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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

From Russia With Love

Ah, Russia.  Journalists have always loved Russia.  Well, they liked it a lot better when it was communist.  But, they still like it.

It is interesting that journalists traveling to Sochi, Russia for the Olympic winter games are appalled by the accommodations.

One journalist was told not to put the hotel water on her face because it is "dangerous."  The journalist then tweeted pictures of water that looked more like a rich, robust pilsner than tap water.

From toilets that can't handle the flushing of toilet paper to the absence of shower curtains (that is very common even in Western Europe) the lack of basic necessities in the RESORT TOWN of Sochi is shocking.

Is it possible that we in America enjoy a higher standard of living than in, say, Russia?

Maybe.  What do you think?