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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Don't do - teach!

This week I watched the movie, "Parental Guidance."  Yes, I am way behind on my movies, but, I am busy.  I am not free to "pursue my dreams."

The movie was really good and it is Billy Crystal's comedic view of many ills in our society from airport security, "Whacha lookin' for their sailor?"  Then, he turned his head and coughed, to child-rearing, "They use their words, they worry about self-esteem, but the only word they never use on these kids is no!"  Billy Crystal says, referring to his daughter's parenting skills.

Hey, is Billy Crystal a conservative?

Anyway in one scene, Crystal complains to his wife (Bette Midler, who looks fabulous) "I don't want to teach, I want to do!"  Because he got fired and doesn't want to take a teaching job.

That got me thinking, remember that old saying, "Those who can't do, teach?"  Somewhere along the way that argument has been completely turned around.

I am not talking about people who teach little kids to read.  I am talking about the professor of "pornography and women's studies" who recently attacked a young woman who is pro-life.

That's right, earlier this month,  associate professor at University of California, Santa Barbara, Mireille Miller-Young approached Thrin Short, a 16-year-old pro-lifer who was demonstrating her beliefs.  Miller-Young freaked out, grabbed Short's sign, pushed her, look it up, you can read all about it.

We have elevated the 'theoretical,' the 'study' of things above the actual 'doing' of things.

Someone who has gone to school and studied to get a Ph.d in women's studies and then has become a professor of women's studies (and pornography, when did people start teaching pornography at colleges?) what practical experience does that person have?  Has she ever had to balance out a register at the end of a long day working at The Gap?  Has she ever made something new?  Has she ever had to make a deadline?  Has her job ever been on the line for under performing?

I am just guessing, but I think maybe not and think that many people who work in fields in academia work only in the theoretical.  They have never worked in the real world.

Unfortunately the theoretical is just that, a theory.  Theories don't always work out.  Lots of liberal philosophies are that way - they just don't work.  (Think Detroit)

Raising taxes doesn't help people, it hurts everyone.  We have raised taxes in every possible way in the last five years, it hasn't helped the economy at all.  In fact, it has hurt the economy because people have less money to spend on other things - they simply send more money to the government and can't go to TGI Friday's anymore.

Punishing the rich doesn't help anyone either.  They take their money elsewhere, stop hiring or close down their businesses.  Punishing the rich hurts lots and lots of poor people.

Liberals have waxed philosophic about universal healthcare for 100 years.  Well, we have it and it hasn't helped very many people at all.  By some estimations, only about 200,000 uninsured have received health insurance under Obamacare, but 6 million people have lost their health insurance.

I could go on and on about liberal policies that sound really good when you are in your comfy office at Harvard, but they don't work in the real world.  Hey, I have, check out the last 250 posts or so.