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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The New York Times reports...

That Governor Chris Christie may have been involved in closing down the George Washington bridge in September.  A main thoroughfare from New Jersey to New York City, the closures caused massive delays and huge problems for commuters.

Christie has denied having any involvement in the bizarre lane closures.

But, here is the reason I am writing about it:

The New York Times engaged in investigative journalism to uncover this potential scandal.

See how good they are at it when the subject matter involves a Republican?

If Christie did close down the bridge to enact political revenge, that was wrong.  If he did, he shouldn't have and he deserves to be watched by the watchdog media.

As we approach midterm elections and the 2016 presidential election, I am sure that we can expect a lot more investigative journalism from the NY Times, as long as it hurts Republican candidates.

It must be just exhausting to report both sides, right?  And, it is so hard. I mean how can there be any scandals to uncover when the president is liberal?

Oh, yeah:

The website
The lies about Obamcare and the website
Spending money to close down open air monuments, which are free to the public, to keep out American citizens because the government was partially shut down for 17 days.  Spending money to pay security guards and police officers to keep octogenarians out of the very monuments meant to honor them.  How petty is that?

We'll just ignore those.

Great job on the investigative journalism, NYT.