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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Eat Vegan Make Peace

No, I haven't gone soft.  I am still a 100% redneck conservative.

I saw that on a license plate today:  Eat Vegan Make Peace.

I am really struggling here, because if you have watched the news, ever, you know that as a conservative Christian, I am inherently stupid.

But, I saw this, and it made me think.  A reader was explaining to me today that Obama is disarming us because he believes that if we are weak, the world won't hate us so much.

The idea of walk softly and carry a big stick is not part of the current philosophy.  Peace through strength is, also, not part of the current military strategy.

 Eat vegan, make peace.

Ok, so that means no more killing of animals.  Put down your steak knife.  Stop believing in the Judeo-Christian ethic and people will stop hating us.  Stop eating meat and there will be peace.

What a bunch of total malarkey!  If that is not the biggest pile of horse poo, I don't know what is.

God gave the animals to Adam to take care of and TO EAT.  (Judeo-Christian) There is no greater evidence that God exists and He loves us than bacon.  Fry up a pound of that greasy goodness right now.

Go on.  I'll wait.

There is nothing wrong or "un peaceful" about eating meat at all.  The only way you can believe that is by totally rejecting the Bible and everything that all Jews and Christians believe.

Peace doesn't come from not eating meat.

Peace also doesn't come from laying down all weapons.  This naive idea again rejects the teachings of the Old Testament.  There are people who hate us and want to kill us because of our religion, because of our freedom.

Laying down OUR weapons won't create peace.  Our enemies are loading their guns and laughing.

Eat Vegan Make Peace

The perfect bumper sticker to explain absolutely everything that is wrong with our country.