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Monday, February 3, 2014


We are taking another field trip to 4th grade today.

Remember the last time we visited real history?  We were studying the Industrial Revolution and unions.  (See previous 4th grade history post.)

Now that industrialization has happened, we are moving on to Imperialism.  This is the period in history when world powers set out to conquer unclaimed lands for their own.

This time in history is what currently drives our president's thinking.

See, when Imperial England took over India and parts of Africa, some people didn't like it.  They are anti-colonials.  They think that any country (like England) who tried to colonize other countries (like Kenya) is inherently bad, took advantage of the indigenous people and should not have any wealth as a result of this improper colonization.

Obama's father was an anti-colonialist.  He disliked England and the white people who he believes unfairly colonized in Africa.

Interestingly, Obama's half brother disagrees.  He believes that England helped countries like his.

I digress.

So, as we are studying today in history, England, France and Germany were in a drive to create overseas empires.

Our history book is also kinda trying to lump America in there as an Imperial nation.  But, we weren't an Imperial nation and we never have been.  We were one of the colonies!

As those Western European super powers set out, intent on world domination, the US was engaged in the development of small kitchen appliances.  We were never Imperial.

The history book goes on to describe the period of American ingenuity that ensued during the Imperialist time.

They were out there conquering, we were here making toasters and mixers and, well, small kitchen appliances.

Americans have benefited first in the fields from our unprecedented ingenuity and then in the kitchen and the home.  Europeans still can't afford refrigerators that are bigger than a dorm fridge.  Most don't have dishwashers or clothes dryers.  Socialism prevents them from having all of these things.

Can you even imagine not having those things?

When people tell you that we are an Imperial nation, tell them we aren't.  Because we aren't and never have been.

We are a country of industry, ingenuity and the greatest prosperity and standard of living the world has ever known.

And, small kitchen appliances.