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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Overtime pay

This week, King Obama decreed that businesses must pay workers overtime.

It is time to re-tell a Europe story for you, remember it, tell it to people...

When we were living in Bavaria and my husband was singing opera, there was a government mandated "mid-day pause."  It was a required, two-hour lunch break.

You say, "Redneck, what's wrong with that?"  We work too hard, a two hour lunch break is a great idea!

I say that you have been programmed against American Exceptionalism.  The stompy foot hippies are in charge now and if someone has more, they want it.  Instead of saying, "They have more, I will work hard and get more, too."  The liberal says, "He has more, I want it, he needs to be punished."

Back to Europe, the sopranos kept singing during the two hour, government required lunch break.  You could hear them raising their diva voices through the open windows, as the wind whispered through the Edelweiss.

The opera organizers ran up to the sopranos and said, "Zu have to shtop zinging!"

The sopranos looked down their button noses, tossed their golden (or raven) locks and said, "Like, why?"

"Because, if you are heard zinging through ze lunch break, we will go to jail!  It is against ze law!"  And, they locked the doors to the rehearsal building so that no one could get in and possibly break the law.

Are you catching this?  We aren't there yet, but with the latest stroke of his pen, we are on our way there.  If the government demands that businesses pay overtime, he is on the path to outlawing overtime, right?

Here is another Europe story that I told you before - we met some engineers who worked at Siemens. Overtime was outlawed.  If you were caught in the building after hours or on the weekend, you would get in trouble.

Can you even imagine that?  Really.  If you had a job and you were doing it, can you imagine the government telling you not to do your job?  At any time of day or night?

Back to America.  Thanks to the Obama administration's hatred of the free market, our companies pay one of the highest tax rates in the world, 40%.  Think about that when you think about "greedy" business people.  They aren't greedy at all, they are just trying to stay in business and of every single dollar earned, 40 cents needs to go to the government.

Add in the unknown, but astronomically higher cost of health care to businesses due to Obamacare.

And, remember, Obama has been using that pen and decided that the minimum wage has to go up and people who are on salary have to be paid overtime.

Every single one of these policies is a JOB KILLER.  Businesses aren't inherently evil.  Businesses provide us with goods and services.  Because of free market capitalism, we have more choices of goods and services than any other place in the world.

Obama is killing the free market by punishing businesses with:

1. Higher taxes
2. Higher healthcare costs and now
3. Demanding higher wages.

This is not a strategy for helping workers, this is a strategy for putting businesses out of business.

And, when businesses go out of business, how much pay will all of the employees be getting then, huh?