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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

State of the Union preview

I am going to save you, like, 3 hours of your life.  Yes, you will owe me.  But, you can spend 3 whole hours this evening catching up on DVR shows and NOT watch the state of the union because I am going to tell you now what you won't be missing.

Because millions of people have left the job market and have given up looking for a job, the unemployment rate has gone from 7.2% to 6.7%.  Expect to hear Obama go on and on about this success.  But, you know that 13 million people have just given up.  A historic number of people are out of work and it is all due, directly, to the horrendous economic policies of Obama.

Watch Transformers, I am sure that one will be on TBS.

The economy has been growing at a pathetic rate of 2%.  That is, well, pathetic.  But, Obama will go on and on about it.

Catch up on Fast and Furious, you might have missed 5 or so of those and you can see that cute sweetie, Paul Walker.

Then, Obama is going to go on and on about income inequality.  You and I know that all of his job-killing, regulation-strangling, tax-burdening policies are destroying the economy.  Most importantly, those policies are CREATING income inequality.

But, pop some popcorn and enjoy your life because if Obama has his way, you won't be living like that for long.  You are going to be paying much more to subsidize the lifestyle of someone who wants your lifestyle.

Of course, that person could work hard and achieve yor lifestyle.  But, that is going to be impossible really soon, especially if Obama has his way.

Then, Obama is going to talk about the landmark achievement - Obamacare.  What has it achieved?  Obamacare has officially kicked 6 million people off their insurance.  Yes, 2.2 million have "signed up."  But, most of those people had Medicare anyway.  We have spent 3 billion dollars to get healthcare insurance for  200,000 people.  Yup, only 11% of NEW Obamacare enrollees didn't have  insurance before Obamacare.

Some achievement.

Then, he is gong to talk about how he is opening the Keystone Pipeline which will usher in a new era of economic prosperity...

Ha!  Gotcha!

He is not going to say that.  He is going to go on and on about all of his liberal policies and how wonderful they are.

I bet there are a few episodes of Downton Abbey I haven't seen.


Do something else.  Remember, you owe me.