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Friday, January 3, 2014

Foundation for a better life and Lynne Stewart

The other day, I was surfing around and looked up the Foundation for a Better Life.

Have you ever seen their ads?  They have been around for a while, since early in the 2000s.  They have (cheesy) little vignettes that promote values like honesty, integrity, gratitude.  They show a child sitting with a new student at school when mean kids won't.  They show a dad and daughter hugging before she heads off to college.  They show people doing nice things for other people.

But, I haven't heard much about this organization and have not been able to find anything out about it.

The ads remind me of the Mormon ads from the 1980s.  Do you remember those?  Cheesy, but effective and they promoted a good moral.

The foundation is funded by a Christian (he is a Presbyterian) and the president is a Mormon.  But, I mention all this because as I was looking it up, I found an article about the nefarious intentions of this group.

In the article that I read (from 2010) the writer had to admit that honesty and integrity are good things.  That is good.  I am not totally sure that the left embraces honesty and integrity.  But, I digress.  The writer was really upset, though, because the nefarious purposes of the foundation were hidden - the foundation proponents are "Christian, right-wing and anti-gay."

Evil!  There was no evidence of anti-gay sentiment anywhere.  I don't know if the writer just assumed that the people are anti-gay because they are Christian.  But, I am offended.

The writer was seriously upset because the people who founded and monetarily support this organization that promotes GOOD VALUES are Christian.  The writer is a Christian-ist.

Ok, so that brings me to Lynne Stewart.  Stewart was the attorney for convicted terrorist Omar Abdal-Rahman.  You may know him as "the blind sheik."  Abdal-Rahman bombed the World Trade Center, has killed gobs of people here and in Egypt with his terrorist plots and was praised by Osama bin Laden as a mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks.

Only in America could you find a lawyer who would hate her own country enough to defend this man.  But, Stewart did.  After Adbal-Rahman's conviction, he wasn't able l to send messages to his terrorist organizations anymore.


So, Stewart, being compassionate, decided to start taking messages to his terrorist links for him.  Let's be clear, this American woman transmitted messages from a convicted terrorist imprisoned on US soil to his terrorist organization.  The transmission of these message led to an attack in Egypt that killed 30 people.

Lynne Stewart was convicted for these crimes, thank God, and went to jail in 2010.

She was just released from jail.  She is 74 and has stage 4 cancer.  She is expected to live 18 months.  And, now she is totally free to continue aiding and abetting terrorists.

She is not nefarious AT ALL.  She stands on every street corner loudly proclaiming that terrorists are "freedom fighters".  She will take any bullhorn to scream that America is evil.  She isn't hiding her agenda at all.  And, yet she is praised, even released from jail after committing atrocities against our country.


We are living in a world where we blast Christians for being: kind, honest, decent and, well, Christian.  But, we praise murderers, liars and terrorists.

Why are we doing this?