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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

National debt

Ok, if you have come this far, you are interested in the future of our country.

Come on, how many people are actually going to open a post called,  "National Debt."  I guess I should have titled it something like, "Miley's latest pics."  But, I didn't and here you are.

We have three more years of this hopeless president, his failed policies and a dismal economic outlook.  So, this budget thing is going to come up again.  And, the way that guy seconds money, it will be soon.

So, let's look at the pure idiocy of the liberal argument - anyone who doesn't want to raise the debt ceiling is: a terrorist, an arsonist, stupid, racist, is "holding a gun to people's heads," is "strapping a bomb to their chest," taking food from babies, "holding the government hostage."  I couldn't make this stuff up.  Honestly.  If I could, I might be, like, an editor at the New York Times.  Instead, I am the purveyor of a $6 blog.

Ok, so reasonable, responsible people who merely want: less government waste, lower taxes and limited government were called all of those names.

Let's look at some real world examples and how the liberal argument, "Keep raising my debt limit, I will pay you back later, eventually, maybe" doesn't work, will never work and what people in the real world would say to you if you used that argument.

Let's say that you like to shop and you have $17,000 in credit card debt.  Your bank tells you that you can't have anymore credit, you have to pay back some of the principle.  Until then, you credit is cut off.  (Maybe they want you to go back down to your pre-spending spree days and have only $5 grand in debt.  Just sayin')

You say to your banker, "I understand that my debt is high, but, please raise my credit limit so that I can keep on spending.  I will pay you back eventually, maybe."

The Banker will say, "No."

Imagine if you then jumped up and said, "You are a terrorist!"  Of course the banker isn't a terrorist, he is just trying to stay in business.  Frankly, you are a crappy client.

Let's look at another example.  Say a business has, um, $17 million in debt.  The company's creditors call in the head dudes and say, "You guys need to start paying this back now or at least spend less."

The president of the company says, "Sure, you raise our debt limit and we will pay you back eventually, maybe."

Uh, no.

The president of the company jumps up, enraged, "You are holding these negotiations hostage!"

The creditors would be like, "Wha...?"

Are they terrorists?  Of course not, they are trying to stay in business, get their money back and the company is not a good risk.

Now, the example we have all been waiting for: imagine if the federal government recklessly ran up 12 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT in just 5 short years.  So, now the total national debt is a whopping $17 trillion. That is more spending by the federal government in five years than the entire federal government spent in the previous 232 years.  A few people actually say, "this has to stop, this is hurting the country."  Please see the above list for the actual names these people were called.

Sheesh.  This is scary!  Except, it has actually happened.  And, wait, it will happen again.