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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Clenchy-fisted liberals...

And stompy-foot democrats.

I am not done with Mireille Miller-Young yet.

Just to re-cap, Thrin Short and her sister, Joan, were demonstrating their pro-life beliefs on the campus of University of California, Santa Barbara.  The Shorts were in a "free speech zone."

While they were demonstrating, a professor, Miller-Young, who teaches black cultural studies and pornography, started mocking and taunting the girls.  Then, Miller-Young had two students grab the Shorts' sign.

I just watched the YouTube video of the resulting chase.  The Short girls followed the professor and two students and asked for their sign back.  The professor taunted the girls, her smirking face was disturbing.  She called the girls "terrorists."  She mocked them, saying that she could do whatever she wanted.  Finally, the professor and two (or three, one more student got into the fray) students got on an elevator with the sign.  Short put her foot in the elevator and that is when Miller-Young started pushing Short.

Look it up, you can see the whole thing online.

Ok, so let's examine this.  If a pro-abortion group was demonstrating and pro-life people starting mocking them, what would happen?  The pro-life people might be arrested for a hate crime.

If pro-life people had stolen a pro-abortion sign, there would probably be serious charges.  If a white pro-life person pushed a black pro-ablation person, it would be all over the news, 24/7 and there would be jail time for the pro-lifer.

If I have to walk by a pro-abortion booth, there is nothing that I can do.  They have their right to free speech.  And, they should have their right to free speech.

But, do the pro-lifers have the same rights?  No, and, unfortunately the scenario I just outlined is true. And, the pro-abortion crowd knows it.  They maliciously taunted these girls, they said that they could steal anything that they wanted and even called the Short sisters "terrorists."

Why would anyone call two young women who are pro-life "terrorists?"  Maybe the same people who call actual terrorists "freedom fighters?"  How did we get here?  How did we get everything so backwards?

Well, we have a president who refuses to even speak to Republicans.  The free speech of conservatives is under assault on college campuses across the country.  There is no longer a reasonable, logical debate.  There is the liberal ideology and anyone who does not ascribe exactly to their narrow-minded views doesn't deserve to speak.  In their opinion, any difference of opinion is not allowed.

Who is intolerant?  Who is narrow minded?  If liberals are presented with any argument that they disagree with, they stomp their feet, clench their fists and call people terrible names, lash out and finally, they just run away.

And, our bizarro world country allows it.