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Thursday, March 6, 2014


I just can't let this go - the attacks on Condoleezza Rice are absolutely disgusting.

Dr. Rice was asked to give the commencement address at Rutgers University this spring.  She accepted.  The faculty of Rutgers has started a petition to demand that Dr. Rice have the speaking engagement offer be revoked by Rutgers.

Dr. Rice not only was the provost of her alma mater, Stanford University, she is a concert pianist.

In addition to being extremely successful academically, she has had a distinguished career as a "public servant."

Her parents taught her to work hard and stand up for herself.  In short, she is the epitome of the American dream.  Anyone, anywhere can achieve anything that they want, here and nowhere else:


Even a poor, black girl from the south can reach the highest pinnacle in this country.  Or, maybe three pinnacles:

-concert pianist
-provost at Stanford
-U.S. Secretary of State

Why does the left hate this women?


What is the standard for success according to liberals?  Please someone tell me because I truly can't figure it out.