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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Things that never die and Camelot

I drug my family to see (one of) my alma mater's men's glee club sing tonight.  They were fantastic.  They sang Christian songs, I nearly fell out of my chair. 

One of the songs they sang was a poem by Charles Dickens that was set to music by Lee Dengler.  Here are the words:

Things That Never Die 
The pure, the bright, the beautiful that stirred our hearts in youth 
The impulses to wordless prayer 
The streams of love and truth 
The longing after something lost 
The spirit’s longing cry 
The striving after better hopes 
These things can never die 

The timid hand stretched forth to aid 
A brother in his need; 
A kindly word in grief’s dark hour 
That proves a friend indeed; 
The plea for mercy softly breathed, 
When justice threatens high 
The sorrow of a contrite heart 
These things shall never die 

Let nothing pass, for every hand 
Must find some work to do 
Lose not a chance to waken love 
Be firm and just and true 
So shall a light that cannot fade 
Beam on thee from on high 
And angel voices say to thee “These things shall never die.” 

I hope that you read that, did you notice a few of those things that, although they are not dead, are currently on critical life support?

We were studying Camelot in 4th grade literature this week.  When knights performed deeds that were honorable, humble and righteous, they were found worthy to sit at the round table.  The name of the knight would appear in gold letters on the chair.

If the knight was dishonest or did anything to no longer make him worthy to sit at the round table, his name would disappear from the chair.

Now, you know that I was thinking of about, oh, 535 chairs in Washington DC that need some of that magic gold ink, right?

But, we don't have any of that magic gold ink.  We just have our brains, our eyes and ears.  We have lots of television footage to capture lies and things that aren't noble.

And, we do have our pens and that election coming up.  Let's scratch out some of those names in gold letters and let's get some new ones in there, ok?