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Thursday, January 9, 2014

The appearance of impropriety

Ok, I am a CPA.  Scary, I know.  But, when you practice public accounting you learn about impropriety.  It's kinda funny because all of us wide-eyed accountants couldn't even understand impropriety.  So, we had a class to explain it to us.

We were all like - what?!?  People would actually do that?!?

But, we also learned that you can't even have the APPEARANCE of impropriety.  Let me explain.

When I was a low level accountant, the lowest of the low, I had to sign a form.  I had to look through my investments, which didn't take long, and let my public accounting firm know about my holdings.

For example, say I had 2 shares of Pillsbury and we audited the Pillsbury account, I would disclose that information.  Then, they wouldn't put me on the Pillsbury audit.

Make sense?

We were held to a high standard.  When we audited companies, we wanted to be sure that there wasn't even an appearance of impropriety, to the point that the lowest accountant on the account couldn't even hold a few shares of a major, publicly traded company.

The reason I mentioned all this is because the enraged Obama is keeping his promise (snort) and getting to the bottom of the IRS targeting his political opponents.  Obama promised to get to the bottom of this scandal in May of 2013.

The department of justice has just announced their appointment to head up the investigation.  Whew! The appointee is Barbara Bosserman.  Bosserman has donated $6,000 to Obama's campaign and to the DNC.

This is a conflict of interest.  This is impropriety.

The funny thing is that Obama doesn't care.  You can call it "the fox watching the hen house," conflict of interest or a complete joke.  Whatever you call it, it is absolutely ridiculous that a supporter of Obama would be in charge of "getting to the bottom" of the IRS scandal.

Expect another report that is about as true as the New York Times "report" on Benghazi.