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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Disney on Ice

I took a break from politics last night and we all went to see Disney on Ice.  Each year, it is my crowning achievement to get good tickets for this show.  It is a great show and I got excellent tickets. We were so close that we could clearly see the facial expressions of the skaters.

They looked so happy, gliding along, doing something that they love.  I suspect that most of the skaters were one triple lutz away from the Olympics.  But, still, they get to do something they love.

I also noticed, in the pairs skating, that the female is smiling, skating and looking straight ahead. The man never takes his eyes off her.  Even when they are skating side by side, he watches her.  Sigh.

Anyway, the show was about celebrations.  So, they had a birthday party.  There was an Obama tribute, Pinocchio came out and lied about something.


They did Carnivale, Mardi Gras, Halloween and saved the best for last - Christmas.

The last number was clearly Christmas, they had stockings, presents, a roaring fire and chimney, even Goofy was dressed up like Santa.  And, guess what they said as every character from the entire show came out?


My children and husband looked over at me with fear and awe.  Not sure why.

Other than referring to one of the Toy Story toys as a "Christmas toy" the WORD Christmas wasn't even spoken.

Isn't that sad?  It made me sad and a little mad.  I am going to compose a strongly worded letter to Feld Entertainment.