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Sunday, January 12, 2014


Why do liberals hate it?

Seriously, they love:
1. Royalty
2. Self appointed Hollywood "royalty"
3. Unions
4. The government and
5. Every conceivable policy that promotes and creates inequality

Liberals HATE: the Judeo-Christian ethic, which is founded upon the belief system that a loving God, who cares for us, made us in his image and we are all equal.  And, they hate capitalism, the greatest equalizer the world has ever known.

There could not possibly be a greater system of inequality than royalty.  It is the idea that someone is infinitely better than someone else and the greater person was chosen by God.  Liberals LOVE royalty.

They are also totally obsessed with Hollywood stars.  These people are no different than you and me. They work hard, some have gotten really lucky and they are very rich.  But, to hear liberals tell it, Hollywood stars are actually BETTER PEOPLE.  Nonsense.

When I hear a Hollywood liberal talk about greed, I just want to cry.  Or spit.  What could be more greedy than taking an outrageous salary with no regard, whatsoever, to the amount of money the movie makes?  If Brad Pitt gets paid $20 million for a movie and the movie only makes $15 million, do you think he cares?  (Some huge stars do profit share, making an even larger, outrageous salary.)  But, what could possibly be more unequal than a movie set?  Brad is making $20 mil, how much is the guy who cleans his trailer making?

Liberals love unions!  Unions are the perfect little socialist, utopian societies.  (See my post about 4th grade history and the industrial revolution.) Although they served a good purpose before, now, unions are job killers, not job creators.  The unions bosses get rich off the backs of the workers.  Liberals are supposed to hate that.  But, nope, they absolutely love unions.

Liberals, as you very well know, love the government and every conceivable policy that has ever been thought up by the liberal mind to create inequality.  Raising taxes doesn't necessarily make the rich poorer.  The rich take their money to places with lower taxes, like Texas.  The poor get more money, sure, but it comes, in large part, from the MIDDLE CLASS.  So, the great "equalizer" taxation doesn't actually make those evil rich people poorer.  It just makes middle class people poorer so that they look more like the lower class.  When liberals get every possible thing that they want, everyone is poor and you get Detroit.

Liberals HATE the Judeo-Christian ethic.  We are all equal.  We all have the same chance to work hard, do our best and live our lives to our fullest capability.  Liberals hate that.

They also, as you very well know, hate capitalism.  For some reason, making money is inherently evil to them.  But, taking money from some people and giving that money to other people is totally fine.

The reason that liberals love what they love and hate what they hate is because they, wait for it,

WANT TO BE GOD.  They want to decided what you eat, wear, where you work, how much money you make for doing it.  They want to decide what kind of health insurance you have, which doctors you see.  They want to tell you what to believe, what is good for you.  Why?  Because they know better than you.  You are too stupid to figure it out yourself.  So, the government needs to tell you.

But, just remember, when the government is in charge of everything, you have communist Russia and Nazi Germany.  These were the most unequal societies ever to exist on this planet.

What next?  Obama's America?