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Saturday, February 1, 2014

That damn pen

I guess that it is my optimistic nature, but I keep having these glimpses of hope.  Recently, it has seemed as though people might be starting to understand that Obama is a liar and that he is wrecking the country.  I was starting to get excited about 2014.

Then, he came out with that whole, "I have a pen and a phone" and I will do whatever I want speech.

It is upsetting that he doesn't even feel compelled at all to conceal his lawlessness.  He will put it out there in the open for anyone to see.

But the darn thing must have run out of ink because, inexplicably, that pen is incapable of signing the permit for the Keystone pipeline.  I understand that the permit is buried under glossy invitations to MTV parties, speeches, and autographed pictures of Beyonce on the president's desk.  But, find it and sign it.

A state department report was just released which determined that the pipeline will have no major impact on the environment.  Meanwhile, thousands of men and women who need work are waiting, struggling to keep food on the table while Obama rubs his shiny pen on his sleeve.

Open the pipeline and allow the explosion of American ingenuity to be released.  Weren't you screaming, "no war for oil!"  When Bush was in office?  Well, let us be energy independent now.

It won't bother you at all, it won't hurt you one bit.  You won't even notice it.

But, the rest of us will, in our wallets.