic on the grounds.  People even got married on the ornamental lake.

(Ok, let me be quick to say - it was not all bucolic and serene.  Some patients were seriously ill.  In graduate school, I was working at the facility, which has been turned into a museum. An elderly man came by to look at the building, he had been an orderly at the lunatic asylum in his teens.  He remembered putting people in straight jackets.  One patient was hoeing in the garden and just reached over and slashed open another patient's leg with the hoe.)

So, this completely self-sufficient operation was chugging along and in the 60s, people decided that what was going on at the state mental hospital was cruel.  It was mean to force those poor people to work.  "How can they do that?" the liberals cried.  The patients must be paid for their work.

So, the patients had to get paid for their work.  And, the state mental hospital went under because it couldn't afford to house, feed, medicate and pay the patients.

Here is the best part.  When the hospital closed, the mentally ill were released into the streets.  And, that is where they remain today.  Poor, helpless, in need of care.  It is argued that our recent epidemic in shooting sprees can be blamed by our lack of care for the mentally ill.

So, who was right?  Was it cruel to provide a home, food an work for mentally ill patients?  Or is it a good idea for people to work, according to his or her abilities?

Ability work.  A bold, fresh, new concept by liberals.

Obama deports Christians

You know, one thing that Hitler did during the Nazi years was outlaw homeschooling.

Children had to be indoctrinated into the state, for "service" to the state.  (Someone else talks a lot about "service" to the state for young people.  But, I know we get in big trouble when we make those comparisons.)

Uwe and Hannelore Romeike are Germans who came to the United States in 2008.  They were seeking political asylum when faced with religious persecution for homeschooling their children.
At first, the Romeikes were given asylum.  But, have been denied asylum by the Obama administration.
Why? Why? Why can terrorists come here, can people with "loose terrorist links" come here?  But, Christians get kicked out.  Wasn't this family just trying to do what all of our ancestors came here for?  To live in peace, practice religion freely and live without fear of the government?
Yup, that is exactly what they were doing.  So, they warrant the full power and force of the US government to sue them and forcefully remove them from the country.
This is scary, people.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


I just can't let this go - the attacks on Condoleezza Rice are absolutely disgusting.

Dr. Rice was asked to give the commencement address at Rutgers University this spring.  She accepted.  The faculty of Rutgers has started a petition to demand that Dr. Rice have the speaking engagement offer be revoked by Rutgers.

Dr. Rice not only was the provost of her alma mater, Stanford University, she is a concert pianist.

In addition to being extremely successful academically, she has had a distinguished career as a "public servant."

Her parents taught her to work hard and stand up for herself.  In short, she is the epitome of the American dream.  Anyone, anywhere can achieve anything that they want, here and nowhere else:


Even a poor, black girl from the south can reach the highest pinnacle in this country.  Or, maybe three pinnacles:

-concert pianist
-provost at Stanford
-U.S. Secretary of State

Why does the left hate this women?


What is the standard for success according to liberals?  Please someone tell me because I truly can't figure it out.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I think I finally figured out what is going on in Russia

You may have noticed that I haven't said anything about Russia invading the Ukraine - yet.

I have been reading everything that I can find, I even looked at a map.  There was the huge green blob that is Russia and a tiny pink blob right next to it that is the Ukraine.

Big green blob, little pink blob.  What is the deal?

Then, I finally figured it out - 18 pipelines run through the Ukraine.  Russia wants control of those pipelines and Putin is going to take over the Ukraine to get it.

Immediately I thought of liberals screaming, "No war for oil!"  Because somehow (see previous post, "Eat Vegan, Make Peace") liberals actually believe that freezing in their house while eating a piece of celery makes the world a better place.  They actually believe that having an electric car (still need to power electricity plants, people) makes the world a better place.

It doesn't.  iPhone 5s make the world a better place.  News flash - most liberals freezing in their houses, eating celery, have iPhones glued to their hands.

And, whether they want to believe it or not, people will attack other people to get oil.  (Even though it is icky.)

Here is the solution and it won't affect a single stalk of celery, so eat up:

1. Open the Keystone pipeline - this will put us on the path to energy independence, this will reduce Russia's exports, reduce their wealth and reduce their military capabilities.

See how easy that was?  And, it didn't break up even one Ivy league pot party.

2.  Next, we need to open up federal lands for drilling.

3.  Finally, we need to frack the heck out of this place.  It is a little teeny hole, it is environmentally safe, it will help us to use the mother lode of energy we have right here.

See?  No more "war for oil!"  Liberals, keep on smoking, we will keep the heat on.  And, when we unleash the power of our natural resources, we will make the world a safer place.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rosie O'Donnell's son

Apparently, Rosie O'Donnell's son is going to the Citadel.

I heard her on The View saying that she was pretty upset about it.  She asked him why and he said something like this (I am paraphrasing) where else could someone like you adopt someone like me?  I want to defend this country.

