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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Get ready for food prices to go up, again

I swear I couldn't make this stuff up.  I couldn't think of creative, inventive ways to destroy the American economy and middle class if I tried.

Obama must have a team of experts who come up with this stuff.

I wish I did.  Ok, I want my house to be 20% prettier, I want to be 45% skinnier and, oh, I would like to have 30% fewer zits.

Obama is now going to demand fuel efficiency standards on heavy pick-ups and 18 wheel semi-trucks.

Ever seen an elite liberal driving one of those?  Imagine an elite liberal.  Oh, I got one!  Nancy Pelosi.  Now, imagine her getting the seat wiped off, placing her Prada shoe on the running board and hauling her pants suit into an 18 wheeler.


Anyway, that will never happen, elite liberals HATE heavy pick-ups and semis because they are all used for WORK.

I can hear it now, "But, Redneck, what objection could you possibly have to fuel efficiency?  Your bandana is too tight."

I don't have a problem with fuel efficiency.  Of course, no one should.  And, my headwear is fine, thank you.


Henry Ford had a dream - to put a car in every American driveway.  He did it, didn't he?  He did it with the greatest technological advancement at the time - the assembly line.

How might the story have changed if the government demanded a Ford in every driveway?


You have to understand this - memorize this - Obama's last fuel efficiency standards, in 2011, cost the industry $8 billion dollars.

I am serious, at cocktail parties, this will be you, "Did you know that Obama's 2011 fuel standards cost the industry $8 billion?  Oh!  Cheese doodles, I love those things..."

Where did the $8 million dollars come from?  You, of course.  You paid $1 more for every loaf of bread for the last 5 years.  Those DiGiorno pizzas went from a cool $5 to $6.98.  That is lot more money for that yummy.

Prices will go up, period.

Next, fewer trucks will be on the road.  That means fewer goods will be produced, fewer goods will be sent out on trucks, fewer goods will be sold.  And, remember, the price of all those goods is going to be higher.

Not only will producers be effected, trucking companies will be hurt and truckers will lose their jobs. But, Obama doesn't care does he?  He sees that as being free from "job lock," right?

This is just another way for Obama to destroy the American economy.