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Friday, March 28, 2014

Liberal groveling

I just watched footage of Obama meeting with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

The king was sitting back, his arms were spread wide.  He was relaxed.  His body language showed power, strength and he was clearly at ease.

The president of the United States sat hunched over, leaning toward the king.  He looked uncomfortable, ill at ease and subservient.

It literally made me sick.

It is time to remember the screaming liberals chanting, "no war for oil!"  Well, what about being a sniveling weasel for oil?  How about instead of looking like the leader of the free world, you look like the water boy for Big Bird for oil?

Being weak and submissive is not leading from behind, it is actually being behind.

Once again, I have the solution.  Let's get our own oil and natural gas.  Let's admit that America is exceptional and let's be exceptional again.

After we are energy independent, then kings and presidents of other nations can crawl over here and beg us for stuff.

Obama and all of his buddies can go back to Harvard and smoke weed.  We'll make sure the lights stay on.