Hold on, I have something in my eye.

Is this the new rebellion?

At the glee club concert the other night (see previous post, "Things that never die") all of those young men were clean cut and wearing suits.  They looked, well, like a group of conservative business men.

If we raise kids with a liberal, progressive mentality, will they rebel by becoming conservative patriots?

If America hating teachers, professors and parents (who now have long, gray pony tails, not cool) teach the young that America is, well, bad.  Won't some of those kids look around and go, "What?!? This place is pretty great, I don't know what you are talking about.  Hey, hippie professor have you read a newspaper lately?  Lots of other places totally suck."


I find this very interesting.  Don't you?

Weird Science

I read this week that over 100 articles that have been PUBLISHED in science journals have been proven to be fake.  They are just gibberish.

But, you say, aren't all papers published in science journals gibberish?  And, how can that be determined?

The articles were proven to be computer generated models that link together big words.  Basically, the computer makes gibberish papers.  But, the astounding part is that they were published in science journals.  Doesn't anybody read those things?  Hey, do they need a copy editor?

The number of gibberish articles hasn't been completely uncovered.  But, that got me to thinking about science.

John Kerry recently called people who don't believe in global warming "flat earthers."  This week, the co-founder of Green Peace (Dr. Patrick Moore) said that after 25 years of research, there is no evidence that the one degree warming in the earth's surface temperature over the last 100 years has been caused by people.


So, who is the flat earther?  If I don't believe a paper published in a science journal that is gibberish, am I a flat earther?

Is the person who co-founded Green Peace and has studied for 25 years and has found ZERO evidence that the slight temperature increase in the past 100 years has been caused by people, is he a flat earther?

Billions of dollars are spent on research grants to study global warming.  I am in a zero income situation, I get it.  You want your research grant to continue.  If it is discovered, without a doubt, that what you are studying is bunk, no more government grant money!

But, wouldn't it be better to just let this go and study something else?

Maybe scientists can build a computerized copy editor, one that can catch papers that are gibberish.

Black history month

This February, in celebration of black history month, a school had fried chicken and watermelon on their menu.

Of course, this blatant racism caused outrage in the community and the menu was changed.

But, how it is any different when we sing African-American spirituals at church in the month of February?

Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream was that his children would be judged on the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

Is that what we are doing today?  Are we judging everyone on the content of their character, not the color of their skin?

I am.

I have often been sitting in a room with liberals friends who are noticing or even counting the number of black people in the room.  Um, why would anyone do that?  It is racist.  They proudly point to the varying degrees and shades of color in the room and loudly proclaim diversity.  Is that right or fair or just?

A reader was telling me about the television show, "Two Broke Girls."  In it, one character's last name is Black.  The second broke girl asks a black man if she had seen her friend.  Overcome with political correctness, fear and the blatant lunacy that accompanies it, she said, "Have you seen my friend, Max Bl-Bl-African-American?"

Lying is lying.  Period.  If we say that calling out lying is "racist" because of the race of the liar that is accepting a lower standard for one race.

Why would anyone want to do that?  Why are we doing that?  Did King get his dream or a nightmare?

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Things that never die and Camelot

I drug my family to see (one of) my alma mater's men's glee club sing tonight.  They were fantastic.  They sang Christian songs, I nearly fell out of my chair. 

One of the songs they sang was a poem by Charles Dickens that was set to music by Lee Dengler.  Here are the words:

Things That Never Die 
The pure, the bright, the beautiful that stirred our hearts in youth 
The impulses to wordless prayer 
The streams of love and truth 
The longing after something lost 
The spirit’s longing cry 
The striving after better hopes 
These things can never die 

The timid hand stretched forth to aid 
A brother in his need; 
A kindly word in grief’s dark hour 
That proves a friend indeed; 
The plea for mercy softly breathed, 
When justice threatens high 
The sorrow of a contrite heart 
These things shall never die 

Let nothing pass, for every hand 
Must find some work to do 
Lose not a chance to waken love 
Be firm and just and true 
So shall a light that cannot fade 
Beam on thee from on high 
And angel voices say to thee “These things shall never die.” 

I hope that you read that, did you notice a few of those things that, although they are not dead, are currently on critical life support?

We were studying Camelot in 4th grade literature this week.  When knights performed deeds that were honorable, humble and righteous, they were found worthy to sit at the round table.  The name of the knight would appear in gold letters on the chair.

If the knight was dishonest or did anything to no longer make him worthy to sit at the round table, his name would disappear from the chair.

Now, you know that I was thinking of about, oh, 535 chairs in Washington DC that need some of that magic gold ink, right?

But, we don't have any of that magic gold ink.  We just have our brains, our eyes and ears.  We have lots of television footage to capture lies and things that aren't noble.

And, we do have our pens and that election coming up.  Let's scratch out some of those names in gold letters and let's get some new ones in there, ok?