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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

John Kerry's senseless rant on "Climate change"

John Kerry is out representing American interests as Secretary of State.


Kerry gave a speech a few days ago in Jakarta, Indonesia.  During the speech he mocked people who don't believe in global warming.  Isn't that nice?  No more logical, reasoned debate.  Anyone who doesn't believe in global warming is a "flat earth" idiot.

Have any of you been outside lately?  Has anyone noticed that this is the coldest, snowiest winter EVER?  Remember those global warming scientists who got stuck in the ice, for a week?

Global warming hasn't been proven, at all.  That is why they sometimes call it "climate change."  Sometimes, it is really cold.

So, Kerry described global warming as the apocalypse and actually said that the threat of global warming is worse than the threat of terrorism.

Now, it is time for a visual montage.  Imagine people throughout the world listening to that and laughing.  Keep going around the world in your head, you have seen enough montages, you can do it.  A few people are checking their magazine clips to be sure that they have enough ammo and laughing their heads off.  Now, after the world has been annihilated by TERRORISM (and they call us fearmongers) imagine people in those stretchy, space age-y suits watching an old clip of Kerry's speech...

And laughing.

And, what, Mr. Kerry, exactly, is the government supposed to do about the weather?  Honestly, does taxing the American middle class into oblivion really make the planet more stable?  Does government intervention REALLY have an impact on global weather patterns?  News flash: people in France are warm and cozy in their nuclear powered homes.  China is building coal fired power plants faster than Obama can close them down.

How does regulating the American energy supply and increasing the cost to ordinary Americans impact, in any way, global weather?

If anyone can answer these questions, please let me know.

Meanwhile, while the left demonizes progress, let's think back to how things were, just a little over 100 years ago.

People went everywhere by horse.  This was before Ford invented the car, (1905 ish) and before MacAdam invented, well, macadam (around 1910) streets were made of mud and horse poo.  Just think of all that mud and horse poo on shoes and the bottoms of pant legs and dresses.

Yuck.  Think of all the disease spread around everywhere.

Ok, here is another one, people used to burn coal in their homes.  I know, my house in the hood has a coal chute.  Think of all the coal fumes and black ickiness that people breathed in every day!  When the technology for electricity to be produced at coal fired plants came around, wasn't that better than people breathing in all of those coal fumes all the time?

Well, I think that we have things a whole lot better now than we did then.  Horse poo and coal breathing deaths have dropped dramatically.  Currently, our environment is so clean that bacteria has had to adjust to survive.

What is my point?

We have advanced in the past 100 years.  The climate hasn't changed significantly, it just hasn't.  If you insist that it has, fine.  I won't call you names.  (Although, I am pretty sure that I was called a bad name and am offended).  But, any minuscule change has been caused by THE SUN.  Changes in weather based on man made activity is minuscule, at best.  Overwhelmingly, the effects of man made change have been positive.  Technology, efficiency, ingenuity and invention have helped the world.

Should we get rid of the sun? Or progress?  Hey, I know let's get rid of excessive taxation and the burden that regulation is putting on American energy.

How about that?  Nothing that we do will change the weather, but we could make American families warmer and at a lower cost.