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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Union loss

Boy, it has been a busy week.

This week in Chattanooga, Tennessee the UAW suffered a great loss.  Workers at the Volkswagen plant voted against the United Auto Workers.  They had the audacity to vote against becoming unionized.

In typical, graceful fashion, the powerful union blamed the loss on a vast right wing conspiracy.

Ok, that is Hilary's term for Bill's affairs.  :)

But, seriously, they actually blamed Republicans for people choosing to not join the union.


The Volkswagen plant allowed the UAW into the plant to present their case to workers.  Believe me, they wouldn't have sent in their second string presenters.  They probably pulled out all of the stops  and gave their best possible presentation to the workers to sell the idea of joining the union.  As they should, there is nothing wrong with making their case.

So, the union had full access to the workers and were allowed to give it their best shot.

Um, Republicans weren't allowed into the plant.  Unless, conservative values were smuggled into the plant illegally, in the minds of workers.

The benefits of unionization were presented, in as one-sided a way as any argument could possibly be presented.  Kinda like the way liberalism is presented on MSNBC.

And, the workers voted against the union.

Is it possible that people aren't as dumb as big organizations think that they are?  Is it possible that hard working people can take care of themselves?

For the last five years, we have had the idea of dependency shoved down our throats.  Success has been demonized, work is now something that we choose not to do.  Big government and big unions - are they really for workers?

Could people be starting to see that maybe they aren't?