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Thursday, March 13, 2014

A love letter to the young man who stole a candy bar

I spent last weekend at a right to life convention.

Wow, those people are nice.  I mean it, they are seriously nice.  No one was rude, not even once.  No matter how stupid my jokes were, they laughed, really.  They at least chuckled politely.  It was like, they really, genuinely LIKE people.


Liberals want to kill babies.  They want unlimited abortion and are even pushing to be able to kill babies AFTER THEY ARE BORN.  I think that is called murder. They want to "euthanize" old people.  If they can't have "mercy killings" they will just cut off Medicaid.  Liberals have ruthlessly cut off insurance to 6 million people in this country.  Those people are suffering, either with bills they are now unable to pay or they are going to die because they can no longer receive life-saving treatments that they could afford before the "affordable care act." Harry Reid even said that everyone who has an Obamacare horror story is lying.  Why would anyone lie about that?  Liberals have instituted death panels, which will make life or death decisions for you, the American taxpayer.

Who is looking out for the little guy?  Who is rooting for the working man?  Who is looking out for the American middle class family?

Right to lifers.  And, the kids!  Oh my gosh, I have never met so many lovely, well-mannered children.  Everyone had somewhere between 5 and 10 siblings.  I learned that having two kids is for wimps, like me.

But, I also decided that I want these people to go ahead and keep populating.

So, lots of people had candy on their tables.  Hordes of roving teens would pilfer the free candy as they walked by.  As a well-groomed pack of young men roved by my table, one took a candy bar.  Mine were actually a fundraiser for my kids and cost a dollar.

He didn't know that.

One of the boys came back and asked if the candy bars were free.  I explained.  The young perp came back, put down the candy bar, apologized, and left before I had the chance to run around the table, hug him and cry.

The next time he strolled by, I gave him the candy bar.

Now, you very well know that this story has absolutely nothing to do with a candy bar, or a dollar.

It has to do with doing the right thing.  (Not the Spike Lee way, the real way.) That young man did the right thing.

He was embarrassed, he never would have stolen a candy bar and he didn't mean to!  But, he braved the awkwardness and embarrassment to give it back.  That could have haunted him for years.

Instead, he did the right thing, cleared his conscience and, in the end, got the candy bar.

Well done, young man, well done.

And, right to lifers, count me in.