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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Things that should make you outraged

I alluded to this earlier in my post explaining that I am too dumb to be a liberal.  But, I want to write a little bit more about this:

The website isn't secure.  World renowned security experts have been consulted and the website isn't secure.  When you buy something from and put it on your card, it is a secure site.

But,, in which people are supposed to put their most sensitive data, is NOT SECURE. With me so far?

House Republicans have sponsored legislation that would require the government to tell people when their security has been breached.  Reasonable, right? If you put your information in, the government should tell you if someone, like, steals it.

The Democrats have rejected the bill.

Democrats are supposed to care about people, they are fighting for you, they are all about the little guy.


I can't understand how anyone can oppose notifying people of a personal security breach and still sleep at night.

Speaking of sleeping at night, we finally have the findings from congressional investigations of what happened in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.  The president and Hilary Clinton were informed that an Al Qaeda-led, terrorist attack was taking place at our embassy in Libya, within hours of the beginning of the attack.

Yet, they both went out and intentionally, knowingly, perpetuated the lie that the attack was about an anti-Muslim video.  This is the smoking gun, people.  This is the evidence, proven that Obama and Clinton lied.

I say a lot that if this were a Republican the reaction from the media would be very different.  The media didn't report anything, at all, about this bombshell revelation that the president lied, again.

Want the evidence that if it were a Republican the coverage would be different?  Look at what happened with Christie, see post Bridge Over Troubled Water.

But wait, there's more!  The Obama administration has bragged in recent days that 6 million have received insurance coverage all thanks directly to Obamacare.  They count 2.1 million who have signed up on the exchanges and 3.9 million who have enrolled in Medicaid.


The 3.9 million include everyone who already had Medicaid and just renewed through the open enrollment period.  The NEW enrollees, which can be attributed to Obamacare are more like 380,000.

This is an outright lie.  Can you imagine if a Republican fudged numbers?  OMG!  And, the 2.1 who have allegedly signed up?  They have no idea if those people have paid because that part of the website hasn't been built yet.

You should be outraged.

I am.