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Monday, January 20, 2014

More liberal lunacy

I just heard a liberal commentator say that if Republicans had "let" the Obama administration "put more money into the economy" then the economy would be recovering at a faster rate.


Well, that sounds good.  You might be able to put that on a poster and stand in front of a profitable business yelling that or something.  But, it isn't true and frankly, it doesn't make any sense.

Obama has been dumping money into the "economy" by giving unlimited, no strings attached hand outs to anyone, well, with a hand out.  He has been given free reign to put as much money as he could imagine "into the economy."  He prints money, he hands out money, like it grows on trees.

In addition to printing money, borrowing money and putting the largest economy in the world on the verge of bankruptcy, where is that money coming from?

It comes from people who work and pay taxes and profitable businesses, of course.  They are the ones paying into the great Obama machine of big government that is casting a huge shadow on our economy.

Can those profitable businesses grow or hire more people?  No way, their profits belong to the government.  Can those people who work hard go buy stuff and put that money back into the economy?  Nope, they are evil and greedy and must pay their fare share.

So, why is the economy shrinking under Obama (excuse me, growing at an anemic rate)?  Because he is taking money from the people who work and giving it to those who don't.

No matter how many newsreels we see of able bodied young men who surf all day in the California sun and then use their EBT cards to go buy steak and lobster every night, it doesn't matter to liberals. They close their eyes, put their fingers in their ears and yell, "La, la, la!  I can't hear you!  That doesn't happen!  There is no abuse of the system!"

Of course there are people who genuinely need aid.  By golly, they are going to get it.  But, abuse of the system is legendary.  Anyone who wants to stop the abuse is accused of wanting to take food from babies.

That is a complete lie, but it sure has shut up the debate about fixing welfare fraud.  Hasn't it?

We need to completely reverse the entire government rollout of the Obama administration.  It  is killing our economy.  Yes, the rich will get richer, but the poor will be richer too.

But, of course, you know what happens then.  They become Republicans.