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Friday, January 31, 2014

No such thing as a free lunch

Did you hear about the school that took kids' lunches away?

At a school in Salt Lake City, Utah, students use cards to buy lunch.  Parents are supposed to put money on the cards so that the kids can pay for their lunches.

Everyone makes mistakes, it would be very easy to forget to load up the card.  I have forgotten my kids' lunch tickets before.  I got a note that said, you owe us money for your kids' lunch, idiot.  (I am paraphrasing.)

Well, apparently that isn't the policy at Uintah Elementary.  The people running the cafeteria noticed the deficits on students' accounts and took away the lunches, after the students had been given the food.


Little kids were calling their parents crying.  That would be pretty tough on a little kid.  Don't you think?

Why would they do that?  Why would they punish the child in such a public way?  Couldn't they have just asked the parents for the money?

Liberals don't seem to recognize that children are children.  They want to teach sex ed to kindergarteners, for heaven's sake.  Taking away a little kid's lunch and throwing it away isn't something that an adult, who is caring for a child, should do.

It shows a real lack of caring for the child.  Maybe that is why people are pulling their kids out of school and home schooling them.