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Friday, February 28, 2014

Bizarre liberal dichotomies about food and the environment

It has been another tough week.  I have been working a lot, my husband is training for a new job (fingers crossed) and I hear these news stories as I am running around and I just scratch my head and then pour it all out on you.

So, this week, Obama banned the use of wood burning stoves.

Hunh.  That got me thinking, liberals are all into nature, growing your own food and stuff, right?  What could be more natural than chopping down a tree and burning it to keep warm?  But, we can't do that anymore.  We had a wood burning stove in the house I grew up in out in the sticks.

We also had a huge garden.  I didn't think there was anything hip or cool about getting all of our fruits and vegetables from the garden.  I thought it was a lot of hard work.

But, now it is all cool and hip to "buy and eat local."  It is trendy for restaurants to grow food and then serve it while you look at the garden.  I have another word for that:


But, what about all of the people who live in the city and don't have any land?  How can they grow and eat only local food?

Our interstate trucking system is the envy of the world.  We transport goods and services that boggle the mind.  But, remember, Obama is destroying that system.  So, the rich will continue to be trendy and hip and buy local.  But, when the cost for fresh fruits and vegetables goes the roof because of Obama's fuel efficiency standards for trucks, what will everyone else do?

Are you seeing the dichotomy that I am seeing?

So, back to what started this whole thing - banning wood burning stoves - we can't use coal to power plants (even though China opens a new coal fired power plant each week) we can't warm our homes with nuclear power (although the French are toasty in their chateaus with nuclear powered heat).  Heaven forbid we even dreamed of fracking for more gas, oil is "dirty and unsafe."  Now, burning trees is illegal.

Um, what exactly are we supposed to do to heat our homes?

Here is the ultimate liberal dichotomy - how can they keep saying that they want to help Americans when they are completely destroying every possible source of energy that we possess?

They screamed that "Bush went to war for oil!"  But, we have all the oil we could ever need right here and they won't let us get it and they absolutely won't let us transport it.

The liberals war on energy, all forms, including wood, is going to completely crush what is left of our economy.