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Friday, January 3, 2014

I really don't know where to start.

I guess that there is hope that people are waking up across the country, realizing that Obama is a socialist dictator, and tiny steps are being made to stop him.

But, some of the things he is doing are absolutely unbelievable.  Here are a few:

Obama is waging a legal battle with THE LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR.  Obama is totally taking the gloves off now.  He is not even hiding the fact that he is fighting against a group of nuns who are devoted to, well, helping the poor.  Wasn't Obama supposed to want to help poor people?

Using the power of the federal government, Obama is insisting that Catholics violate their religious beliefs by providing contraceptives, abortion pills and abortions because of Obamacare.

In 2009, in a speech at Notre Dame University, Obama pledged to make special exemptions from Obamacare for Catholics.

If you like you plan, you can keep your plan...

Oh, sorry.

The point is, he lied, again, period.  And, he is suing the Little Sisters of the Poor.


In California, an illegal alien has just become a licensed attorney.  What is it with liberals?  Have they never travelled?  Have they never been to other countries?  No other country in the world lets illegal aliens become attorneys and practice law.  Because, you know, they are, um, like BREAKING THE LAW!

It turns out that people aren't really falling for the gun control thing, either.  People seem to understand that the second amendment is to PROTECT US FROM A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT.  If we disarm the public, only criminals will have weapons and crime will increase.  The government can also take our stuff if we are unarmed.  Anyway, since Obama isn't having as much luck tightening gun control laws as he would like, he is going to increase background checks by executive order.

The whole NSA spying on EVERYONE isn't working out really well, either.  It turns out that people don't like it.  So, Obama is appealing a ruling that limits his spying capabilities.

And, you are paying for all of Obama's litigation.

I guess that in the mainstream media it is being under-reported that the scientists stuck in the ice were proponents of global warming.  So, I want to make this perfectly clear.  The scientists who were stuck in ice for a week were in Antarctica for the express purpose of proving global warming.  They got stuck IN THE ICE.  It took over a week and three ice breakers to rescue them because the ice was too thick.

Yet, Obama still passed climate change legislation.  This will cost billions and further strangle our stagnant economy.

Taxes, regulations, executive orders, there is no end to the ways that this man dreams up ways to destroy this country.

I am sick of it.

Aren't you?