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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weird Science

I read this week that over 100 articles that have been PUBLISHED in science journals have been proven to be fake.  They are just gibberish.

But, you say, aren't all papers published in science journals gibberish?  And, how can that be determined?

The articles were proven to be computer generated models that link together big words.  Basically, the computer makes gibberish papers.  But, the astounding part is that they were published in science journals.  Doesn't anybody read those things?  Hey, do they need a copy editor?

The number of gibberish articles hasn't been completely uncovered.  But, that got me to thinking about science.

John Kerry recently called people who don't believe in global warming "flat earthers."  This week, the co-founder of Green Peace (Dr. Patrick Moore) said that after 25 years of research, there is no evidence that the one degree warming in the earth's surface temperature over the last 100 years has been caused by people.


So, who is the flat earther?  If I don't believe a paper published in a science journal that is gibberish, am I a flat earther?

Is the person who co-founded Green Peace and has studied for 25 years and has found ZERO evidence that the slight temperature increase in the past 100 years has been caused by people, is he a flat earther?

Billions of dollars are spent on research grants to study global warming.  I am in a zero income situation, I get it.  You want your research grant to continue.  If it is discovered, without a doubt, that what you are studying is bunk, no more government grant money!

But, wouldn't it be better to just let this go and study something else?

Maybe scientists can build a computerized copy editor, one that can catch papers that are gibberish.