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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's time to stand with Hobby Lobby

This is kinda like Duck Dynasty.  I haven't watched the show, I really don't need to, I can just go home.


But, once the Duck Dynasty family was attacked by the liberal media for expressing their views, I felt compelled to come to their defense.  If we don't protect speech of conservative Christians, what is going to happen (eventually) to the speech of progressive liberals?  Eventually, if we don't protect free speech, we won't have it anymore, on either side.

Hobby Lobby is currently using their own, hard-earned resources battling the tyrannical Obama administration.

Hobby Lobby currently provides and pays for 16 different contraceptives.  16!  I didn't even know the were that many.  Hobby Lobby only opposes providing and paying for abortion drugs.  These are drugs like the "morning after" pill which will induce an abortion.

Hobby Lobby used to be free to provide (and pay for) the myriad of birth control options they currently offer.  But, not under Obamacare. Now, the Christian-based, family-owned company is being forced by our dictatorial government to provide the abortion inducing "contraceptives."  They are not contraceptives, they are murder pills.

Anyway, now that this successful, job-providing company is under a full out assault by the US government, I think it is time that we all stand up and make a case for religious freedom.

I mean, how would an atheist feel about having to pay for my Bible?   It is laughable.  But, it is exactly the same thing that the Obama administration is demanding that Hobby Lobby do.

Remember, they currently offer 16 forms of contraceptives, they only want to be able to honor their Christian beliefs and not provide abortion drugs for employees.  Hobby Lobby has taken this battle all the way to the Supreme Court.  They have gone to considerable expense to fight this.  If they win, it will be a huge step forward for religious freedom and a huge blow to the tyrannical Obama administration.  (If Eric Holder will follow the law.)

Liberals had better be careful, the vast majority of this country is Christian and we are getting fed up with having your narrow world view shoved down our throats.

It is time to stand up for religious freedom, it is time to stand with Hobby Lobby.