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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hard work - get some

There is a restaurant near me that sells "Italian street food."  Actually, it is a work-arant, not a rest-arant because you stand in line, carry your own food, get your own drink and clean up after yourself.

I really don't know what Italian street food is, but I am guessing that when I am standing in that place, I am just about the only one who has actually been to Italy.

Anyway, it is the Chipolte of Italian food.

Every time that I walk in there, 7 smiling, hard-working, African-American young people are standing there, working the line.

Each one is working hard to earn a paycheck.  None of them have decided to "be free from job lock" in order to "pursue his or her dreams."  (For those of you not keeping track, that is the liberal spin about the devastating job losses as a direct result of Obamacare.)

Here is they best part, they are all really nice.  That is the culture of the restaurant.  The owner, manager or someone had set the expectation that everyone is nice to customers.

And, that is the reason that I keep going back.  Each time, I have received incredibly kind service from different people.

So, that got me thinking.  It wouldn't be very fun to put cheese on a salad for 8 hours a day, straight.  But, these people are doing it , day after day.

Could there be pleasure in hard work?  Could there be a positive affect on people for just working hard and kindly serving others all day long?

At the end of the week, hard workers get a paycheck, ok, it is heavily taxed.  But, it is a paycheck that has been earned.  There is a sense of accomplishment in that.  Possibly, the workers at my favorite work-arant will get promoted or go to school and get an even better job.

This is progress, this is capitalism, this is the free market working at its finest.

Hard work - get some.