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Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Presidents' Day

Well, it may not be the happiest Presidents' Day ever.  Not for me, anyway.  Not for a lot of people.

I won't keep you in suspense any longer, my favorite president was our 40th, Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Reagan was our greatest president because he had conviction.  His convictions were based on his beliefs and his beliefs guided his life.

Not only was Reagan a devout Christian, he was a humble man.  He was honest, he had integrity, he had courage, grace and character.

Think about some of the adjectives that I have just used:  humble, grace, character, courage, integrity.

Wouldn't you like to see more of that in our politicians today?  (Humble!  Snort!)

I read an article today about "elitist liberals" and it got me thinking.  Have you ever heard of an elitist conservative?  No, not really.  Maybe a hard working conservative or a "self made" one.  Only liberals talk incessantly about all of their causes and ideas, but never actually help anyone.  They talk about helping the poor, but look down on the poor.  They talk about helping the middle class but disdain the middle class.

I see our political elite in Washington as being greedy, self serving, and, basically, the exact opposite of Reagan.

At Reagan's funeral, I remember Katie Courie talking about how, despite our differences, we all "stood together" to defeat communism.  That is laughable.  The elite, liberal media HATED Reagan.  They called him a stupid cowboy.  Hey, they called George W a stupid cowboy, too.  Why?  Why did they hate him so much?

At the time, liberals loved communism and laughed at Reagan.  They are doing the exact same thing right now with Al Qeada.  Elitist liberals, who claim to be tolerant, won't tolerate anything except their slim, strict word view.

Here is why I love Reagan, miss the way our country was then, and wish that things could be different today.

I was shopping today at a middle American department store, you know, the kind elite liberals hate.  The kind of place that sells quality items at a low price.  The guy checking out our items was so nice, it was unbelievable.  We got to talking, he had closed the store the night before and opened it back up that morning.  He was working HARD.  That whole "being free from job lock" has totally stuck in my craw all week and pretty soon, we were talking about Obamacare.

Get a tissue.

This guy pulled down the neck of his sweater and showed us an apple-sized cyst on his neck.  HE WAS DENIED OBAMACARE.  Wait a minute, Obamacare was supposed to help the uninsured.  It was supposed to help people, people JUST LIKE THAT.

This was a living, breathing human being I was talking to today.  He wasn't a statistic or a number, he was a person.

The cyst is on his carotid artery.  HE COULD DIE AT ANY MOMENT.  He is waiting to have the surgery to have the cyst removed, WAITING FOR HIS INSURANCE APPROVAL.  Ladies and gentleman, that is called a death panel.

That is one person in one place in America.  How many other people need to suffer, need to die so that Obama can have his signature legislative achievement?

So, I am shedding a tear tonight.  For me, for the hard working man I met today, for Reagan and for America.

Happy Presidents' Day.