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Monday, March 24, 2014

Liberals - still clinging to ideology

Everyone from Jimmy Fallon to Mitt Romney can clearly see that Obama is an ideologue who clings desperately to a belief system while simultaneously burying his head in the sand and refusing to acknowledge reality.

Obama genuinely believes that America is bad and that people hate us because we are bad.  He truly thinks that by getting on Air Force 1 and flying around the world apologizing to everyone, people will then like us.

I mean, after all, he hates America, too.  He understands.

But, what he doesn't understand is that is not how it works.  As Mitt Romney says, Obama is living in a fantasy land.  Terrorists hate us because we are free.  They believe that I am sinning right now because my face isn't covered and I deserve to die for that.  No amount of apologizing will change that.

So, while he lays down our weapons and foolishly apologizes, our enemies laugh while re-loading.  (Or sharpening.)

The worst part of the fantasy is that the Christianity that he hates so much is exactly what is confusing him.

If you are in an aggressive battle with a Christian and you apologize and lay down your weapon, the Christian will (or should) forgive and walk away.  No other religion or belief system advocates forgiveness in this situation, none, only Christianity.  (And Judaism)

It just doesn't work that way with the terrorists in our world who hate us and seek to kill us.  They won't stop, ever, until we are all gone.  They are even willing to die to kill us.  That is motivation.  The chance to get tickets to see Jay-Z just doesn't motivate these people.

Take Russia's thug president, Vladimir Putin.  He is a bully and he is going to invade countries that border Russia because he wants to and because he can.  Shaking a finger at him doesn't do anything.

Even Jimmy Fallon had a skit where the person playing Obama says, "But, Putin, you are forcing people to do something that they don't want.  You can't do that."  On the phone, Jimmy Fallon, dressed as Putin, used a thick Russian accent and said, "Here in Russia, we have a word for that, Obamacare."

We have tried the Sesame Street, Ivy League, pot smoking way - we apologized for our exceptionalism, we are dumbing down our kids, we are disarming.

It is not working.

Now, it is time for the grown-ups to take over.  Grown-ups have to make hard decisions, they have to stand up to bullies sometimes.

Please, please, it is time to send the hippies back to their Ivory Towers.  Let the grown-ups take over. The hippies may be singing kumbaya in those towers.  But, when we totally disarm and the bullies, thugs and terrorists come here to kill us, they will kill the hippies, too!

Wake up, Obama!